13 Mysterious Creatures of the World

The mysterious creatures in this post may or may not be real. They might be found in dark forests or deep lakes. Most of the time there is no proof that the creatures are real. No pictures. No creature captured or shot. The only way we know about these creatures is what someone said he saw in the woods or around his house. Let’s discover some of these mysterious creatures.

01. Bigfoot or Sasquatch

More people have said they saw Bigfoot than all of the other monsters or creatures. They have been seen everywhere in the world.

Those who have seen them give close to the same description of the creature. They often are said to be from 6 feet to 10 feet tall.

They are very heavy and have large feet and that is why they are called Bigfoot. They are covered with long hair which is often brown.

A long deep howl is the sound they seem to make. Some people have recorded these howls.

Many people who say they have seen Bigfoot are very reliable. Other people say that witnesses only saw a bear or a man in an ape suit. They say that it was a hoax or a fake.

More and more people are living near to and in the forests now. This is because our population is growing larger in numbers every day.

It’s believed that if Bigfoot or Sasquatch really lives, we will find evidence soon.

Last September 2013, new evidence was discovered. An imprint in the ground was found in the shape of a Bigfoot.

Two scientists were looking for evidence in the state of Washington when they found the imprint. It appeared that the creature had sat down and reached for some apples that the scientists had left as bait.

Jeff Meldrum, an Anthropology Professor, examined the area and said that it may be the great ape Bigfoot. He said the creature had to be at least 7 and 1/2 feet tall.

02. Lake Monsters

Many lakes around the world are thought to be home to giant sea monsters. The most famous of these is the Loch Ness Monster in Scotland.

People who say they have seen these monsters all describe close to the same thing. The creatures are usually very large with a long neck and look like a dinosaur. Many times these creatures have a humped back.

Lake Okanagan in Canada also may have a monster living there. People who have seen it say it’s 40 to 50 feet long. The creature is named Ogopogo.

Some scientists say that if the creature really lives, it’s some kind of plesiosaur. The plesiosaur was a prehistoric creature that became extinct millions of years ago.

The first sighting in more modern times came in 1871. The witness said that it was the biggest thing he’d ever seen in his life. He also said that it had a neck like a horse. There have been hundreds of sightings since then.

There were many sightings in August 1933. No one is sure why this happened.

In June 1960 the first scientific investigation was done. The Universities of Oxford and Cambridge sponsored the study. There were 30 volunteers from the colleges.

They did report that they saw the monster humps on its back as it moved through the water.

03. The Chupacabra

The Chupacabra is a very strange and mysterious creature. The reports started coming forward of people seeing this monster in the 1990s.

It is described as being the size of a monkey or chimpanzee. It hops like a kangaroo and some people say it has wings.

It has large glowing red eyes and a tongue like a snake. It also is supposed to have very large, sharp teeth.

The Chupacabra is said to attack farm animals such as chickens, rabbits and goats. Some farmers say that it doesn’t eat the animals but sucks their blood.

This creature has been sighted in Mexico, Texas and some countries in South America. So what is this strange creature?

Most people think that ifs a normal animal that people either couldn’t see completely or just a scary story. This monster makes a good story even if it isn’t real. Who knows?

04. The Jersey Devil

There is a part of New Jersey that is mostly forest. It’s called the Pine Barrens and this is where the Jersey Devil has been seen by some people.

The creature was first seen in the 1700’s and more than 2,000 people say they have seen the monster since then. When people see the monster, they report different descriptions of what it looks like.

Most of those who have seen it say it has a face like a horse. They say it has a long neck, wings that are about 2 feet long and long thin back legs. Its normally reported to be around 3 to 4 feet tall. It also is said to walk on its back legs.

In many ways, the Jersey Devil seems to be very similar to the Chupacabra. It is supposed to have caused many animal deaths. Some people say they were scared and ran in panic when they saw the creature.

No matter what it really is, there does seem to be some kind of creature that is scaring people in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey.

05. Mothman

In 1966, hundreds of people in West Virginia said they saw a large winged creature that looked human like. This is what came to be called Mothman.

The people who said they saw it gave a description which was much the same. They reported that it had huge wings that were 10 feet across, was around 7 feet tall and had red eyes that glowed.

They also said that it was able to fly straight up at a very high speed. It liked to eat large dogs and squealed like a very loud mouse.

Two young couples were the first to report it in 1966. They said it was a large flying man with 10 foot wings and glowing red eyes. Two volunteer firemen who saw it said it was a large bird with red eyes.

