9 Beautiful Birds People Wanted to Raise

Because the needs of the people, we are not the same. They are beautiful birds vary, but most people like beautiful birds. We have made a survey and analysis. Do you want to see here that the needs of people like beautiful birds. By the research and statistics.

01. African grey

Hookworm Medium Gray became the majority. Although beauty is remarkable. But the fact that the national intelligence. It can be trained to do activities with them, such as learning and the interaction of speech is also a bird that is presented through the media. Both at home and abroad, and has been hailed as the most talkative bird of the world. For the attention of both parties are extremely Thailand and abroad. Species most familiar, as well as in the potential and capabilities. There is a very wide range. What is good, even if it is a bird that is popular or been asked much. However, the sale or liquidation, will be limited.

Due to the price relatively high is also one important restriction of parking to be seen and to know the properties of the African Grey bird is an exceptional way. Little refuses to lead the party. I want to touch and see the truth.

02. Cockatoo

Hookworm is another means that consumers are well known and familiar. And you want to be featured as a bird with tame aggressive habits. Accessible to all, not just the owner. Be able to speak. But it is not as good as an African grey. The belief of the upper Cockatoo, which is dominated by the unknown. And to draw attention. Cockatoo has a variety of colors to choose from pets. They are frequently offered. White and yellow crest. There was also a dark grey, pink cockatoo divided in three sizes, small medium and large sizes that prompted the party. Highlights of the General Assembly of Cockatoo favorite color of the party is believed to be clean opportunities and the possibility of bringing a tamed. I like the sound of a high, but it has the disadvantage that powder ready. High-pitched voices and the owners are extremely possessive and not mating.

03. Macaws

The hookworm is a variety of colors to choose. Common type on the market is green, blue and Gold wings and Scarborough Moretti found very few colors. The macaws have been of particular interest since the image looks good. A colorful bird is a rare bird is large, expensive, they can be trained to do activities with them. Most people who have seen my power. But the limits of high prices. And the amount of the system existing, not so much. Combined with a large wingspan. Feed imported by the beauty and only for those who are really only.

04. Sun throat noir

Species of beautiful birds in the family collection noir. Known for a long time. Featuring a bright yellow when it is totally orange. The hookworm is a convenient and portable size. It can be tamed and familiarize yourself with the simple people. The current price is not very high. Received greater attention. The disadvantage is the strongest voice.

05. Escoto

Large colorful bird hookworm sex with a male, dark green color. Scarlet woman. It can be tamed and talk. Even the faith and speak with a not very good. But the color and the price is not very high in comparison with the size. It is another kind of person would lead the party to the beauty.

06. Parrot thief India – Honegger track

The shapes and colors are also included. It includes the capability of carrying a tamed and taught to speak. It has a native parrot species. Thailand is well known that people in Thailand and want to breed these birds. Therefore, he continued. Customers, especially in the Group of people who are familiar with the birds and neckties.

07. Baltimore Ravens Seattle

Another beautiful bird received great attention, with features that are not very wide variety of colors to choose from. The sound is muted. Use the area more. Sources can lead the party in the community. It can also be tamed. And it-related activities. And most importantly, do not invest much. For the party. That he had the attention of a bird.

08. Lovebird

Beautiful birds are widely known. The popularity that has followed. Offered in a variety of colors. The size is not too large. Used to raise and release large flight cage. The environment will be very interesting. It told with the love of the most cult bird aesthetic importance.

09. Birds of paradise

Species of beautiful birds that long have been known as Thailand. And it is widely cultivated for its beauty in the past. The current popularity, which is still ongoing. Also offers an easy bird company. Eat a variety. Resistant to the environment and there are many cheap partisan colors. But rarely has taken flight training.

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