18 Beautiful Flowers You Can Easily Grow in Your Garden

Flower garden is a garden where different flowers are grown for displaying and for their fragrance. So flower gardening is the practice of growing beautiful flowers that will increase the beauty of a garden and can take the form of hobby for some people while for others it may serve as the source of livelihood. So here is the description of these pretty flowers that will help you in achieving a nice smelling house and require your little effort but will be a beauty for your garden.

01. Jasmine

beautiful flowers for garden

Jasmine is one of the famous and beautiful flowers that are found all around the world. It belongs to olive family called Oleaceae. It is found in white color while some species tend to be of yellow color. It has a very unique fragrance that can fill your surroundings creating a relaxing atmosphere. Its origin is in Western China. Jasmine flowers grow in summer or spring season. Its buds are more fragrant as compared to the flowers.

We can enjoy its fragrance after the sun set at night. These flowers are about one inch in size. Jasmine flowers can be grown in moist soil having medium level of fertility. These flowers need at least four hours of full sunlight daily. They require plenty of water during summers. The nectar obtained from some species of Jasmine flowers like Carolina jasmine is poisonous and require much care while dealing with them.

02. Gardenia

beautiful flowers for garden

Gardenia is a flower with strong sweet smell. It belongs to coffee family called Rubiaceae. It is found in warm regions like Africa, Asia and Madagascar. Its flowers are white or pale yellow in color that are either in clusters or solitary. Gardenia are sensitive to winter season and may die. Therefore, these flowers are found from mid-spring to mid-summer.

Gardenia grows in moist, acidic soil that is rich in organic matter. Bright light and high humidity are the major requirements of these plants. Care should be taken while fertilizing gardenia plants as too much fertilizer can end up getting accumulated causing damage to the plant. These flowers should also be watered but with absolute care.

03. Orchids

beautiful flowers for garden

Orchids are very beautiful flowers with many structural variations. They belong to flowering family called Orchidaceae. They come in different colors and have several species. They have a wide range of fragrances. Some smell like jasmine while some are like vanilla. It is easy to take care of them if their all basic needs are fulfilled.

Orchids are found in moist conditions. They grow in bright indirect light. Temperature is another factor that should be kept in mind while growing orchids. They should be watered very carefully and only when they need it. If you are placing orchids indoors then they require fifty to seventy percent humidity. So you can enjoy the delicious fragrance of orchids just by taking a little care of them.

04. Dianthus

beautiful flowers for garden

Dianthuses are flowers with sweet and spicy fragrances. These flowers belong to Caryophyllaceae family. They are mostly found in Europe and Asia. In Greek, Dianthus means godlike flower. They come in pink, white, red and yellow shades. Dianthus flowers have various shapes. They have several species like Sweet Williams, Carnations and Pinks etc.

Sweet William Dianthuses are bicolor flowers whereas Pinks are found in rock gardens due to their low growing quality. Mostly, Dianthus can grow less than two feet. Dianthus flowers make beautiful Bouquets and are good for cut flowers. Dianthus requires sunlight but in hot areas prefer light afternoon shade. They grow in slightly alkaline soil that is well drained. Water dianthus but do not overwater them. Dianthus is sensitive to wet soil especially in winter season. Dianthuses are planted in spring or fall and bloom in mid summers.

05. Clematis

beautiful flowers for garden

Clematis is very famous among gardeners. They belong to buttercup family called Ranunculaceae. Their origin is mainly China and Japan. They grow in well drained moist alkaline soil. If the soil is acidic then sweeten it by adding limestone or wood ash. They also prefer bright sunlight at least for six hours daily. However, some grow better in light shades. These flowers have various species and different shapes. They are found in red, blue, pink and white colors mostly.

These flowers can be grown both in garden soil and in containers. Clematis varies in their length. It can either be grown in small garden or pot or in large gardens if you have room to grow ten to twenty-foot-long Clematis wine. Sweet Autumn Clematis allows you to enjoy the sweet fragrance and can grow up to twenty-five feet. Clematis vine can take several years to grow and flower. So while buying a Clematis plant, keep it in mind that it is at least two years old. They also require appropriate amount of fertilizers that are organic and water soluble. In short, by taking some proper care you can smell the lovely fragrance of Clematis Flowers.

06. Evening Primrose

beautiful flowers for garden

Oenothera biennis commonly known as Evening Primrose, since is blooms at night is a sweet fragrance flower having yellow, pink or white colors. This flower is used to make medicines and has the ability to cure harmful diseases. The flower also has the ability to attract humming birds.

The height of the flower plant is about three to five foot tall. Their original hometown was North and South America but now they also grow in New Zealand, Australia, Asia and Europe. In the evening this flower spreads its fragrance throughout the whole place where it has been grown.

07. Moon Flower

beautiful flowers for garden

Ipomoea mostly called by the name Moon Flower and are called so because they bloom in the light of the moon at night, and when the sun rises, the flower closes. Its resemblance is approximately equal to that of the full moon. The flower has a very nice fragrance that fills the air throughout the entire night and vanishes when sun rises. These flowers are in white or pink in colors. They mostly grow in Northern Argentina, Mexico and Florida.

08. Casablanca Lily

beautiful flowers for garden

The Casablanca Lily is one of the Lilium Genus, which contain about more than hundred and ten species. This flower has a very sweet fragrance and it is mostly used in making perfumes and in weddings. It has six petals and has variety of colors like white, orange, pink, yellow and purple.

