20 Cool Snakes in the World

Snakes belong to the reptile wing in the animal kingdom. They are one of the attractive creatures and are available in different sizes. Some can be dangerous and some are harmless. All snakes crawl out of their skin too while some sleep all through winters! So, aren’t they cool? If you want to know more about the snakes then you can read this post. This post will tell you the about the different types of snakes along with their pictures.

Snakes are reptiles. Reptiles have scales on their body. They do not have any eyelids or ears. However, the snakes are not deaf. They can detect movements with the help of vibrations.

01. Mamba

Most Amazing Snakes in the World

Mamba is a very deadly snake and it belongs to the cobra family. This poisonous snake is normally found in Africa. Mamba is Africa’s longest, fastest venomous snake and is also one of the world’s top predators.

This snake has long fangs, a flat head and very powerful venom. Its color ranges from grey to dark brown. Birds, lizards, small animals are their usual preys.

[junkie-alert style=”green”] Snakes do not have nose but they can smell with the help of their forked tongue. The tongue makes it easier for snakes to find out their prey. [/junkie-alert]

02. Olive-brown Sea snake

Most Amazing Snakes in the World

The olive brown sea snake is an aquatic fish which is found in the Northern Australasia’s coastal waters. It preys upon fishes on large corals and rarely goes into the open water.

They are very curious in nature and do not fear the divers. This snake has a cylindrical body and a flattened tail which helps it to swim easily. These have the longest fangs among all the sea snakes and highly venomous too. This snake’s color can be brown or olive brown, purplish brown. These are normally 3-7 ft in length and weigh about 6 lb.

[junkie-alert style=”green”] The snake’s skin is covered in scales. The snake sheds its skin from time to time. It sheds skin at least three to six times once a year. An average life of a snake is 40 years. [/junkie-alert]

03. King Cobra

Most Amazing Snakes in the World

The King Cobra is world’s longest venomous snake. One single bite of a king cobra can kill a single elephant. When they are angry they raise their hoods and release a hissing sound. These are the only snakes which build nests in the ground and lay eggs in them.

This dangerous creature is found in South Asia, North Africa, India, Indonesia and Philippines. They eat birds, frogs, eggs, rats, rabbits, etc.

[junkie-alert style=”green”] Some snakes use venom to kill their prey. The fangs in the snake’s mouth injects this venom into the prey. Few snakes can spit the venom as far as 3 meters. [/junkie-alert]

04. Belcher’s Snake

Most Amazing Snakes in the World

The belcher’s sea snake has the world’s most toxic venom. It has a slim body with chrome yellow and dark green cross bands all over its body.

It can breathe air underwater through its nostrils. This snake can hold its breath underwater for 7-8 hours!

The belcher’s snake hunts small fishes, fish eggs, and shell fish. This snake is found in the tropical reefs of Indian Ocean, New Guinea, Indonesia and off the Philippines coast.

[junkie-alert style=”green”] Snakes store their venom inside the glands. The gland is at the back of the head. When the snake bites, it releases this venom through its fangs. [/junkie-alert]

05. Northern Copperhead

Most Amazing Snakes in the World

The Northern Copperhead has brown cross bands all over its body and it has a triangular-shaped head. The color of this snake is like the fallen leaves. The females are usually larger than the males.

The Northern Copperhead sleeps during the entire winter and hunts only in the summer. It eats frogs, lizards, salamanders, rats, small birds, etc.

These are widely found in the Pennsylvania.

[junkie-alert style=”green”] The scales of the snake are made up of keratin. Keratin is the same object from which our fingernails are made from. [/junkie-alert]

06. Inland Taipan

Most Amazing Snakes in the World

The Inland Taipan is found in eastern Australia. It usually hides inside deep cracks to escape its enemies. These are about 6 to 8 ft. long and are brown or olive green in color. The head, however, has a black color.

This Australian venomous animal eats birds, rodents, lizards, etc. Its venom is the most toxic in the world. Due to this it is also known as the “fierce snake”.

