The Bermuda Triangle & Conspiracy Theories

Even if you do not belong to the group of conspiracy theorists, you must have heard about the Bermuda Triangle or, as it is often called in popular culture, “The Devil’s Triangle.” This is a triangle-shaped part of the ocean enclosed by Bermuda on the North, Puerto Rico to the South, and Miami to the West.

There is nothing special about this location regarding its geographic characteristics; the odds are that most people would have never heard about it in the first place if it wasn’t for the mysterious disappearances of ships and aircraft traveling through or over the Bermuda Triangle region.

According to maritime experts, there is nothing particularly dangerous about this area and there is no evidential reason for these disappearances. Not surprisingly, this only fueled the fire for strange thoughts, and people have developed some outlandish theories about the “Devil’s Triangle.” Some of them do have certain scientific explanations attached to them, while the others are just fruit from someone’s imagination running wild.

Strange compass leadings

Some of the last messages received from the vehicles that disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle were along the lines of “our compass is going crazy.” Although it is always hard to determine what exactly was going on just before a disaster, it is clear from these messages that ships were not able to navigate properly, likely causing their demise.

This gave conspiracy theorists many ideas, the most prominent of which are those about the alien activity in this region and abductions of unwitting passengers. When one always looks for conspiracies and mysteries in everything, this explanation fits the bill nicely.

The science, however, has a different explanation. There are certain places on Earth where a compass goes haywire and doesn’t point to the north. These places include the Gobi Desert, North, and South Poles, and, you guessed it, the Bermuda Triangle. This anomaly could clearly be the cause for an extraordinary number of accidents and disappearances in the region, but there is most certainly nothing extraterrestrial about it.

Gulf Stream influence

If we blame incorrect compass readings for accidents, the question remains why so often there are no traces of these aircrafts and vessels to be found anywhere? It is one thing for a ship to sink but entirely different for it to go missing completely.

Once again this gives backing to alien theories, as it is “clear” that the reason why these ships and planes are rarely recovered is that aliens took them. The scientific explanation is, or at least one of them, is much more realistic and, as is usually the case, far less exciting.

The Gulf Stream is one of the major oceanic currents, extending from the Gulf of Mexico to the North Atlantic. Although a current by nature, it acts more like a river, achieving speeds of 2.5 meters per second (about 9 km per hour). Since the Gulf Stream passes through the Bermuda Triangle, it could easily pull any debris miles away from the original place of accident very quickly. By the time search and rescue parties get there, those unfortunate ships and planes can be long gone.

Deposits of methane hydrate

This is one of the more scientific and credible theories about the Bermuda Triangle disappearances. The research conducted in this area has confirmed that there are, in fact, large deposits of methane hydrate under the ocean beds on the continental shelves. Bubbles caused by the methane eruptions increase the water density and can cause ships to go under. When something like this happens, it is often so quick that affected vehicles don’t even have time to send out an SOS message.

While the theory is somewhat plausible, many scientists argue that the Bermuda Triangle region is hardly the only site in the world where methane hydrate deposits are found. There are numerous places with similar properties, and there is no reason why the “Deal’s Triangle” would be more dangerous than any of them. On top of that, there is no record of strong methane gas releases in the last 15,000 years.

Weather conditions

There is no doubt that the weather in this region is not the most favorable to travelers. With hurricanes, storms, and cyclones, these strange weather conditions can get ships and planes in trouble very quickly. Recorded weather changes have sometimes been so fast and powerful that they are likened to bomb explosions, easily powerful enough to bring down aircraft and sink ships.

Of all the theories, this one seems like the most likely to be true. Highly volatile weather conditions, coupled with the Gulf Stream, could easily account for disasters and disappearances of all sorts of vehicles in this region.

The time warp theory

Moving away from the real science, we once again step into the world of impossible and fantasy. One theory upheld by a number of conspiracy theorists is that of the time warp existing in the Bermuda Triangle region.

