Encounter with a seven-headed snake skin near a temple leaves Indian villagers intrigued about the ‘snake deity’.

Residents of a village in Kanakapura, India, recently came across a shed snake skin with seven heads near a temple, leading them to believe it belongs to the Hindu snake deity.

Seven head snake skin found near a temple in Karnataka

The villagers believe that the shed skin belongs to a seven-headed snake, a character from Hindu mythology.

News of the discovery quickly spread, attracting people from neighboring villages to Marigowdana Doddi to witness the ‘snake deity’ skin.

Some Hindu devotees performed Kumkum and Haldi rituals around the snake skin.

According to legends, Shesha is a multi-headed snake that coils itself on the sea to serve as the bed for the deity Vishnu.

The snake deity is believed to have seven heads. Therefore, the villagers of Kanakapura were astounded to find a shed skin resembling the features of the snake deity Shesha. The skin was found in a field about 3 meters from the temple.

“The villagers consider this place sacred and have built a temple here. Now, the skin (of the seven-headed snake) has appeared near the temple,” said a local resident named Prashanth MN to the Times Of India.

This is not the first time the villagers of Kanakapura have come across such a phenomenon. Local residents mentioned that a similar snake skin was found near the temple in May. Videos of it quickly circulated on social media.

However, experts state that there are no records of the existence of a seven-headed snake in the world, and even two-headed snakes are extremely rare.