[junkie-alert style=”green”] Snakes do not have legs. That does not mean that they cannot move. Instead they crawl on the ground for their movement. They have a long backbone. [/junkie-alert]

07. Sharp-Nosed Viper

Most Amazing Snakes in the World

This snake has an upturned snout which is why it is named as the sharp nosed viper. It has a large, triangular-shaped head and its eyes are very small. This kind of snake is found in Taiwan. China, and Vietnam.

It hunts in the night and does not come out in the daytime. The sharp nosed viper eats rats, small birds, eggs, and other small animals.

[junkie-alert style=”green”] Not all snakes are venomous. Some of the snakes do not contain venom and they kill their prey by squeezing them. They slowly squeeze the prey’s body till it dies. [/junkie-alert]

08. Puff Adder

Most Amazing Snakes in the World

The puff adder is found in Africa. It is a very venomous snake. It is very thick in built and has a triangular head. When they are attacked they coil and hiss loudly. This is why they are named as “puff adder”.

It eats small birds and rodents. It bites them and then releases them. Then it waits for the bird to die.

[junkie-alert style=”green”] Snakes have a unique kind of body. Their lower jaw is flexible and helps them to eat their food which is much bigger than their head. [/junkie-alert]

09. Tiger Snake

Most Amazing Snakes in the World

The tiger snake has stripes over its body just like a tiger. It is also venomous and is found in Australia. There are different types of tiger snake.

This Australian venomous snake likes to remain in cool places like the coast, creeks, etc. They like to eat rodent, lizards, mice, fish, frogs and other small animals.

[junkie-alert style=”green”] Snakes usually eat small animals like mice, rodents, frogs, toads, rats also. It also eats small birds and sometimes the other snakes too. [/junkie-alert]

10. Common Krait

Most Amazing Snakes in the World

The common krait is mostly found in India and has a very slim body. But it is venomous and causes many deaths. The bite of a common krait is painless. When it bites it feels like an ant or mosquito bite. Some don’t even understand that the snake bit them.

It is active during the night and rests during the day.

[junkie-alert style=”green”] There are different sizes of snakes. Some snakes like the python can be huge. A python can be 33 ft. long. There are other snakes which are very small like the Thread snake (only 4 inches). [/junkie-alert]

11. Python

Most Amazing Snakes in the World

Pythons are species of snake without venom, still being deadly. You can find them in Asia, Africa, and Australia.

The python is a very large snake and it can weigh about 300 pounds. It kills its prey by squeezing it and then swallowing it whole. They can eat not only mice and birds but also cats and pigs.

[junkie-alert style=”green”] Generally, snakes lay eggs. Some snakes do not care for their eggs. But the python species guards their eggs. However, there are few species of snakes which do not lay eggs. They give birth to the young. [/junkie-alert]

12. Boa Constrictor

Most Amazing Snakes in the World

Even the boa constrictors are not poisonous animals. They are commonly seen in Central and South America. Their color and pattern differ according to the place they live. These can swim perfectly well.

The boa can grow up to 13 ft. and weigh more than 100 pounds. They have small hooked teeth with which they grab and hold their victim. Just like python, it also squeezes its prey. It can eat monkeys, wild pigs, and birds easily.

They give birth to their young ones.

[junkie-alert style=”green”] Snakes are cold-blooded creatures. They like to live in warm places. They like sunlight too. In winters, they live in holes inside the ground. However, there are few exceptions that like to live in cold places. [/junkie-alert]

13. Flying Snake

Most Amazing Snakes in the World

Found in the jungles of South Asia, the filing snake is a wonder. These weird snakes are tube-shaped and easily glide through the air. When they glide it looks like they are flying. They cannot fly high.

They are slightly venomous but cannot kill a man. They eat mice, birds, bats, etc.

[junkie-alert style=”green”] Some snakes can act like dead to protect themselves from their enemies. The grass snake, spitting cobra, hognose are some of the examples. They will flip on their backs, keeping their mouths open. After that they release a bad smell. [/junkie-alert]

14. Rattlesnake

Most Amazing Snakes in the World

These belong to the viper family. They have a distinct rattle at the tail end. These are also venomous snakes. Their color makes it difficult to see them.

