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Top 14 Proven Essential Oils for Weight Loss (and How to Use Them)

Using a few droplets of essential oils every single day can assist with your weight loss efforts in undeniable ways, allowing your body to fight fat on a cellular level and even activate your metabolism. This doesn’t mean that an essential oil is a complete and total cure-all that will cinch off 20 pounds in a few weeks, flat. But it means that essential oils are a beneficial way to assist your diet and exercise program, with being scientifically proven to benefit your weight loss efforts.

The following essential oils are the best possible picks to fuel a weight loss-friendly environment, on a cellular level. But also, these essential oils promote better mental health, which can lead to an overall better sense of self, decreased stress and anxiety, decreased depression, amongst other things. Having essential oils in your life opens you up to the healing powers of nature.

And along the way, you can cinch your waistline, and find the drive to reach your weight loss goals.

01. Cinnamon Essential Oil

One of the best ways to boost your weight loss efforts is with cinnamon oil. Cinnamon oil is a known agent in helping to regulate your blood glucose levels. When your body has too much glucose in its blood stream, this forces insulin into your blood stream to “take in” the glucose – leading to an influx of calories. This, in turn, opens up your body to weight gain. Therefore, it’s essential to have a body that’s apt to process glucose easily and readily, without promoting the weight gain associated with extra insulin in the blood. For this reason, cinnamon oil is also a known beneficial agent for people with diabetes, as diabetics have trouble regulating the glucose in their bodies.

In fact, according to a recent study, cinnamon was found to have anti-microbial, anti-oxidant, anti-parasitic, and free-radical properties, which leads to a reduction in blood glucose and blood cholesterol.

Furthermore, cinnamon essential oil is essential to balancing your blood sugar. When you have unstable blood sugar – characterized by spikes of glucose in your bloodstream, followed by very low levels of glucose – your body reacts horribly, leading to you being dizzy, falling to the tendency to overeat, which can then lead to weight gain.

Therefore, adding cinnamon essential oil to your diet will allow for glucose to be released into your bloodstream at a lower rate, which, in turn, ensures that the insulin doesn’t spike in your bloodstream very quickly. This will allow a more regulated digestion of sugar, without high blood sugar and low blood sugar. Your body will simply process the sugar evenly, without thrusting you down a path of over-eating and then under-eating, which will naturally lead you to feel horrible, angry, and overweight.

How to use cinnamon essential oil?

To use this essential weight loss essential oil, you can drink it – ensuring that you take the therapeutic-grade cinnamon essential oil, which offers a complete and totally free from toxins experience. It’s undiluted and unfiltered, and therefore will yield the most impactful results.

To drink it, simply drop one to two drops of the essential oil in a cup of warm water, or even in a cup of tea. You can add a bit of honey, as well, to make it taste almost like dessert. If you do this every single day, you’ll fight back cravings and ensure that your blood stream is less resistant to insulin. In fact, if you drink the cinnamon essential oil at night, it can fight late-night cravings – and even help you fall back to sleep.

You can also add the cinnamon essential oil to some of your smoothies or baked goods. If you have to have baked goods (everything in moderation, after all), then cinnamon essential oil might help you stop after the first cookie or brownie.

Another way to take cinnamon essential oil is by inhaling it. If you have the sudden desire to eat too much, simply inhale a few breaths of the essential oil directly from the top of the cinnamon essential oil bottle. This is a great tactic if you happen to be an emotional eater – prone to overeating when you get overstressed or sad.

You can also apply the cinnamon essential oil directly on your skin. Simply stir two or three droplets with an oil, such as coconut oil or jojoba oil. Then, rub the essential oil on your chest or on your wrists. This will allow the essential oils to seep into your bloodstream, rather than through your stomach, which is faster-acting and sometimes soothing.

Also, you can drop a few drops of the cinnamon essential oil into your house’s diffuser, which will fuel good smells into your house and fight the emotional urge to overeat during the evening.

02. Grapefruit Essential Oil

Perhaps the best essential oil for weight loss is grapefruit essential oil, as it actually works alongside the active enzymes in your body to bust apart body fat cells and help you pass them.

This might not be a surprise, if you’re at all aware of grapefruit’s incredible weight loss powers. Beyond being beneficial for weight loss, in fruit form, due to its AMP-activated protein kinase, which boosts metabolism, it offers a reduction of cellulite and even reduces your risk of stroke. The mega fruit has many other incredible health benefits, offering phytochemicals like beta-carotene and lycopene, which make grapefruit one of the essential “foods that fight cancer,” according to the American Institute for Cancer Research.

