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7 Characters Who Could Have Defeated Kaido

Kaido of the Hundred Beasts, also known as the “Strongest Creature in the World”, is the captain of the Beasts Pirates and one of the Yonko. Apparently his hobby is committing suicide, and since he is alive up to this point, facing torture and a number of executions, he is considered to be an immortal. He also intends to start a great war because he feels the world has become too boring. It was mentioned in OP that he has been defeated 7 times. So, today let’s discuss the characters that could’ve defeated Kaido. There is also a possibility that some of the characters that defeated Kaido have not made an appearance till now. I have made this list on the probability of Kaido’s likeliness to encounter these characters.

07. Whitebeard


He was the captain of the Whitebeard Pirates and considered to be the “Strongest man in the World”, even during his old age. He used a devil fruit that could create tremors and held the power to destroy the whole world. Also, Kaido mentioned that Whitebeard had done ‘a number on him’ by attaining death, which could suggest that they had fought earlier where Kaido had failed to kill him due to Whitebeard’s powerful abilities.

06. Gol D.Roger

Gol D.Roger

The Pirate King’s powers were obviously higher or equal to that of Whitebeard’s. His crew even managed to defeat a very powerful pirate fleet during the Battle Of Edd War, despite being outnumbered, which could’ve been a hint to Roger’s legendary powers. So, logically he seems one of the best suited candidates to have given Kaido a good spanking while he was a budding pirate. (If it would’ve been while Kaido was a Yonkou, it should’ve been a well known tale.)

05. Monkey D.Garp

Monkey D.Garp

Known as the “Hero of the Marines”, he is said to have forced Roger to a corner multiple times. The title of Vice Admiral that he held should in no way be taken as a measure of his power, as he is said to have repeatedly refused promotion to the post of an admiral. He is also said to be the only marine who has come close to the level of Roger. So, by that we can infer that Kaido might have encountered Garp during his early days and tasted defeat at his hand.

04. Sengoku the Buddha

Sengoku the Buddha

He served as the Fleet Admiral of the Marines before retiring. Sengoku is an extremely powerful devil fruit user and alongwith Garp is said to have been successful in subduing Shiki while he was rampaging through Marineford. While I doubt that an older Sengoku could’ve defeated Kaido; but it is highly likely he was one of the marines that defeated Kaido, when he was at his prime.

30. Kong


Kong is the World Government’s Commander-in-Chief. He was the Fleet Admiral of the marines at the time of the Battle of Edd War twenty-seven years ago and at the time of Gol D. Roger’s execution twenty-four years ago. His authority is said to be second only to the Gorosei.

Not much is known about him or his abilities. But he maybe one of the few marines to have fought and defeated Kaido.

02. Charlotte Linlin

Charlotte Linlin

Known as “Big Mom”, she’s the captain of the Big Mom Pirates and the only female Yonkou. She has been around since Roger’s time. Her devil fruit powers are one of the most dangerous seen in OP. After Luffy declared that he would defeat Kaido, Big Mom responded by telling Luffy that he had no hope of accomplishing that feat while referring to Kaido as a “Thing”. This maybe an indication that she fought against him in the past and defeated him, but was unable to kill him because of Kaido’s immortal nature. That could explain the “Thing” reference.

01. Shanks


“Red-haired” Shanks is the captain of the Red-Hair Pirates and one of the Yonko. He is one of the strongest pirates in the world. He is a master swordsman and an extremely powerful Haki user. The world’s strongest marines and pirates would think twice before taking on Shanks, despite him being physically disadvantaged. He intercepted Kaido during the Paramount War when he was going to indulge with Whitebeard and was successfully able to stop him, reaching Marineford unscathed! It is yet unknown how Shanks managed to do it.

Who do you think has defeated Kaido??

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