Asian Arowana: the most popular ornamental fish species in the world

Asian Arowana is a popular ornamental fish with a long, colorful body. This fish is also very friendly and easy to care for, making it suitable for those who are new to keeping fish.

Currently, there are many species of ornamental fish, and for first-time fish keepers, they will prefer to raise fish that are easy to care for. In that case, we cannot ignore the Asian Arowana fish. This is a fish that meets all your desires. The article below will provide useful information about this special fish.

Asian Arowana, also known as Dragon Fish, is a beautiful and easy-to-keep aquarium fish species.

Overview of Asian Arowana

Let’s explore the necessary information about Asian Arowana, from its physical characteristics to unique behaviors that only this fish has:

Physical Characteristics of Asian Arowana

Asian Arowana, also known as Red Arowana, is a freshwater fish native to Southeast Asia. They have a distinctive appearance with bright and vibrant colors, often having a long and slender shape with a large and long tail.

This fish is ranked among the top beautiful fish species due to its unique and spiritual significance. Arowanas are a symbol of luck, glory, wealth, and power, which can ward off evil spirits and help bring prosperity and success to a family or individual.

The appearance of Asian Arowana is very colorful and beautiful.

The breeding characteristics of Asian Arowana

Asian Arowana eggs are relatively large in size and the quantity per batch is quite low. At around 4-5 years of age, they will have enough color and reach the age of reproduction. The male fish will mouth-brood the eggs and protect the offspring until they are strong enough to be released to find their own food. They usually feed on small crustaceans, insects, or small aquatic animals to grow and gradually search for shrimp or crickets to eat. At that time, they will also learn to protect themselves from external dangers.

Father fish will protect the baby in their mouth

Favorite food

Asian Arowanas are one of the easiest fish to keep because they are opportunistic eaters. Their diet includes insects, other fish, and frogs. They are not picky eaters and will even eat dead animals, so they can eat almost anything.

When starting to raise them first time, it’s a good idea to divide their food into small meals because newly raised Asian Arowanas can be shy and only eat at night when humans are not around. If you’re unable to do that due to work, you can feed them once every 2-3 days. This way, they won’t starve because they can still find food on their own.

Asian Arowanas are easy to keep and they are omnivorous.

Experience when raising Asian Arowana

Asian Arowana is one of the most popular ornamental fish in the world, raised in aquariums for decoration or entertainment purposes. They are beautiful, friendly, and easy to care for, making them very suitable for beginners in ornamental fish keeping.

However, raising Asian Arowana requires certain specialized knowledge, including choosing the right fish species, caring for them, designing the aquarium configuration, and feeding them. If not done correctly, Asian Arowana can get sick and not develop properly.

When first bringing Arowana home, release them into the tank and let the water level reach 2/3 of the tank. Wait for 2 or 3 days before filling up the tank, so they can get used to the water environment. During the first few days, they tend to move around very quickly, so if you make them agitated, they may get injured.

If you are planning to raise Asian Arowana, it is important to research them thoroughly before starting. You may need to seek help from experts in designing aquariums and caring for fish. However, if properly cared for, Asian Arowana will become an excellent ornamental fish and bring joy to your family.

Keeping dragon fish is very suitable for those who are new to aquarium hobby.

Therefore, keeping Asian dragon fish, although not too difficult, if we raise them properly, will help them live longer, they will not suffer from skin diseases, causing unnecessary damage. So what are the popular Asian dragon fish species?

Here are some of the most well-known Asian dragon fish species today:

1. Blood Red Arowana

Blood Red Arowana, also known as super red dragon fish, is one of the popular fish species with a lifespan of up to 100 years. Its length is not more than 1 meter, only about 75cm, which is also the maximum length of this fish species. They have a beautiful and attractive shape with a flat and elongated body, a fairly sharp head, and two long whiskers that look very impressive. Its scales are large and the red color on the body will become darker as this fish species grows and matures.

The Blood Red Arowanaa has a deep red skin color.

2. Pink Arowana 

The Pink Arowana  have a similar shape to the Blood Red Arowana, but they have a pink color on their body. The way to raise them and the characteristics of this fish are not much different from the Blood Red Arowana, they are like siblings to each other.

Blood Red Arowana

3. Golden Arowana

The name of this fish sounds fancy, but it is similar to the two above species, except for its black dorsal fins and bright red ventral fins. The care for this fish is also similar to that of the . Blood Red Arowana. However, it’s important to prevent them from getting skin diseases that could affect their body color.

The Golden Arowana has black fins and wings

4. Green Arowana

Green Arowana has the lowest value among the dragon fish species. When they mature, their body will have a green color and the tail fin will have a dark green color. Basically, this fish species belong to the same group and have similar care requirements as the Blood Red Arowana. You can keep all the dragon fish species in the same tank as they have simple and relatively similar care requirements.

Green Arowana is less valuable than other fish

5. Red Tail Golden Arowana

One of the most colorful Arowana species is the Red Tail Golden, which has a combination of red, black, and blue colors on its body, making it a visually stunning fish to keep in your aquarium. If you have all of these species in your aquarium, they will create a beautiful and vibrant feng shui display.

However, one thing to keep in mind about Asian Arowana is that they are prone to fungal infections and skin shedding when the living environment is not suitable, specifically when affected by bacterial diseases due to lack of water changes, oxygen deficiency, and environmental pollution. Therefore, it is important to be mindful of this when keeping them as pets.

The Red Tail Golden Arowana looks like a colorful painting.

The above is the information that we have provided after researching and actually raising various types of Asian Arowana . We hope that the article has brought useful information to you. See you again in the next topics, dear readers.