A bridge fell down in 1967 near where the Mothman was reported being seen. Many people were killed when the bridge collapsed. Very few Mothman sightings have been reported since the bridge fell.

Some UFO believers think the Mothman is an alien. Other people think it’s an unknown animal. Many people think it’s just a heron or other large bird.

The town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia has a Mothman Festival every year. There is a 12-foot statue of the creature in the town also. A Mothman Museum was opened up in 2005. The festival includes a Mothman pancake eating contest. I wonder if Mothman likes pancakes.

06. Dover Demon

A strange creature called the Dover Demon was seen for 2 days in the town of Dover, Massachusetts. Although it was only seen on April 21 and April 22 of 1977, it resulted in serious investigations even though it has not been seen since.

Three young men were the first to report it crawling along a wall in Dover. The creature was described as having a huge watermelon shaped head, long skinny arms and legs and orange eyes.

No nose, ears or mouth was seen. Some people say it made a long high pitched scream.

An investigation was done by 4 men who were well thought of in the area. One of the men was the assistant director of the Boston Science Museum. It was never said what the demon really was as it seemed to disappear after 2 days. It was never reported by anyone again.

In today’s X-COM games, one type of alien, the sectoids are based on the Dover Demon.

07. Skinwalkers

Skinwalkers are part of Native American legends. A skinwalker is a person that can turn into an animal. This is common to many cultures and is also called shapeshifting.

Those that believe say that both men and women can become skinwalkers. It is said that skinwalkers can become coyotes, a wolf, eagle, owl or crow.

The Navajo Indians talk about skinwalkers but usually not with white people. They say that skinwalkers are fast and cannot be caught.

A lady tells a strange story of a skinwalker. She was 20 years old in 1983 while making a trip from Arizona to Wyoming with her parents and brother.

The road they took went through the Navajo Indian reservation. They drove this road at night.

They went around a curve in the road and suddenly had to stop to not drive into a ditch in the road. A hairy creature jumped out of the ditch. It wore a man’s clothes of jeans and a checked shirt.

The creature put long arms on the top of the pickup and stared at the family. Finally, they re-started the car and took off leaving the creature behind.

In the film, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, the Native American warrior Nightwolf was a type of skinwalker that became a wolf.

08. Flatwoods Monster

It is said that the Flatwoods Monster is an alien. It was seen near a UFO that hovered and may have landed in Flatwoods, West Virginia in 1952.

The people who saw it said that it was a giant at least 10 feet tall. The body was similar to a man’s except it had non-human eyes, a reddish glow and a very strange shaped head. It also had long claw-like fingers.

This is what happened in 1952. Three young boys saw a bright object land on a farm near where they lived.

The boys hurried home to tell one of their mothers about what they had seen. The woman, Kathleen May, the boys and a West Virginia National Guardsman went to the farm to investigate.

They walked to the top of a hill and saw a large pulsating object. They then noticed the creature standing under a tree near a space ship. The creature seemed to come towards them and then turned to go to the ship. The group ran away in panic.

Mrs. May contacted the sheriff and the owner of the local newspaper. They went to the site and said there was a sickening, burnt, metallic odor there.

The Director of the local Board of Education said he saw a UFO on the morning after the first sighting. The National Guardsman who had seen the creature and the boys were sick for weeks after the sighting.

Every year there is a festival to celebrate the monster in Flatwoods. The festival goes on for 3 days and includes trips to the site where the monster or alien was seen.

09. The Thunderbird

The Thunderbird is a huge bird-like creature. They are supposed to have features like a lizard or an extinct prehistoric bird called a pterosaur.

The Thunderbird is well known in Native American stories. They say it has a wingspan of from 12 to 18 feet.

A famous story has two cowboys in 1890 killing a Thunderbird. It was said to have wings like a bat and a face like an alligator. The men were supposed to have dragged it to town and pinned the wings stretching all the way across a barn.

There were a series of Thunderbird sightings in the 1940s. Three people spotted what they thought to be a plane and then realized the plane was flapping its wings.

The creature was said to be flying at least 500 feet high. The people who saw it said that it cast a shadow as large as an airplane.

Sightings have been reported in Alaska in 2002. The witnesses said the bird was like something prehistoric out of the movie, Jurassic Park.

10. Giant Squid

The Giant Squid is one creature that is definitely known to exist. It is rarely seen or photographed. They are among the largest living creatures on Earth.

The squid has a body, eight arms and two even longer tentacles. These squids have a very modern nervous system and a very large brain. Scientists are very interested in the Giant Squid.

