Mandy – The Doll that Cried at Night

Mandy, a haunted doll in British Columbia, is considered to be the most haunted doll in Canada. Her popularity is on par with that of Robert and Anabelle within the United States.

Mandy is an antique porcelain baby doll, clad in a white dress that resembles a christening gown. While the exact origin of the doll is uncertain, experts have stated that she was created somewhere in Germany or England somewhere between 1910 and 1920.

In 1991 a woman acquired the doll, wholly unaware that the doll had supernatural abilities. The woman just happened to be a collector, and knew that the dolls age made Mandy a valued part of her doll collection.

Not long after the woman purchased Mandy and brought her home, strange things began to occur in her house. At night the woman would wake up to the sounds of a baby crying. None of the televisions would be on, and the woman lived alone. At first she tried to explain it away with logic… perhaps there was a baby at one of her neighbor’s houses.

But the crying persisted in the nights that followed. The noise was so loud and so clear, the woman grew eerily certain that the crying was in fact coming from somewhere within her house.

Room by room she explored, until she finally tracked the sound coming from her basement. Scared but determined, the woman walked down into her basement.

The moment she began to descend the steps, the crying would stop immediately. After searching through the basement, the woman found no signs of child or anything else that might explain the noise. The only unusual thing she discovered was that one of the basement windows stood open.

She couldn’t recall the last time she had opened one of them.

Puzzled, but exhausted, the woman closed the window and made her way back up the stairs. She tried her best to fall back asleep…

But the following night the same problem occurred. The woman was startled awake by loud cries echoing throughout her house. This time it seemed even louder and more urgent than before.

The woman went straight to the basement. Just like the night before, the crying immediately ceased the moment she began to descend the stairs. A cool breeze drifted into the room from an open window – the very same one that had been mysteriously opened the night prior.

The problem persisted night after night. The woman was not only perpetually tired, but she was frightened as well. She had no idea whether or not somebody in the neighborhood was playing a cruel prank on her, or if something paranormal was at work.

But she strongly suspected the latter.

At her wit’s end, the woman grabbed Mandy and drove to the Quesnel & District Museum. She told the staff she suspected that the doll was haunted, as strange things began to happen in her house only after she had acquired the doll.

The moment Mandy was removed from the woman’s house, the crying immediately ceased.

A New Home

Staff at Quesnel readily accepted the doll, but did not have a place to display her initially. Instead, the employees placed her in the lobby of the museum, where she began to draw a decent crowd.

Not long after, staff members did some rearranging so Mandy could be properly put on display. It is said that at first she was placed with a few other antique dolls, but the arrangement didn’t last long. It is said that employees would come in to find the other dolls had been altered in a way as though somebody had tried to harm them.

Since nothing abnormal had happened before they acquired the supposedly haunted doll, Mandy was to blame. The staff took her and placed her in a locked room by herself while they tried to make a space for her display where she could be by herself.

Apparently, Mandy didn’t like being locked up in a room any more than she liked being with other dolls. Hours after she had been placed in the room, a staff member unlocked and entered the door to retrieve something.

The employee turned on the light and was shocked to see that papers had been thrown all over the floor. The mess was reminiscent of something a toddler or young child would do when throwing a tantrum.

Strange things continued to happen while Mandy was locked away by herself. Objects, such as pens, books and photographs, frequently and mysteriously went missing. Once in a while these objects would turn up, but in places where it seemed unlikely someone would leave them.

Other objects simply never resurfaced.

Staff members strongly suspected that Mandy’s spirit would leave the confines of the doll and roam the museum at her leisure. Some employees often reported hearing footsteps following them around, despite never seeing anybody nearby.

In 1999, a book titled Supernatural Stories Around British Columbia was published. In it, Mandy is discussed in detail. The doll has received many visitors ever since.

Stories about Mandy continued to circulate through North America. Canadians and Americans alike would flock to Quesnel & District to see the notoriously haunted doll. Over the years, various reports have been made…

Mandy is often blamed for causing electronic equipment to malfunction. Cameras have been known to act up, and phones have a tendency of freezing. These devices seem to resume normal function the moment they are taken farther away from Mandy’s display case. Reports of batteries suddenly draining by Mandy is not altogether uncommon.

Visitors who are sensitive or consider themselves to be empaths have said that they felt a sense of inexplicable uneasiness – even a profound sadness – whenever they were near Mandy.

Occasionally a visitor has stated they’ve seen Mandy’s eyes blink, and will follow people as they walk by her display. Some have even sworn that they’ve seen her fingers move and her head pivot from side to side. A few staff members are convinced that Mandy has the ability to leave her display case and move through the museum at night…

Unknown Origins

Nobody is certain where Mandy came from or how she came to be haunted. But people certainly have their theories.

There is one legend that circulates through British Columbia and is often linked to the haunted doll. According to this story, there once was a little girl who became trapped in a basement of a house. The only thing she had with her was a doll.

Overtime the girl perished and her spirit accidentally transferred into the doll, and became permanently trapped there. Years later, people began to hear the sound of a baby crying coming from the dilapidated house. Upon entering it, the only thing they found was a doll in the basement. When they picked up the doll, it began to cry tears of blood.

Today, Mandy remains on display at Quesnel & District Museum. We may never know where she came from. The only thing we know for certain is that she wreaks havoc wherever she is…

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