Therefore, it’s not a great leap to say that the essential oil from grapefruit is one of the heftiest in the essential oil world, for weight loss and other health benefits. The essential oil itself actually comes from the peel of the fruit, which contains the metabolism-boosting compound called D-limonene, which works to cleanse you and boost your metabolism, along with draining your lymphatic glands.

When you apply the grapefruit essential oil just directly on your skin, the oil works as a stimulant for your lymphatic system, as well as a diuretic. As mentioned, grapefruit is a wonderful fighter of cellulite, and grapefruit essential oil can actually fight that as well. It’s featured in many cellulite creams and blends, which you can then blend onto your problem areas.

Furthermore, when grapefruit oil is mixed with patchouli oil, it’s known to reduce cravings and decrease your hunger, which takes the “food” part out of the equation of weight loss. Simply massage the oil into your chest or wrists, or add a few droplets to your water and sip it when you’re feeling especially hungry.

How best to use grapefruit essential oil

You can drink grapefruit essential oil dropping just two droplets of it into water (a single glass). Do this when you wake up in the morning, allowing you to detox your body, boost fat loss, and boost your body’s metabolism. If you do this every morning, then you can fight bloating and even allow your body to digest its food better – each and every day.

You can also inhale the grapefruit oil, rather than eating it. Just put your nostrils a few inches above the bottle and inhale, or else put a few droplets of the grapefruit oil on a cotton ball. Inhale the scent of it very deeply, leading to a relaxation of something called the parasympathetic gastric nerve. This will ultimately reduce your food cravings, reducing your body’s creation of ghrelin (the causer of those pesky cravings).

03. Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense essential oil dates back several thousands of years ago, to parts of Africa and the Middle East. It’s taken from the resin of a tree that was originally found in Somalia, and it’s long been known to fight things like anxiety and depression – the very things that can lead to overeating and emotional eating.

Frankincense is rife with a molecule called a sesquiterpene. It’s a complicated-looking word, and it does a complicated thing: it crosses the barrier between your blood and your brain, bringing aid to the depression and anxiety-ridden parts of your brain.

Furthermore, frankincense oil can aid in digestion, ensuring that the bile juices in your stomach – the things that literally break up your food – are secreted at a faster rate. This can boost your metabolism and assist in the weight loss process. This also boosts your digestion, ensuring that you’re comfortable and not bloated. Always beneficial.

How best to use frankincense oil

If you want to use frankincense oil, know that you shouldn’t drink it. It’s best used through the nose- taking it in either by breathing directly over the bottle, allowing a feeling of calm to wash over you, or used inside a diffuser. When you allow the earthy aroma to fill your home, your body and mind will relax, leading to fewer cravings.

04. Ginger Essential Oil

Another essential oil with incredible weight loss properties is ginger essential oil. Ginger is an amazing spice, often utilized in Indian recipes and throughout the Middle East, and it’s known to have some pretty hefty health benefits, including helping to reduce inflammation that can eventually lead to weight gain and cancer.

But in essential oil form, ginger continues to fight for your body, helping you to reduce your sugar cravings and boost the absorption of nutrients from your body.

The reason for all of this? It’s something called gingerols. They’re scientifically proven to deduce inflammation on a cellular level, in your intestines, which leads to your cells taking in more minerals and vitamins. When your body takes all the relevant minerals from food, then it won’t crave as many foods down the line – leading to less calorie intake.

In fact, a recent study showed that ginger has a component that boosted the enzyme levels in the blood of lab mice. This led to a decrease in chronic inflammation, which ultimately led toward better absorption of vital nutrients from foods and better digestion.

Also, a 2014 study showed that when people supplemented their diets with ginger, they were able to decrease their risk of obesity, even in the midst of a high-fat diet. The study went on to conclude that ginger is a “promising” therapy for the overarching treatment of obesity.

Another study from the early 2000s showed that ginger decreases your levels of the high-stress compound called cortisol. Cortisol is created in your body as the “fight or flight” compound—meaning that it’s a natural, evolutionary response to things like, say, lions chasing you. You can kick start your body and run faster, react quicker in times of stress. When there’s too much cortisol in your bloodstream, however, this can lead to an increase in belly fat. Thusly, ginger can fight this overflow of cortisol in your body, regulating the hormones in your bloodstream and ensuring that it’s not an environment for pro-weight gain.

How to use ginger essential oil

You can drink ginger droplets of the essential oil as long as you opt for the therapeutic-grade ginger oil, which is unfiltered and undiluted. Simply add about one or two droplets of the oil to a bit of warm water, and then add some lemon juice and raw honey to make it flavorful.

