Interesting information about the green mosquito

Did you know that each mosquito species has a different color? For example, there is a green mosquito called the green bell mosquito. Let’s learn about the characteristics of this mosquito species in the following article.

What type of mosquito is the green leaf mosquito?

The green mosquito is called the Green Bell Mosquito or Dergun Mosquito. They are extremely small in size, not larger than one cm. Besides the green color, their color may also vary depending on the weather and climate of the region, sometimes being gray, yellow, or black.

Mosquitoes with green color are called Green Bell Mosquito or Dergun Mosquito.

The Dergun family consists of up to 3,000 species. However, the green mosquito is the toughest and most common species that can be found anywhere in the world. Not only do adult mosquitoes have strong vitality, but their larvae also have the ability to survive equally well. They can survive in high temperatures, freezing weather or dry places without any problems. The adaptability and survival ability of the green mosquito is incredibly amazing.

Besides the name Dergun, this mosquito species can also be called Durguns or Chironomids. Among these, Chironomids is the Latin name, representing the Dipterans.

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Characteristics of the green mosquito

The green mosquitoes very rarely, even never use their front legs. If it needs to land, it will land on its four hind legs, while its two front legs are pointing upwards. Since the body weight is not evenly distributed on the hind legs, the result is that the body of the mosquito constantly trembles when it lands. When resting, they lie flat and straight, with their thorax pressed against the surface, without any folds or creases.

The two front legs of the Green Bell Mosquito are not used for landing.

As for the green color covering their body, it is due to the impact of their living environment and food. They do not feed on human blood, only on plants. They are completely harmless to us, so you don’t need to use light traps to eliminate them.

The structure of the green mosquito is characterized by short and stubby wings, a streamlined head like an airplane, and numerous antennae but absolutely no proboscis. This is evidence that they have no involvement in the bites on our bodies.

Among many species of mosquitoes, the green mosquito is a rare and friendly species to humans. However, they are still an excellent prey for other animals, and this is the law of survival.

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