20 Beautiful Flowers in Our World

01. Amaryllis Pistils

This flower is known to represent splendid beauty or pride because of their beautiful color. The amaryllis pistils is a native flower in South America, Central America, and the Carribean. They are members of the lily family and are often mistaken for lilies.

Amaryllis is a perennial flowering plant. This means that they can only live one to two years. These flowering plants can be mostly found in the flatlands of the tropics or subtropics. They can grow up to six inches in height; their bulbs can bloom into flowers that can grow from 10 up to 60 centimeters in diameter.

02. Blue Orchid

The blue orchid is one of the rarest flowers in the world. There are only a few species of them on the planet. The flower is used as a symbol of strength and peace. The Greeks love these bold, blue flowers and believe it is a symbol of virility and strength. The Aztecs also look to the blue orchid for strength. The people in Ancient China, on the other hand, used this flower to cure different ailments like coughs and lung disorders.

This flower requires a lot of sunlight if you want to grow them at home. These flowers blossom three times a year: once in spring time and throughout the winter. The blue orchid is native to the Philippines.

03. Crocus

The crocus is a flower that belongs to the iris family. There are 80 known species of crocus that have been discovered across the world. Over a third of these species are now being planted and grown by botanists. The crocus is known for its bulbous appearance. They are found in various spring colors, such as yellow, purple, and white.

This flower is known to bloom during the spring and autumn. Among the many varieties of this flower, the autumn crocus is the most common. Crocus are also known to be popular flowers for lovers on Valentine’s Day because of its association with the Christian martyr St. Valentine.

04. Dahlia

The dahlia is one of the most extravagant among flowers. This flower can grow as big as a dinner plate, but even the smaller ones are brightly colored. Dahlias are known to grow in the mountainous areas of Mexico, but they can also be found growing in warmer areas.

This flower was named after the person who discovered it. a Swedish botanist in the 18th century named Anders Dahl. When it was first discovered, it was regarded as a vegetable instead of a flower. The dahlia is also the official state flower of Seattle.

05. Daisy

Daisies are found almost everywhere except in Antarctica. The word “daisy” actually came from an old English word “daes eage” meaning “day’s eye”. It was given this name because the flower opens at dawn.

This flower belongs to the largest flower family in the world, known as the vascular plants. The daisy can be seen as actually having two flowers: one is the fringe of white petals and the other is the cluster of yellow disc petals that form the center. The daisy’s leaves are edible and can add earthy flavor to a salad.

06. Gentian Plant

The gentian plant is a perennial, which means the species only lives for a year. There are 400 species of this plant which can be found in Europe, Asia, North and South America, and New Zealand. This flowering plant is famous for its blue or purplish blue hue. You can identify a gentian plant not only because of its rich color, but also because its flower has the unique shape of a trumpet or bell.

Other types of gentian plant may have other colors such as white, yellow, violet, purple, mauve, and sometimes even red. This plant is also used to make dyes.

07. Grape Hyacinth

The grape hyacinth is actually neither a hyacinth nor a grape. This flowering plant belongs to the lily family, but they got their name because they look like a cluster of grapes. They are not, however, edible.

These flowers were originally found in Asia and the Mediterranean, but they are also found in various parts of the United States; they are hardy and able to adapt to any environment. Grape hyacinths are usually blue in color, but they can also be found in white and purple shades. Some gardeners use this plant to keep deer away from eating their other plants flowers.

08. Hibiscus

The hibiscus is widely known all over the world. They were first found in China and South East Asia, but they were distributed to the Polynesian Islands over a hundred years ago. This is why Hawaii made Hibiscus their State Flower.

These plants come in different colors. There are yellow, red, peach, pink, lavender, blue, and gold blooms. Some hibiscuses are so dark in color that they appear black. The hibiscus can grow up to 15 feet. This flower needs lots of sunlight in order to survive. They should be watered at least three times a day in the summer and once a day during the winter. They can usually survive any environment.

09. Hydrangea

These flowers are beautiful and often fragrant. Their colors are blue, pink, white, purple and green. The color of their flowers will depend on the soil in which you have planted them. Hydrangeas have different sizes and shapes; they have the appearance of puffy clouds.

This flower needs a lot of water. Without lots of water they will wither and die, so you need to water them as much as you can every day. Some species of this flower can grow to ten feet tall. They are often used in weddings as they are said to represent the preservation of lasting love.

10. Iris

The name Iris is a Greek word meaning “rainbow”. Irises, however, are not rainbow-colored. They have beautiful blue, purple, white, yellow, and even brown hues. They have a very sweet fragrant too.

These flowers can grow anywhere, even in the desert, but they are mostly found by river banks and streams, and grassy slopes. Irises are usually in bulb form during winter, and they blossom when the weather becomes warmer. They were once found to be more abundant during spring, but now they can be found all year round.

