Top 16 Luxurious Hotel Pools With Incredible Views

How about spending some sunny days at a five-star pool in a luxury hotel? Check out these amazing photos, and dream you away from the cold winter. Or are realizing the dream and find your perfect pool holiday with hotel search.

For many of us pools are one of the most important elements of a holiday. Here are 16 pools with breathtaking views that really begging for you to make a last-minute reservation or plan a summer trip in winter.

01. Santorini, Greece

Luxurious Hotel Pools

Traditional whitewashed houses, charming narrow streets filled with colorful flowers and guaranteed sunshine? Santorini, one of the Greek Cyclades offer all this. Enjoy the island from your pool located on a cliff, and do not miss the dramatic sunsets. Find easy hotel with hotel search – in all price ranges.

02. Mauritius

Luxurious Hotel Pools With Incredible Views

A classic favorite for honeymooners, Mauritius is the perfect place for those who want to laze on the stunning sandy beaches. There are plenty of selfie options and you can easily spend a whole day in the stunning infinity pools hotels on the island offers.

03. Bangkok, Thailand

Luxurious Hotel

Thailand’s capital is known for its frenetic street life, food stalls that fill the sidewalks, the cheap massage parlors and mopeds cruise by confused tourists and purposeful local. Escape the chaos and lounge on by a roof-pool and enjoy the view over the city skyline.

04. Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Luxurious Hotel Pools With Incredible Views

Getting up in the clouds and out on the adventure of the spectacular Atlas Mountains in Morocco after a long, sweaty day it is wonderful to cool off in a refreshing pool with views over the mountains.

05. Cancun, Mexico

Luxurious Hotel Pools With Incredible Views

Pool by day, party by night; it’s a good way to experience luxury hotels and exciting nightlife in Cancun. Are you looking for the best rates in this popular seaside town? Check hotel search.

06. Bodrum, Turkey

Luxurious Hotel Pools With Incredible Views

Fly to southern Turkey, and to the ancient city of Bodrum. Relax by the pool at a luxury hotel, or be scrubbed clean in a traditional hammam.

07. Halkidiki, Greece – via Thessaloniki

Luxurious Hotel Pools

Haps a cheap flight to Thessaloniki, Greece’s second largest city, and then take to the peninsula of Halkidiki, known for its beautiful beaches. Do not forget to buy yourself a little honey; it is the city’s most famous product.

08. Israel

Luxurious Hotel Pools

Get your dose of golden sand and picturesque views with a trip to the Negev Desert, which covers much of southern Israel. Check in at your own oasis, and find the perfect pool to cool off in our hotel search.

09. Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Luxurious Hotel Pools With Incredible Views

Known as “the city that guards the Caribbean sun” in Puerto Rico you can spend lazy days on the beach and enjoy the perfect pool. This little paradise in the Caribbean with a fine sprinkling of South American charm is a perfect destination for a tropical trip.

10. Cote d’Azur, France

Luxurious Hotel Pools With Incredible Views

Cheap red wine, delicious cheeses and lots of small mountain villages to explore; the French Riviera is a great place to take it easy and enjoy the good local cuisine. Rent your own chateau to a fraction of the cost through hotel search – also at popular app.

11. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Luxurious Hotel Pools With Incredible Views

Dubai is popular with the rich and famous, so you are guaranteed five-star luxury in Dubai. Pool on the roof or pool by palm trees, whatever you choose, you will find the cheapest solution with hotel search.

12. Bahia, Brazil

Luxurious Hotel Pools

Copacabana is Brazil’s most famous beach, but Bahia beach is just as beautiful, and without the huge crowd Copacabana. Alternatively, you can opt out of the coast, and instead stay at one of the area’s luxury hotels, where you can enjoy the sun without having to fight for the last available space on the beach.

13. Maldives

Luxurious Hotel Pools With Incredible Views

Take to the equator, and experience a little part of paradise. Maldives has some of the world’s best diving waters and not least some great beaches of golden sand. But however you spend your days, so make sure that you have a luxurious place for the night. Find your ideal hotel in the Maldives with our hotel search.

14. Sentosa Island, Singapore

Luxurious Hotel Pools With Incredible Views

When you’re tired of walking around and shop and drink cocktails in colonial-hotels, so it is time to explore Sentosa Island, Singapore’s most famous tourist attraction and home to Universal Studios theme park. Here is a wide range of entertainment for both young and older children.

15. Koh Tao, Thailand

Luxurious Hotel Pools With Incredible Views

The small island of Koh Tao has long been known as the ideal destination for snorkeling. Dive down and see everything from turtles to the brightly colored clown fish in their natural environment. If you prefer your water without fish, check out one of the many luxury hotel complexes, the island has to offer.

16. Tunisia

Luxurious Hotel Pools With Incredible Views

Do you long for a sunny winter destination? This small North African country has warm weather most of the year. A trip to Tunisia is an excellent last-minute option.

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