All Known Members Of The Uzumaki Clan In Boruto

The Uzumaki Clan was once a prominent clan that existed in Uzushiogakure. They were considered to be very powerful, and this became one of reasons why the neighbouring countries banded together, and destroyed them. However, now, this Clan has been revived within Konohagakure, and today, I’ve made a list of all the characters with this clan’s bloodline.

NOTE: I’ve included every character who has the Uzumaki bloodline.

06. Tsunade Senju

All Known Members Of The Uzumaki Clan In Boruto

Tsunade is , obviously a member of the Senju Clan, and that’s because her dad was probably from the Senju Clan. However, Tsunade’s grandmother was Mito Uzumaki, from the Uzumaki Clan. She carries the clan’s bloodline through her grandmother. Nawaki too carried this bloodline, however, he met his death in the 2nd Great Ninja War.

05. Hinata Hyuga

All Known Members Of The Uzumaki Clan In Boruto

Hinata Uzumaki, nee Hyuga, is the wife of Naruto. As she married Naruto, she became a member of the clan. She has been a clan member for atleast 13 years now, which is quite a long time. Hinata’s bloodline remains that of the Hyuga Clan, however. But she does indeed carry the name of the Uzumaki. Hinata also has had two kids with Naruto, both of which carry the same bloodline.

04. Himawari

All Known Members Of The Uzumaki Clan In Boruto

Himawari Uzumaki is the daughter of Naruto and Hinata. She is the youngest child of the two. Himawari carries the bloodline of both the Uzumaki Clan, and Hyuga Clan as well. Her chakra reserves should supposedly be great. Along with that, she also had the Byakugan, which she has inherited from her mother. However, Himawari doesn’t have control over her powers. She’s too young to be a part of the series for now.

03. Boruto

All Known Members Of The Uzumaki Clan In Boruto

Boruto is the son of Naruto, and Hinata. He is their first born child, and, just like Himawari, he too carries the bloodline of both the Uzumaki, and the Hyuga. Boruto has decent chakra reserves, and he can create 4 shadow clones, atleast. He hasn’t inherited the Byakugan from his mother, however.

Instead, Boruto has inherited a completely new Kekkei Genkai, called the Jougan. This eye is a combination of the Hyuga eye, and Naruto’s ability to sense negative emotions and chakra. Little is known about the Jougan so far, but it certainly is a sort of a mutation to the Byakugan. Boruto also knows the Hyuga Clan’s gentle fist. He doesn’t have a complete mastery over it, bit he can definitely use it to some extent.

02. Naruto Uzumaki

All Known Members Of The Uzumaki Clan In Boruto

Naruto Uzumaki is the current leader of the Clan in Konoha. He is the son of the 4th Hokage Minato, and Kushina. To protect Naruto’s identity, Hiruzen Sarutobi gave him to name “Uzumaki”. He certainly does carry this Clan’s bloodline through his mother Kushina.

He also has vast chakra reserves, which is evident from the fact that he’s able to create tens of thousands of Shadow clones. Being a member of this clan, Naruto is also compatible with Kurama the best. This is also why he was chosen as the last reincarnation of Asura Otsutsuki, since his clan members are considered to be distant relatives of the Senju Clan.

01. Karin Uzumaki

All Known Members Of The Uzumaki Clan In Boruto

Karin is the last known member of the Uzumaki Clan in Boruto. She is currently working for Orochimaru, as one of his researchers. Karin has huge chakra reserves. Karin’s chakra also has healing properties, and that’s she can use the Heal Bite technique.

Further, her life force is extremely strong as well. She has had the ability to use the chakra chains of this Clan, which manifest only in some women. Although, she wasn’t able to unlock it’s full power. But, Karin’s biggest strength is her sensory skills. She is, without a doubt, one of the best sensors in the history of the show.

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