11. Jasmine

Jasmine has a unique and distinct fragrance. They are known to grow in warmer countries and on tropical islands. Jasmine is mostly white in color, but there are other species that are colored yellow. It is believed that this flower originated in the Himalayas and China.

This flower’s oil is extracted and used in soaps, shampoos, teas, oils, and creams. Sometimes, this flower is also used as a food decoration. In China, this flower represents feminine beauty and sweetness, while in India it is called “Queen of the Night” because of the sweet smell it releases into the evening air.

12. Lady Slipper Orchid

The Lady Slipper orchid is so named because of the look and shape of the blossom; the round pouch that these flowers have resembles a small shoe or slipper. This flower blooms in a variety of different colors, such as red, yellow, pink, green and white. There are five known species of this flower, and each of them vary in shape and size. It is also the State Flower of Minnesota.

The Lady Slipper orchid usually blooms around June or July. It takes 16 years for this flower to produce its first bloom! On the other hand, they live for a very long time; it can live 20-50 years.

13. Lavender

Lavender is a small aromatic shrub that belongs to the mint family. They are known for their bluish purple flowers that lend it the name lavender. This flower is used in soothing oils, perfumes, teas, and other scented items. It also has medicinal properties and has been used to help people go to sleep and bring relaxation.

There are 25 to 30 known species of lavender. This plant grows in the wild, mountainous regions of the Mediterranean, and they grow best in stony areas. Lavender needs a lot of sunlight. Since they don’t have any seeds, these flowers multiply by root distribution and cutting.

14. Lily

Lilies come in different colors, sizes and shapes. Not only do they flaunt beautiful flowers, they smell beautiful, too. It is not a wonder why many people love lilies. This flower is found in all parts of the world. Each color is thought to represent a different meaning, but generally lilies represent purity and refined beauty. Lilies come in yellow, white, orange, and sometimes a speck of pink in color.

Lilies are known to have existed as far back as 3,000 years ago. There are now more than 100 species of lily that are known throughout the world.

15. Lotus Flower

Some people believe that the lotus flower is sacred. Buddhists, for instance, believe that a lotus has different meaning depending on its number of petals.

In Egyptian mythology, this flower represents the sun. They believe that this flower gave birth to the sun! This flower is native to Southern Asia and Australia. The lotus is also an edible flower; in India, people eat these flowers and even enjoy them pickled. Aside from being edible, the lotus flower is also used for medicinal purposes in Asia.

16. Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are one of the most popular flowers in the world. They rank second only to the rose in terms of popularity. These flowers bloom every August and November. Among the many flowers that bloom in fall, mums are well known for their variety of colors. According to a NASA clean air study, chrysanthemums are known to reduce air pollution, making this flower is great for our environment!

A chrysanthemum symbolizes happiness, prosperity, optimism and joy. This flower is also believed to bring laughter to your family. One superstition says that putting a single chrysanthemum petal in a glass of wine will bring long life.

17. Poppy

Poppies are well known all over the world, not only because of their beauty, but because of the medicinal properties they possess. Poppies are known to have a powerful sedating effect.

These flowers are easy to grow, which is why you can find them almost everywhere. Their vivid colors make them great for gardens, too. This flower symbolizes beauty, fertility, and even eternal life. In ancient Egypt, these flowers are used in funerals, while the Greeks used them as a shrine flower.

18. Rose

Roses are sweet-smelling and come in a broad variety of different colors. The rose is known to symbolize love and passion. They are originally from China, but they are now found in Africa and America as well as Eastern Europe and the Far East.

Back in the Roman period, the Middle East used this flower in food, as confetti at celebrations, as medicine, and in perfume. Roses come in all colors and sizes; some roses grow as bushes, and other varieties can grow like a tree.

19. Sunflower

The sunflower is well loved by photographers and artists. A sunflower plant can grow in height from three to 18 feet. A single sunflower can have up to 2.000 seeds, and growing them is not very hard. All the sunflower needs to flourish is a wide place and lots of sun. They can grow in is as little as three months.

This flower is the national flower of Russia and is the state flower of Kansas – also known as the Sunflower State. Sunflower seeds can be used to create cooking oil, medicine, paint, animal food, and even fuel for cars!

20. Tulips

Tulips are the third most popular flower after to the rose and the chrysanthemum. They are cup-shaped flowers with long, straight green stems that bloom every spring. These flowers are said to originate from Central and Western Asia. They were introduced to Turkey by nomadic tribes. Tulips are known to be grown by people over 500 years ago.

Tulips come in different colors, such as purple, red, pink, orange, and yellow. They are in demand all over the world, because they are popular for use in bouquets and flower arrangements. If you have a tulip garden, make sure that you protect it from snails, rabbits and squirrels as these animals find tulips delicious.

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