Top 7 Boruto Characters Who Deserve New Power Ups

Boruto anime has come out with all cylinders firing after heavy criticism from the fans. With each passing episode, things only seem to get better. More and more characters have been introduced and it is really a good thing. The anime recently finished the Naruto Gaiden arc, and now it has begun moving to a new arc. However, with all these characters there will eventually be some characters who will be left out. So, today I have made a list of characters who deserve a new power.

07. Gaara


Gaara is the Kazekage of the Hidden Sand Village. He is one of Naruto’s close friends. Gaara used to be the jinchūriki of One Tails. But, it was extracted from him by the Akatsuki. Gaara was only saved by the efforts of Chiyo. It has been a long time since Gaara received any sort of power up. In the novel, Gaara did awaken magnet release. However, I really think that Gaara deserves at least one more power up.

06. Shikadai Nara

Shikadai Nara

Shikadai is the son of Shikamaru and Temari. Personally speaking, Shikamaru was lacking an OP move that would make him a stand out character. But, I think the creator is trying to make Shikadai a better version of his father, cause power was the only department in which Shikamaru fell short. So, in order for such a thing to happen, Shikadai needs a power up. I think that this power up might be the magnet release, which is a kekkei genkai.

o5. Iwabe Yuino

Iwabe Yuino

Iwabe is an anime only character. He was introduced very early in the series. There was a lot of hype surrounding Iwabe when he was first revealed. But since then everything has gone downhill for Iwabe. He was supposedly one of the best students at the Academy. However, he hasn’t done anything too special. He is a really nice character overall. I really think it would be nice if Iwabe received a power up from the creator.

04. Hanabi Hyūga

Hanabi Hyūga

Hanabi is the younger sister of Hinata Hyūga. She is currently the successor to the title of the Head of the Hyūga clan. Hanabi is much more talented and powerful than her sister, who is well…um pretty useless. Hanabi is a prodigy of the clan and she is definitely living up to the potential. She needs more screen time in my opinion. But, they should throw in a new power as well, the Hyūga clan is severely limited to taijutsu. A new ability to the Byakugan wouldn’t be bad either, they might make it like Kinshiki’s Byakugan.

03. Mirai Sarutobi

Mirai Sarutobi

Mirai is the daughter of Kurenai and the late Asuma Sarutobi. She was born after Asuma was killed by Hidan and Kakuzu. Mirai is a talented kunoichi. She has picked up the signature jutsu of both of her parents. Mirai has already been assigned to several important missions, one of which included escorting the Sixth Hokage, Kakashi Hatake. I think it’s about time, we get some really strong characters from other clans as well. I want Mirai to be one such character.

02. Konohamaru Sarutobi

Konohamaru Sarutobi

He is the grandson of the Third Hokage. Konohamaru is now a Jōnin of the Hidden Leaf. He has come a long way since his introduction in the original Naruto. Konohamaru is able to use two of the Naruto’s signature techniques. Konohamaru is able to use summoning jutsu as well.

He was able to summon the toads from Mt. Myōboku. It isn’t impossible that along the way Konohamaru might even learn the Toad Sage mode. It would only be be fair that Konohamaru would get a power up as he dreams of surpassing the Hiruzen Sarutobi in terms of power.

01. Mitsuki


Mitsuki is a member of Team Konohamaru. He has been artificially created by Orochimaru, the evil genius himself. Mitsuki is miles ahead of the other genin of his age. He has the potential to surpass the legendary Sannin, which was stated by Orochimaru himself. Judging from where things stand right now, it really looks that Mitsuki is going to struggle for power as Boruto and Sarada have set their standards pretty high.

Also, another hint is that Boruto is addressed to as the “sun” by Mitsuki(he is the moon), which will illuminate Mitsuki’s path. Now we know that the Moon reflects just a small amount of power of the sun. That’s why I want Mitsuki to get a power up.

That’s it from me. I hope you enjoyed it. Please leave your suggestions below.

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