09. Four O’ Clocks

beautiful flowers for garden

This flower is also named as Mirabilis Jalapa. It is called as four o’clock since it blooms around 4 p.m. and closes when the sun rises. It has a very strong sweet smelling fragrance and has a variety of different colors like red, blue, pink, yellow and white. The same plant can also have the different combinations of colors. These flowers are mostly found in tropical and warm temperate regions.

10. Dragon Fruit Flowers

beautiful flowers for garden

Dragon fruit flower is the common name of pitaya or pitahaya. They are commonly bloom in the areas of South Asia, United States, and Australia. They bloom at night and droop when the sun rises. Heavy rainfall and excess of water can result in the loss of both fruit and flower.

It has black and crispy seeds that make its fruit to look like kiwifruit. It has sweet taste having fewer calories. The taste of its seeds is like nuts. The seeds have a large quantity of lipids. Juices and wine are also manufactured by this flower. These flowers are also used for eating purposes and also for making tea.

11. Night Gladiolus

beautiful flowers for garden

Another gorgeous night blooming flower is Night Gladiolus, it is also known as Gladiolus Tristis. This flower has a creamy yellow color, with a very sweet and astonishing fragrance. These flowers are grown in areas where there is a lot of rainfall. They also grow near the sea.

They are usually thirty inches to forty-eight inches tall. Some portions of this flower plant are poisonous and can become a source of skin irritations and allergies. Butterflies, bees and insects attract to this flower. Mediterranean Europe, Asia, Tropical Africa and South Africa are the place where this flower blooms.

12. Dutchman’s Pipe Cactus

beautiful flowers for garden

Dutchman’s pipe Cactus is also named as Epiphyllum oxypetalum. It is commonly known as queen of the night because its petals open at night and closes early in the morning.  It is one of the species of cactus. It has no fragrance. It has pungent smell. This plant can be grown indoors. But overwatering can harm it. It has red petals.

13. Sunflower

beautiful flowers for garden

Sunflowers are the beautiful flowers that represent the true spirit of the summer season. They belong to flowering family called Asteraceae. Sunflowers require full sun in order to grow well. There are several varieties of sunflower and they can grow between six and sixteen feet. During their growth, they face towards the sun till they start blooming.

The annual sunflowers are amazingly unchallenging plants. You just simply need to sow the seeds, provide a little support to the stem so they may not break and keep the pot in the sun. They prefer moist soil and most of them can tolerate extreme heat and drought conditions. Insects and birds are attracted to sunflowers due to their vibrant yellow colors and help in pollination. We can get sunflower oil that is extracted from its seeds. Its seeds also serve as healthy and tasty snacks.

14. Lavender

beautiful flowers for garden

Lavender is another undemanding plant. It doesn’t require much care. These flowers belong to mint family called Lamiaceae. They are mostly purple in color but you can also find them in red, pink, green, white and even yellow. They are also tolerant to heat and drought.

Lavenders have various shapes and size. You can find many varieties of lavender and can choose any of them according to your climate. These flowers also come with many health benefits like they can help you with your sleep issues and can also help you overcome anxiety and stress. Lavenders attract many visitors like butterflies and birds to your garden. This is another reason to grow these lovely flowers.

15. Marigold

beautiful flowers for garden

Marigold is very popular among the gardeners as they are easy to grow. These flowers belong to sunflower family called Asteraceae or Compositae. They have various colors but mostly are of yellow and orange color. They have pungent smell and come in many varieties like African or American marigolds, French marigolds etc.

They need bright sun and grow in moist fertile soil. They can tolerate dry soil. Large number of marigolds can be produced by pinching the young plants. The peak season for marigolds is summer and fall although they are present all around the year. Marigolds have the power to lighten your mood. They are also used for cosmetic purposes. They symbolize passion and originality.

16. Morning Glory

beautiful flowers for garden

Morning glories are beautiful flowers that can lighten up your garden. They belong to flowering family called Convolvulaceae. As their name indicates, these flowers open in the morning. They are self-seeding so you don’t have to put a lot of effort to grow them. They come in many colors like purple, red and blue. They prefer full sun and moist soil for their growth. They can also tolerate poor soil.

The growth of morning glory can be improved by soaking their seeds in warm water for twenty-four hours. Butterflies and humming birds are attracted to morning glories which make it more fun to grow them. These flowers are also popular for their medicinal uses. Morning glory is a poisonous plant so precautions must be taken while dealing with it.

17. Californian Poppy

beautiful flowers for garden

Californian poppies are adorable flowers that come in red, orange and yellow colors. They belong to flowering family called Papaveraceae. These flowers are also known as flame flowers. Its origin is in California. The stem can grow up to five to twenty inches.

They grow in full sun and prefer well drained sandy poor soil. These flowers are solitary and bloom in open areas. Californian poppies also serve many medicinal purposes. These flowers are also used for treating physical and psychological problems especially in children. They are drought tolerant and control erosion. Californian poppies are self-seeding plants which makes them easy to grow. Because of these features and many others, they are perfect for your garden.

18. Cosmos

beautiful flowers for garden

Cosmos are beautiful flowers that were originated in Mexico. These flowers belong to sunflower family called Asteraceae. They come in all sizes and colors. These flowers can grow up to eighteen to sixty inches. Their seeds are comparatively large which makes them easy to handle. You can either grow them in containers or in your garden; they will look amazingly beautiful in any way. They require moist well drained soil but they can also grow in poor soil.

Cosmos are tolerant to heat and drought. They also cause pollination by attracting many pollinators like insects, birds, butterflies etc. Cosmos are the good choice for the beginner gardeners to grow in their garden.

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