You can also inhale the ginger oil directly from the bottle, without wasting it. Simply place your nose about an inch above the ginger essential oil bottle, close your eyes, and inhale – allowing yourself a moment’s reprieve from the stress of your day.

05. Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon essential oil is beneficial for both your weight loss efforts AND your mental health, as it has something called limonene. This helps your body to dissolve fat, while also boosting production of norepinephrine back in your brain. This will also help to boost your energy levels, bringing positivity and joy to your everyday life. Also, the lemon-v smell can’t be beat – making you smell fresh and clean.

In fact, a recent study showed that when lemon essential oil was paired with grapefruit oil, this supported something called lipolysis, which is the breaking down of the fats within your body.

Furthermore, lemon essential oil has been proven to detoxify your intestines, ensuring for a faster and better digestion process and eliminating parasites in your intestines that not only make you cling to fat, but also make you sick and not as likely to intake vitamins and minerals from your foods.

How to use lemon essential oil

To take in the beneficial lemon essential oils, you can simply drink it – ensuring that you use the high- grade. FDA-approved kind. Simply add two droplets of lemon essential oil to a glass of water. Drink this every single morning to ensure weight loss and cleanse your intestines. This will give you a bright start to your morning.

Otherwise, you can inhale lemon essential oil directly – simply placing your nostrils a bit above the top of the essential oil bottle and inhaling for a few seconds. You can do this directly before eating, or even just throughout the day to fight any cravings you might have.

Also, you can massage a bit of the oil directly onto your skin. Do this by mixing it with coconut oil (or even something called moringa oil, which is a known vibrant topical agent, perfect for bringing moisture to your skin). Simply add two or three droplets to the oil of your choice, and then add the lemon cream to areas that have cellulite on your body. The lemon essential oil actually fights the toxins that live inside your fat cells, breaking them down. Bonus, if you do this with grapefruit essential oil, as it’s an incredibly powerful thing when mixed with lemon essential oil.

06. Fennel Essential Oil

Fennel essential oil is earthy and sweet, taken from the seeds of the fennel plant and then distilled and steamed. Fennel oil is a perfect oil to fight against your ravenous appetite, along with helping to regulate your sleep cycles. When you sleep enough – not too much, and not too little – this can lead to better hormonal regulation, which leads to better weight regulation, as well.

This is all due to the fact that fennel essential oil contains something called melatonin, which is a hormone that’s used in your body to regulate your circadian rhythms. Your circadian rhythms are responsible for when you wake up and when you go to sleep. But melatonin has another power to it, as well. According to a recent study, melatonin can actually boost weight loss – allowing the body to create only fat that it can immediately burn off, rather than the kind of fat it wants to cling onto and store in its cells.

But using fennel essential oil for weight loss is no new thing. In fact, fennel seeds have been utilized for over five hundred years, allowing the assistance to digestion. It’s interesting what our ancestors did that we can now prove in a lab setting. In fact, in a recent study, rats were given fennel oil for several weeks in a row. They took it by inhaling it. After that study, it was shown that the rats were apt to eat far fewer calories. This also boosted their ability’ to digest their food and take in more calories.

How best to use fennel essential oil

You can actually drink fennel essential oil to retain its benefits. Simply drop one or two drops into a glass of water, and drink it right before you eat each meal of your day. This will allow your body to digest your food more easily, and it will also prevent you from reaching for too many servings.

Also, you can drop a few droplets of fennel essential oil on your wrists and rub it. This will actually fight cravings for sweet or carb-heavy things – things that rise the insulin in your body and increase your body’s desire to hold onto fat.

07. Jasmine Essential Oil

The sweet jasmine flower is often utilized in things like lotions and perfumes. However, when it’s taken down to its oil form, it is known to be “as calming” as the drug called valium, according to many. Jasmine has been used for several hundreds of years, especially for people with insomnia and a lower sexual desire. It can be used to boost your mood and fight depressive symptoms, which, as you know, can lead to overeating and emotional eating. If you feel there’s a hole in your life, you’re more apt to fill that hole with food. It’s just that simple.

How best to use jasmine essential oil

Rather than ingesting jasmine essential oil, it’s better used if you inhale it. Simply drop a few droplets of jasmine essential oil on a cotton ball or even on a handkerchief. Keep the handkerchief in your pocket or in your purse throughout the day and inhale it any time you feel overly stressed or inclined to eat something.

