Golden Discus: The Radiant Beauty of Aquatic Elegance

Different from other colorful discus fish species, the golden discus fish has a bright yellow body and is one of the most beautiful discus in the world. Faint white stripes and red eyes are visible on its body, and its fins are almost translucent. The golden discus fish features a 24k gold color that encompasses its entire body. It can be kept together with other discus fish species to create a harmonious aquatic landscape or kept as a separate school of yellow-colored fish for a favorable feng shui effect.

Golden Discus 4
Golden Discus 2
Golden Discus 1
Golden Discus 5

We will share some factors and solutions to help you achieve better results:

  1. Choosing the fish breed: Prioritize selecting original breeds with less red coloration, such as the Marlboro, or unprocessed yellow pigeons without red pigment in their diet. Choosing an Albino type will result in a purer yellow color.
  2. Lighting and background: When keeping golden discus fish, choose a dark blue, black, or a dense green background for the aquarium. You can also add driftwood with attached aquatic plants. Select white-colored lighting combined with blue lighting, ensuring that the aquarium lighting is brighter than the surrounding light. Currently, you can purchase LED lights specifically designed for aquarium decoration, which include both white and blue lights. Alternatively, you can create your own lighting fixture by combining LED light strips, with a ratio of two white strips to one blue strip.
  3. To enhance and maintain the yellow color of the fish, regularly feed them with Astaxanthin yellow-supplemented food.
  4. When capturing videos or taking pictures of the golden discus fish to share with others, position a blue light in front of the tank and a white light behind it. This will allow you to capture original, beautiful footage and photos without the need for editing.

Wishing you success!