Females have been found that measure 43 feet long. They feed on smaller fish and other squids. The predator that they must avoid is the sperm whale. The giant squid is one of the sperm whale’s favorite foods.

If s found in all of the oceans and likes to be in the deepest ocean areas. It wasn’t filmed in its natural habitat until 2005. They are not commonly seen.

11. Yeti

The Yeti is also known as the Abominable Snowman. It is ape-like, similar to Bigfoot but smaller. It is generally reported to be over 6 foot but not 8-10-foot-tall like Bigfoot.

The Yeti is supposed to live in the Himalayan Mountains of the countries of Nepal and Tibet. In 1925 a photographer for the English Royal Geographic Society said he saw a creature at 15.000 feet high in the Himalayas. He said he was about 200 yards away and saw it walking on two legs. He and the other scientists saw the creature’s footprints on the way down the mountain.

In the 1950s a few different expeditions tried to find the Yeti. The United States government was quite sure that a Yeti would be found. They created rules for the people on expeditions in case they found a Yeti.

In 2007, Josh Gates from the popular TV show, Destination Truth, reported finding footprints in Nepal resembling descriptions of the Yeti. In 2009, Gates went back to the Himalayas and brought back hair samples. An analyst said the samples were from an unknown animal.

Many movies and television shows have featured the Yeti. Both the Yeti and Bigfoot seem to have many people who claim to have seen them or heard them.

12. Mongolian Death Worm

The Mongolian Death Worm, according to people who say it exists, lives in the Gobi Desert. It is supposed to be bright red with a fat, wide body and is about 5 feet long.

It’s said that the worm releases an acid that will turn whatever it touches yellow. It is said to be so poisonous that just touching it will kill a human instantly.

An expedition set out in 2005 to see if there really was such a creature or whether it was just a They found no evidence that it exists.

There have been other investigations in the last 5 years but no sightings of the creature have been made. In the book, “The Hobbit”, the author mentions the Were-worms in the Last Desert. These worms were supposed to have been modeled after the Death Worm.

The movie Tremors is about a worm-like creature which attacks animals and humans. It is based on the Mongolian Death Worm also.

13. Vampires

Vampires are known to exist in legend in many cultures. According to legend they live by drinking the blood of the living. In this way they become immortal or they can live forever.

In the 1700’s in Europe it was widely believed that vampires did exist. Some people were accused of being vampires.

The basis of the vampire story came from the author Bram Stoker’s novel from 1897, “Dracula”. This lead directly to the popularity of vampire movies, books and TV shows that we see today.

One of the typical vampire stories in history comes from Croatia in 1656. A man died and people in the village said he had come back from the dead. They said he was drinking blood from living people. The village leader ordered that a stake be put through his heart after he was dug up. That didn’t seem to work so they cut his head off. Apparently that did the trick.

Another story is about a man in Germany who died in the early 1700’s. He had supposedly been bitten by a vampire when he was a young man.

After he died, other people in the village died. It was then thought that the deaths were caused by the man coming back taking the blood of the villagers.

There actually was a lot of panic going on in Europe at that time because of this belief in vampires. People seemed to believe in vampires rather than look on disease as the cause of death.

In the United States in the 1700’s there were many who believed in the possible cause of death being vampires. It was thought that people who died of Tuberculosis came back and gave it to other family members.

Believe it or not, there are still places in the world where people believe in vampires. In the country of Romania in 2004, a man died and his family thought he was a vampire. They actually dug him up and put a stake through his heart.

Some of the movies about vampires have been very good. The Dracula movies made in the 1930 s were very well-made and still are exciting today.

“Brain Stoker’s Dracula” was a movie that came out in 1992. It was well done and exciting. Even though most people know that Dracula and vampires are not real, there is still a lot of interest and fascination with the vampire story.

Are Any of These Mysterious Creatures Real?

The only one of the creatures in this post that is definitely real is the giant squid. However, at one time it was thought that this squid was a myth. Then it was discovered.

Vampires don’t exist and there is no doubt about that. You are probably wondering, “What about the other creatures in this post?”

I feel like the one creature that is most likely to exist is Bigfoot. There are so many people that claim to have seen a Bigfoot that it seems very possible.

The chance that the other creatures are real is very doubtful. But it’s fun to wonder about them. I think it would be very cool if Bigfoot is found. Maybe we can learn something from him.

I really like the fact that kids have open minds. Next time you go camping in the forest, keep your eyes open. You never know what you might see.

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