Exploring the Elegance of golden pigeon discus

The pigeon discus fish was created in 1991 by a Thai breeder named Kitti Phanaitthi. It has a bright white or cream-colored body with vibrant red net-like patterns and a black tail. The latest generation of pigeon discus fish now has a more prominent red and white body, with the black color of the tail fading gradually.

Golden pigeon discus images

Golden Pigeon Discus 1
Golden Pigeon Discus 9
Golden Pigeon Discus 8
Golden Pigeon Discus 7
Golden Pigeon Discus 6
Golden Pigeon Discus 5
Golden Pigeon Discus 4
Golden Pigeon Discus 3
Golden Pigeon Discus 2

The golden pigeon discus fish is currently one of the most beautiful discus fish in the world. It features a body with intricate golden patterns, resembling 24k gold, symbolizing abundance and prosperity. It is highly suitable for feng shui purposes or as part of creating a beautiful landscape.

Similar to the red pigeon discus fish, the golden pigeon discus fish is praised by hobbyists as one of the most beautiful discus fish varieties available today. Its golden color is radiant yet not overwhelming, elegant without being flashy. The intricate patterns on the golden pigeon discus fish resemble those of precious gemstones and pearls. Therefore, those who practice feng shui often choose the golden pigeon discus fish as a lucky and auspicious pet, particularly individuals with the elements of Metal, Earth, or Water in their birth chart, as these fish thrive in such environments.