All 7 Hokage Ranked According To Their Unique Abilities

There have been a total of seven Hokage in Konoha. They are among the strongest characters in the series. Each has their own unique abilities. These abilities make them to stand out. So, today I have ranked all the seven Hokage according to their unique abilities. This list is not based on power.

07. Kakashi Hatake

Kakashi Hatake

Kakashi Hatake became the sixth Hokage Hokage after the War. However, Kakashi did lost his Sharingan, which was replaced by a normal eye. This also meant Kakashi couldn’t use Chidori anymore, since that Jutsu relies heavily on the Sharingan. However, Kakashi developed a new Jutsu, called Purple Electricity. This Jutsu is a long range technique, which shoots lightning bolts from far away. It is also strong enough to summon rain clouds if shot in the air.

06. Hiruzen Sarutobi

Hiruzen Sarutobi

Hiruzen was the third Hokage of the Konohagakure. He was hailed as “The Professor”. This was mainly because of the fact that Hiruzen had mastery over all the known jutsu in the Hidden Leaf. Hiruzen was the student of the First and Second Hokage. He was the second person, who achieved the title of “God of Shinobi”. He possessed the Adamantine Staff, which was the transformation of Monkey King Enma. This Adamantine Staff is known to cut through anything. Also, this staff was immune to any cuts.

05. Tsunade Senju

Tsunade Senju

She was the fifth Hokage of the Hidden Leaf. Tsunade is a member of the legendary Sannin. She is very powerful and she possesses insane strength and chakra. Tsunade also awakened the Byakugou, which almost made her immortal. She is also known as the “Slug Princess”. She also saved the entire village and the Gokage on two separate occasions with her powers.

04. Minato Namikaze

Minato Namikaze

Minato was the fourth Hokage of the Hidden Leaf. He was hailed as a once in a generation prodigy. Minato holds the record for the highest scores at the Academy. Minato also developed the Rasengan. But, he failed to add his nature to it. Minato also improved the Flying Thunder God of Tobirama Senju. He made it much more faster. Also, Minato was considered to be the fastest shinobi in the history.

03. Tobirama Senju

Tobirama Senju

Tobirama Senju was the younger brother of Hashirama Senju. He was named the Second Hokage after Hashirama’s death. Tobirama Senju was a genius. He developed numerous techniques on his own. Tobirama is also the creator of the Flying Thunder God technique. He is also considered the strongest ever user of the water release.

02. Hashirama Senju

Hashirama Senju

Hashirama was the first ever Hokage of the Hidden Leaf. He founded the village with his best friend and rival, Madara Uchiha. Hashirama was a very powerful shinobi, who was well respected throughout the entire world. He was the reincarnation of Asura Ōtsutsuki. Hashirama was also known as “God of Shinobi”.

He also had tremendous chakra reserves. He could use large scale attacks because of his insane chakra reserves. Hashirama was also the only person who possessed the wood release naturally. Adding to this, Hashirama had the sage mode to increase the power of his attacks.

01. Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto Uzumaki

So, the final character on the list is Naruto Uzumaki. He was the son of the fourth Hokage, Minato and Kushina. Naruto had the nine tails sealed inside him. Not a single person tried to help Naruto while growing up except for a few people. He is a hard worker, who made his own destiny.

During the fourth ninja war, Naruto received six paths chakra from Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki. He grew very strong. Naruto also gained control the Nine Tails. Furthermore, Naruto also possesses the toad sage mode. He’s full of unique abilities.

That’s it from me. I hope you enjoyed it. Please leave your suggestions below.

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