According to this theory, those missing planes and ships enter a rip in time-space continuum and travel through time, finding themselves at the same place but in a different period. This can be either past or future, but because of this dislocation, it is impossible to locate vehicles or any traces of them.

Some of them are unable to find the portal again and are thus stuck in whatever time they were teleported to. Others manage to find the way back, and this is why some of them are found after a while.

As for what happens to these vehicles on the “other side,” we can only guess. The recovered ships are usually found in very bad condition, but whether this was caused by the travel itself or by something that happened after the journey into the triangle is anybody’s guess.

The Atlantis theory

There are numerous tales, myths, and legends revolving around the lost city of Atlantis. According to writings that have come to light, this was a very advanced civilization, so far ahead of their contemporaries that even our modern civilization cannot compare to them. Plato asserts that this city flourished in 9600 BC and, if he is to be believed, Atlantis was a society unlike anything else the world has seen. However, a catastrophic disaster hit the city and wiped it off the face of the earth in a single day.

It is believed that Atlantis was hit by a disastrous flood that completely submerged the city, covering it with the sea and killing the entire population. To this day, its location remains a mystery; but not according to conspiracy theorists.

A large group of those looking to find answers to the mysterious Bermuda Triangle disappearances believe that the city was located somewhere in this area and that the radiation emanating from the submerged devices causes the electronic equipment on ships and planes to go crazy.

The theory was strengthened by the discovery of a human-made rock formation called Bimini Road. Those inclined to believe that Atlantis was submerged right in the middle of the “Devil’s Triangle” hope that more discoveries will be made in the future, proving their theory. The problem is, the sea is so deep here that it is practically impossible for the scientists to come up with any conclusive or definite results.

Pirate attacks

Another not so ludicrous theory about the Bermuda Triangle disappearances is that of pirate attacks happening in the region. This part of the world has been known for frequent pirate attempts on all sorts of ships, especially during the peak years of disappearances. Pirates were known for their cruelty, and it was a part of their MO to sink the ships after they were done looting so they wouldn’t have to deal with hostages or to hide the evidence.

This theory makes a lot of sense if we consider the period and the area where disappearances took place. The Bermuda Triangle was certainly a great hunting territory for these scoundrels, so it would be no surprise to find out that pirates were, in fact, behind some of these “mysterious” events.

Gravitation anomalies

The final theory we will consider regarding the “Deal’s Triangle” is that of strange gravitational forces acting in the area. According to this theory, there is a mass concentration of gravitation pulls in the region. The existence of these so-called “mascons” is a scientific fact, although no one has been able to determine what actually causes them.

As for the Bermuda Triangle, it is quite possible for these “mascons” to exist in the area. Whether they are powerful enough to bring ships to the bottom is a different question altogether. While this is not a definite answer to the question of disappearances, it is something worth considering when discussing this topic.

It’s all one big lie

Aside from all these theories, there is also a large group of people who are convinced that there is, in fact, no such a place as the Bermuda Triangle. It is all just a myth created by writers and filmmakers who came up with these popular stories and turned them into the hype.

These theorists believe that the number of vehicles disappearing in this part of the world is no greater than any other area where there is a lot of traffic. In fact, they claim, when compared to other maritime accidents around the globe, the events taking place in the Bermuda Triangle are hardly surprising or a statistical anomaly of any sort.

What to believe?

The Bermuda Triangle is probably one of the best-known stories and unsolved mysteries of the 20th century. Mysterious accidents, disturbing SOS calls, and inexplicable disappearances have become a part of popular culture to such an extent that discerning the truth from fiction is nearly impossible.

All things considered, the “Devil’s Triangle” represents a great territory for all those with excessive imaginations: conspiracy theorists and writers alike. But one must draw a line somewhere.

Saying that the Bermuda Triangle doesn’t exist is probably going too far, but connecting it to some supernatural or extraterrestrial forces is equally so. Some of the scientific explanations are quite plausible, and there is little reason to go searching for the truth outside of them.

That said, it would be pretty cool if they ended up discovering the remains of Atlantis in the sea’s depths one day.

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