Top 5 Boruto Characters Who Can Defeat Boruto Uzumaki

Boruto Uzumaki is the son of the Naruto and Hinata. He is one of the strongest characters from the next generation. Boruto has a unique kekkei genkai called the Jougan. Boruto will surely surpass Naruto at one point. However, as of now there are characters who are stronger than Boruto as of now. So, today I have made a list of characters who can defeat Boruto.

05. Mitsuki


Mitsuki is on the same team as Boruto. He is a member of Team Konohamaru. Mitsuki came to the Hidden Leaf as a transfer student. There has been little to no information at all about Mitsuki’s past in the anime. However, if you have read the manga, you’ll know that Mitsuki is the son of Orochimaru. He was created by Orochimaru himself. Mitsuki can use the sage mode, however the only time that he used it was unconsciously. He is easily stronger than Boruto in every aspect. Boruto surpasses him in only thing and that is dumbness.

04. Shinki


Shinki is the adoptive son of the Fifth Kazekage, Gaara. He is the strongest character that has been introduced so far from the new generation. Shinki’s abilities are unreal to be honest. During the Chūnin, he didn’t even break sweat while defeating his opponents. Even a strong opponent like Metal Lee couldn’t match him.

Shinki possesses the magnet release. It is a kekkei genkai, that has been passed down into the Kazekage clan for generations. With the power of the magnet release, Shinki can manipulate the powerful iron sand. Shinki is also an extremely good puppeteer.

03. Shikadai Nara

Shikadai Nara

Next on the list is the prodigy of Nara Clan, Shikadai. Shikadai is the son of Shikamaru and Temari. He has been labelled a prodigy of the Nara Clan. The biggest disappointment however is that Shikadai is exactly like his father which is kind of disappointing if you ask me.

But, there is one thing that Shikadai might have and that would make him different than Shikamaru. This thing is the magnet release. As Shikadai is also the son of Temari, who is a member of the Kazekage clan it is indeed possible to for him to awaken the magnet release in the future.

02. Sarada Uchiha

Sarada Uchiha

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations just finished airing the Naruto Gaiden arc, which was focused on the Uchiha Family. I won’t be going into the details right now. Sarada as we now know that is the daughter of Sasuke and SAKURA. She is a talented kunoichi. Sarada has been addressed as an elite genin by several people.

Like Boruto, Sarada is a member of Team Konohamaru. She has the best chakra control among the new generation of ninjas. She can use chakra enhanced strength, which requires high precision. Sarada has also awakened the Sharingan, which allows her the edge in close combat.

01. Metal Lee

Metal Lee

The final character on the list is Metal Lee. He is the son of Rock Lee. We don’t know the name of his mother yet. Metal is actually heads and shoulders above the other genin of his age. The only thing that holds him back is his self confidence. Metal is an expert when it comes to taijutsu.

He has been going the same regime of training as his father once did. Lee as we know could use the right inner gates when he was a genin. So, it is possible that Metal can use the Eight Inner gates. Maybe not all of them, but some of them.

That’s it from me. I hope you enjoyed it. Please leave your suggestions below.

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