They are found in the United States. Rattlesnake also gives birth to the young ones just like boa. Also, rattlesnakes have great vision both for day and night.

[junkie-alert style=”green”] Snakes are of different varieties and there are more than 3000 kinds of snakes in the entire world. Some live in the burrows underground. Some live in the water and some can climb trees. [/junkie-alert]

15. Desert Kingsnake

Most Amazing Snakes in the World

The Desert Kingsnake can be found in the United States, throughout the Texas, Arizona and New Mexico. It is not venomous and they are about 3-4 ft. long. Their color is black or dark brown with yellow speckles.

Some ranchers keep them as pets as these snakes eat other snakes too. Other than eating snakes, Desert Kingsnake will also eat mice, rodents, lizards, etc.

[junkie-alert style=”green”] Snakes cannot use sound to communicate with each other. The hissing sound they make is to drive away or warn the enemy. [/junkie-alert]

16. Cat-eyes Snake

Most Amazing Snakes in the World

These snakes are found in Mexico and Central America. They have bulging, golden eyes, which is why they are named so. Their head may be larger or broader than their narrow body.

They normally hunt during the night and prey upon rodents, frogs, etc. These snakes are not much venomous hence they cannot kill a man.

[junkie-alert style=”green”] Snakes are of different colors. Those who are dull colored can be great at hiding from enemies. It is generally observed that with bright colored snakes are the ones with venom in them. However, there could be an exception. [/junkie-alert]

17. Grass Snake

Most Amazing Snakes in the World

Grass snake does not have venom and is harmless. It has a distinct white or yellow collar around its neck. It is found in the United Kingdom.

When they are attacked they will either act as if they are dead or hiss loudly in warning. They rarely bite. It is found in the pasture lands or near the water. You can see this snake in the garden too.

[junkie-alert style=”green”] A snake after having a meal can survive for long times without eating any food. King Cobra, for example can live for months without food. [/junkie-alert]

18. Black Rat Snake

Most Amazing Snakes in the World

The Black rat snake is completely black snake with a white chin. It has a slim body with a wedge shaped head. They live in rocky areas like hillsides and sometimes in flat areas too. They are found abundantly in the United States.

They eat lizards, mice, rodents, chipmunks, moles, frogs, eggs, etc. They catch their prey and kill it by squeezing them.

[junkie-alert style=”green”] Some of the snakes have ‘pits’ near their eyes which helps them find out any type of changes in temperature. In this way they can find out the body heat of their prey and attack it. [/junkie-alert]

19. Green Tree Snake

Most Amazing Snakes in the World

The Green Tree snake is also called the common tree snake. They are very fast and agile creatures. They have peculiarly large eyes and do not have any venom. Another thing is that these do not have any fangs.

They can be easily found in Asia, Australia. They hide in the bushes, hedges or long grasses. They eat mice, frogs, lizards, fish, small mammals, etc. When they get a cut a milky fluid oozes out from their body.

[junkie-alert style=”green”] A snake can take a few days or a few weeks to digest food. The warmer bodied snakes digest their food fast. Large snakes like anaconda take a few weeks to digest their food. [/junkie-alert]

20. Anaconda

Most Amazing Snakes in the World

Anaconda is a water snake and commonly found in Central and Tropical America. It is very large and can grow up to thirty feet. An adult anaconda will be more than 15 ft. and weigh more than 220 pounds. It can be olive green or yellow in color.

These are very shy creatures and will rum away when anyone goes near them. However, when they are afraid they will bite. Even though they are not venomous their huge size and weight makes them dangerous to even a man. This Rainforest animal will squeeze the life out of its prey or drown it. It eats turtles, Caymans and other mammals.


What you saw in this post are few amazing types of snakes found in the world. We hope you have gained great knowledge by reading this post about snakes. Now, you know the names of different snakes and how they look like. Remember, when you find a snake, leave it alone and do not harm it.

It is our responsibility to save these species from vanishing from earth, please protect them.

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