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Top 10 Proven Essential Oils for Acne

Gone are the days when we blindly believed the beauty products endorsed by the celebrities. Their skin looked so flawless that we were tempted, or should I say fooled, into buying those cosmetic products. However, today, the consumer has woken up and we all know that the harsh chemicals used in these products can be too damaging for our skin over a period of time. In fact, we are not even sure whether the celebrities, flaunting their soft and lovely skin, use the products they are promoting. So, how do they manage to get that skin? The answer is, from the amazing treasure of essential oils, Mother Nature offers to mankind!

Essential oils can be highly beneficial for healing the stubborn acne, especially when you use a therapeutic grade essential oil. Though these oils are a little expensive, they do produce excellent results in terms of a clear and clean skin. Remember, you’ll also need a carrier oil like sweet almond oil or coconut oil.

Essential Oil #1: Frankincense

Most people are not aware of the acne-fighting properties of frankincense. This oil has strong anti-inflammatory benefits that are known to cure acne quickly. It also helps to smoothen the skin and makes it vibrant. It’s usually more effective when used with a blend. Hence, you are advised to use just a few drops of this oil with another essential oil of your preference and a carrier oil.

Frankincense can also decrease the appearance of the skin pores and thus, even out the skin tone by working as a natural toner. It can firm up the loose skin folds and reduce the visibility of the acne scars.

Essential Oil #2: Geranium

Geranium Essential Oil

Using a geranium essential oil on a regular basis will help you get rid of acne permanently. Yes, you read it right! Surely, the acne will be a thing of past with this highly soothing medicinal oil. It will improve your skin tone, and enhance the elasticity thereby tightening your skin. Thus, it provides a double-advantage by clearing the acne while protecting your skin from the effects of aging. It can heal the cuts, bruises, eczema, and other skin conditions. Acne is just one of the several skin problems that geranium oil can help you with. As always, make sure you use it with a carrier oil.

Essential Oil #3: Tea Tree

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea tree essential oil is easy to get hold of. You can obtain it from your local pharmacy. It can ward off the ugly acne and scars by eliminating the harmful bacteria. It clears up the infection, which is usually a major cause for the non-healing or recurring acne. It is especially recommended for those who have to work outdoors for long hours and find it difficult to maintain proper skin hygiene.

This oil can help decrease the breakouts and reduce the severity or the frequency of acne that you may get in future. It also offers therapeutic qualities that can help you relieve stress and anxiety, which are the major contributors to acne.

Essential Oil #4: Lemon

Do you love the fresh fragrance of lemons? It’s so soothing and refreshing! I am sure your skin will love it too. Lemon essential oil is very easy to prepare and much cheaper to obtain. That is why; it is a very common essential oil used for acne.

All you have to do is to simply add a few drops of this oil to your acne cream, and apply it on the affected parts. It works as a natural astringent and an anti¬bacterial agent thereby taking care of the underlying infection. It can also help those with an oily skin, which is prone to develop acne due to a higher production of sebum by the sebaceous glands under the skin.

Essential Oil #5: Patchouli

Patchouli Essential Oil

If you’re in your 40s or 50s and trying desperately to deal with the slowly-increasing aging signs together with acne, then stop looking at the anti-aging creams that decorate the shelves of supermarkets. They are better positioned on those shelves and they really make them look pleasing to our eyes with their attractive packaging!

But, make sure you don’t put them in your cart because the real answer to your problem lies in the patchouli essential oil. It can help you kill two birds in one shot. It has antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties. It can help you get rid of acne and eczema while also making your skin firmer and youthful. Regular use of this cream will help the wrinkles disappear slowly. It can also help to prevent the acute exacerbations of psoriasis you may be dealing with. It will smoothen your face, and make it appear more attractive. With so many benefits, who wants to dab thick layers of the chemical-laden anti-aging products on the face? Leave it where they look the best!

Essential Oil #6: Lavender

Lavender is so soothing that even muttering the word makes me feel fresh! Though Lavender can be a hard essential oil to obtain; it’s not too expensive. It possesses strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which work just too well for clearing acne. It can help you feel calm and relaxed and ensure that any form of mental or physical stress does not affect your skin or general health. It can also reduce the acne scars and make the skin tone even. A topical application is all you need; however, don’t apply it directly to the skin as it may irritate the skin. Just add it with carrier oil. Remember that essential oils are very strong and can irritate your skin, especially if it is very sensitive.

Essential Oil #7: Oregano

Oregano is an amazing essential oil that isn’t too expensive and can be added to any cream and salve. It’s extremely potent and can kill the bacteria that can trigger or aggravate acne. It can also help your skin to look healthier with its rich vitamin and antioxidant content and allow your skin to look younger. You just need to add two to three drops of this oil with ten drops of a carrier oil and apply it to the affected area.

If you are thinking what kept you away from these rich and nourishing essential oils till now, then just wait…there’s more coming up your way! Mother Nature’s kitty is full of many more of these miraculous oils! Read on to know more…

Essential Oil #8: Bergamot

Bergamot is a great essential oil for managing acne. It has a pleasant citrus scent that provides a soothing feeling and relaxes the nerves. Its fragrance has a rejuvenating and revitalizing effect on the skin, and its antibacterial properties help to treat the breakout from within by eliminating the germs. It works better when used in a blend. You can use it with an anti-inflammatory acne-treating oil that will make it a little more powerful and of course, more effective. Remember to use a carrier oil and a blend.

Essential Oil #9: Rosemary

Rosemary isn’t too expensive like most other therapeutic grade essential oils. But, low cost doesn’t mean it’s anyway less effective than the others. It offers many other advantages like an ease of using and the convenience to add to any blend. It also has a light and pleasant scent. It revitalizes the skin, and controls the excess production of oil. It works as an anti¬inflammatory agent and thus, heals the skin by reducing irritation, redness, swelling and infection. Add it to your moisturizer or apply it directly with a carrier oil or use it in a blend. It’s a natural astringent that can improve the tone and firmness of your skin making it a perfect oil for anti-aging.

Essential Oil #10: Sandalwood

Have you ever passed through the places or forests that have sandalwood trees? If you have ever been near this tree, I am sure its breathtaking fragrance must be still fresh in your memory! Sandalwood smells amazingly amazing! It is a great essential oil for your acne treatment. Its aromatic scent will help you relax and reduce your stress. It is specifically meant for the people with sensitive skin.


Essential oils should not be used by the pregnant and breastfeeding women. You should consult your doctor about the safety of these oils before using them. Do not use essential oils for children without consulting a doctor. Also, make sure that all the essential oils are blended properly into a carrier oil. Coconut oil and sweet almond oil are considered good carrier oils. Add just a few drops to one teaspoon, and check for the skin sensitivity before you apply it on the entire affected area.

Well… I think you must be feeling amazed at the treasure the nature has hidden in its chest. Luckily, you don’t have to set out for any adventurous voyage to hunt for this treasure. You can get the essential oils from your local pharmacy and bask in the glory of its rich acne-fighting properties!

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