Also, you can add a few droplets of the jasmine essential oil to the diffuser to fill your home with an amazing scent. If you want to experiment, it’s good to mix jasmine essential oil with grapefruit essential oil. The citrusy scent, mixed with the jasmine, helps to relax your gastric nerve. This is the nerve that tells your brain you’re craving food – meaning it’s a good one to target on your path to weight loss.

08. Bergamot Essential Oil

For some people, overeating and binging comes at the points of high stress – those times of your life when you feel that your schedule is overwhelming you, and you need to take refuge in your favorite snack (or reward yourself for a job well done).

But that ultimately leads to weight gain, which can pile on, year after year, if you let it. For this reason, it’s essential to make bergamot essential oil a part of your routine. This is because it helps fight back against those feelings of lack of motivation, bringing a “citrusy” scent to your day and helping you slog through work out after work out. Never forget that so much of your weight loss efforts are rooted in your mental health. You have to remain positive to keep making good food and exercise choices.

A recent, 2015 study showed that people who inhaled bergamot essential oil had a reduction of cortisol in their body – which led to a decrease in stress (the very stress that can lead to overeating). This also boosted their moods, making them have a better outlook and sense of self.

Another study from 2011 gave people with very high fat counts in their blood an amount of bergamot essential oil, which resulted in a reduction of cholesterol in their blood, along with a reduction of blood glucose.

Furthermore, bergamot essential oil contains polyphenols, which are the fat-fighting and cancer-fighting compounds also found in green tea. It can help your body melt away the fat and sugar in its bloodstream and cells.

Also, like lemon essential oil, bergamot contains limonene, which fights to reduce fat cells – literally melting them away. This is why it can also be a beneficial aid for your cellulite problems.

How best to use bergamot essential oil

In order to use bergamot, simply inhale the essential oil, with your nostrils directly above the bottle or above a cotton ball, on which you’ve dropped two or three essential oil droplets. Do this directly before eating, or even throughout the day to fight cravings.

Also, if you add bergamot oil to your shower, you can help relax yourself and fight cravings. Do this by covering the drain and then dropping five or six droplets into the shower. Inhale deeply as you bathe or shower, allowing your mind and body to calm.

09. Lavender Essential Oil

While several of these essential oils fight fat directly- preventing the accumulation of fat in your body and bloodstream, boosting your ability to digest, fighting your appetite, etc., other essential oils combat something a bit more broad, but no less a cause of obesity. That’s depression and anxiety. In fact, depression, anger, guilt, anxiety, and sadness are huge triggers for overeating. In fact, you can draw this connection to our obesity epidemic. We’re more stressed than ever before. And we have to fight that cause before really fixing our obesity epidemic.

According to scientists, lavender essential oil can reduce anxiety and stress. Like bergamot, it can also reduce the cortisol in your bloodstream – the “fight or flight” hormone that allows you to “deal with your stress,” but can also overdevelop and lead to weight gain.

A study from several years ago showed that participants who took lavender essential oil every single day had less symptoms of anxiety than those who took a placebo of the same thing. Another study that gave lavender essential oil to rats showed that the rats had much less anxiety and depression than other rats – after only seven days.

How best to use lavender essential oil

To use lavender essential oil, drop a few lavender essential oil droplets into your diffuser and allow the calming, relaxing scent to fill the room around you. This will allow your anxiety’ to fall away and reduce the temptation to overeat.

Also, you can inhale the lavender essential oil. Simply drop three droplets of the lavender essential oil on your palm, and then cup your palm directly beneath your face. Otherwise, you can inhale directly from the body. The moment this scent enters your brain’s area that handles your emotions – it’s called the amygdala – you can reduce all feelings of stress and anxiety.

10. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus, which is fresh and minty, is often utilized to reduce stress, allowing you to fuel your energy levels and fight brain fatigue. However, since eucalyptus fights stress and anxiety – it can actually be utilized for weight loss, leading you to reach for food less often when you’re feeling emotionally fatigued. The strong minty aroma of the essential oil ensures that you begin to relax, reducing the cortisol in your bloodstream and leading to a better, healthier mindset about food.

How best to use eucalyptus essential oil

You can’t ingest eucalyptus essential oil, like you can several of the others listed here. However, you can inhale it by placing your nostrils an inch or so above the container and taking a few deep breaths. This will lead to an immediate feeling of relaxation and release.

Furthermore, you can add a few droplets of eucalyptus to your shower. Simply cover the drain, add four or five droplets of the essential oil to your shower, and fill the shower with water. Inhale the air around you and feel release. This will allow a mental state that will lead to fewer sweet treats – and could even make YOU feel more motivated to exercise and lose weight.

11. Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary is an herb that’s often used throughout the holiday season. But did you know that if you extract the oils from the rosemary sprigs, you can use the rosemary essential oil for many powerful things?

According to a study that was based in Japan, rosemary oil can fight the levels of the high-stress hormone, cortisol. Since cortisol can ultimately lead to weight gain, heart disease, and high blood pressure, this is an incredible find.

How best to use rosemary essential oil

To take in the benefits of rosemary essential oil, simply inhale it for a full four or five minutes – taking long, deep breaths with your eyes closed. This will reduce the level of cortisol in your blood. You can either do this by inhaling over the top of the rosemary essential oil container, or by dropping it on a cotton ball and inhaling it that way.

12. Peppermint Essential Oil

Although peppermint essential oil is normally perceived as a holiday scent, you can actually use it the entire year long to help suppress your appetite and fight any overeating that you might be inclined to do. Plus, it is known to fight bloating and stomach aches.

In fact, its usage to treat indigestion, especially when it’s paired with caraway oil, dates back to about a thousand years ago – leading to a relaxation of stomach muscles. This is because there’s a medicinal compound in peppermint called menthol, which allows your body to cut the gas from its stomach and intestines. Essentially, menthol affects your neurosensory perceptions – differentiating how you smell and taste your foods. Therefore, you won’t necessarily “taste” the treats YOU used to like quite as much, and won’t, therefore, crave them as powerfully.

According to a 2008 study, people who inhaled peppermint oil ever few hours reported that they had fewer cravings and felt less hungry than other people who didn’t inhale peppermint oil. These people were also able to reduce the number of calories they took in every single day, and were thus able to stick to their weight loss goals.

How to use peppermint oil

According to the FDA, peppermint oil is safe to take internally. Simply drop one or two peppermint essential oil droplets into a glass of water, and drink it directly before dinner to fight your strong appetite. Please ensure that you use peppermint oil that’s therapeutic-grade, which is pure and free from toxins. It’s also undiluted and unfiltered.

Otherwise, you can inhale peppermint essential oil by simply dotting it onto a cotton ball or even inhaling with your nose just above the bottle. If you do this directly before eating, you can fight cravings and eat a significantly less amount of food.

Otherwise, peppermint essential oil is a very good option for your at-home diffuser. The peppermint scent is proven to boost your mood and fight cravings.

13. Sandalwood Essential Oil

Many of us are emotional eaters, leading us to reach for chips and cookies and other high-fat, high-carb snacks when our personal lives aren’t going so well. When you’re stressed, simply reach for sandalwood essential oil, as it’s known to fight negative feelings and allow for a resounding sense of calm to fill you.

Sandalwood is different from the many other essential oils described here, as it has more of a woody, natural scent, which can bring a natural relaxation effect to your limbic system in the brain. This is the part of your brain that allows for emotions like anger and hunger and other desperate-seeming emotions. If you play into those emotions too much and allow them to breathe, you can spiral out of control.

Therefore, if you seek a balancing of these emotions, without playing into them and giving them strength, you can help yourself feel balanced, good and confident, then you won’t be as apt to reach for food.

How best to use sandalwood essential oil

Sandalwood essential oil is best used when you inhale it. Do this by inhaling it directly above the bottle, or else dropping a bit of it on a cotton ball and inhaling it from there.

Otherwise, you can apply sandalwood essential oil to your body. Simply drop a few droplets of the essential oil on your wrists or your ankles. This can help you boost yourself through an otherwise stressful day, or fight cravings.

Also, you can add sandalwood essential oil to your diffuser. As it fills the air around you, you can inhale deeply, relax, and allow your stress-caused cravings to pass.

14. Orange Essential Oil

Oranges are some of the most beneficial fruits to fight against depression and anxiety. This is because they’re high in vitamin C and that citrus scent, which can enhance your mood and lead to higher levels of happiness and an increased level of productivity.

In fact, a study based in Japan recently showed that orange essential oil actually led many people to decrease their anti-depression medication- meaning that their body was able to stabilize itself with the intake of orange essential oil.

How best to use orange essential oil

You can consume the FDA-approved orange essential oil. Simply add two or three droplets to a glass of water and sip it before you have a proper meal. This will allow you to fight overeating.

Also, you can inhale orange essential oil – either by inhaling it directly over the top of the bottle, or else from a handkerchief, on which you’ve dotted several droplets of orange essential oil. If you inhale it throughout the day, you can fight mid-day depression and boost your senses, along with preventing your desire to reach for those high- calorie snacks.

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