9 Mysterious People of the World

There are many mysteries that are still unsolved. Even with all of the scientific advances in the last 50 years, life still contains many unknowns. Is Bigfoot real? Are UFO’s really from outer space or is there another explanation? What about strange creatures that people claim to have seen?

Sometimes the strangest mysteries of all are about people. This post is about people that did strange or unexplained things. Other people had lives that were mysterious.

Keep an open mind and have fun learning about some of the strangest and most mysterious people that have lived on this planet.

01. Wolf Messing

 Wolf Messing was born in Poland in 1899. Some people consider him the greatest psychic of all time.

A Psychic is a person with a sixth sense. The normal five senses are: seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling.

A sixth sense means being able to sense things that most people are unable to do. This includes predicting that something will happen, intuition or having a feeling about an event which will take place, dreaming something will happen or has happened and it becomes true.

Some psychics claim they can see things happening far away in their mind. Other psychics have been used by the police to help solve crimes or find missing people.

Wolf Messing realized he had psychic abilities as a boy. As a young man he moved to Berlin, Germany and continued to develop his psychic abilities. He had a stage act in which he read people’s minds and he became well known throughout Europe.

He traveled to Vienna, Austria and met the famous psychiatrist, Sigmund Freud. Freud tested him in an apartment. Freud had the thought in his mind that he wanted Messing to go to the bathroom and pick up and bring back tweezers. Messing did exactly that.

Freud talked about the incident years later and said, “If I had my life to live over again, I would devote it to Psychic Research”

In 1938, Wolf Messing predicted the death of Adolf Hitler, the dictator of Germany. He said that if Hitler looked to the East, meaning attacking Russia, he would die soon after.

The evil Hitler became angry when he heard this. He put a reward out for the capture of Messing. Messing was captured but escaped. He said he managed to escape because of his psychic ability.

This prediction came true a few years later when Hitler and Germany attacked Russia. The German army was defeated and forced to return to Germany. The war then started turning against Germany and Hitler died 3 years later.

Messing escaped to Russia and predicted that Russian tanks would roll into Berlin, Germany. At the end of World War 2, this is exactly what happened. Shortly after this, Hitler committed suicide.

Wolf Messing said about his psychic powers: “People’s thoughts come to me as pictures. I usually see images of an action or place. I put myself into a state of relaxation. Then I can pick up just about any thought. If I touch the person sending the message, it helps me sort out the thought being sent. But physical contact isn’t necessary for me.”

Wolf Messing died suddenly and mysteriously in 1974. This man lived a very interesting and mysterious life.

02. Arnold Paole

In the 1700s in Europe, many people believed in the existence of vampires. They were seen as a major problem for society.

Arnold Paole claimed that he had a strange incident with a vampire when he was a young man and was in the military around 1700. He returned home to Serbia after getting out of the military. Serbia is a country in Eastern Europe.

In 1726 he died in an accident and was buried in the local graveyard. About a month after he was buried, local people began reporting that they were seeing Arnold Paole alive. These same people turned up dead for unknown reasons some time later.

A group of so called experts dug Arnold’s body up. They said that his body had all the marks of a vampire. The skin was perfect as if he was still alive and he had fresh blood.

So they decided to “kill the beast” which they thought Paole had become. They used the traditional stake in the chest and garlic. They also did the same thing to the villagers that had died after seeing Paole.

It was said that 17 deaths were caused by Paole and other vampires in the area. There was general fear and panic in the small village by the superstitious townspeople.

This story was published in England in the London Journal in 1732. The newspaper said that vampires were drinking the blood of the living in Eastern Europe and Hungary.

03. Walter Haut

Walter Haut was involved with one of the most important UFO events in history. That event was the Roswell crash of July 1947.

Haut was the public information officer for the 509th Bomb Group based in Roswell, New Mexico.

On July 8,1947, Haut was ordered by the base commander, Colonel William Blanchard to issue a press release to the public. This press release said that the U.S. Air Force had recovered a crashed “flying disc” from a nearby ranch.

The next day the Air Force changed its story and said that there had been no UFO, but instead it was a weather balloon. This became known as the “Roswell incident”.

Walter Haut was a good friend of the base commander, Blanchard and promised him that he wouldn’t talk about what he knew of the incident while he lived.

Haut began talking in interviews about the Roswell incident in the 1980s. As the years went by he made it obvious he knew more than he would admit about the Roswell incident.

He said in many early interviews that what was found definitely wasn’t a weather balloon and that he believed it was a UFO. He then would end the interview by saying, “Just don’t ask me why!”

In 2002, Walter Haut signed an affidavit with legal witnesses and said that it could not be opened until after his death. Haut died in 2005.

The affidavit says that Commander Blanchard took him to Hangar 84 at Roswell Air Base and showed him alien bodies and the crashed ship that the air force had recovered the day before. The air force then flew the ship and bodies to the nearby Fort Worth Air Force Base the next day.

Haut also said that he attended a meeting that day with his friend, Commander Blanchard, General Roger Ramey and a few other officers. It was decided at that meeting that the story would be changed to a weather balloon instead of a flying saucer. Ramey hinted this was what the Pentagon officers wanted.

This is an amazing story and Walter Haut truly was part of an incredible mystery, the Roswell Incident.

04. D.B. Cooper

D.B. Cooper was the name given to one of the most famous airplane hijackers of all time. The name he gave when buying his flight ticket was the alias Dan Cooper, but through a reporter’s mistake he has been known as D.B. Cooper.

Cooper bought a ticket to fly from Portland, Oregon to Seattle, Washington, on November 24, 1971. Shortly after the 727 took off, Cooper passed a note to a flight attendant.

The note said that Cooper was hijacking the plane and that he had a bomb in his briefcase. The attendant asked to see it and he showed her what looked like a small bomb. This was before the security that is now in place for anyone traveling on an airplane.

He demanded $200,000, four parachutes and a fuel truck in Seattle to refuel the aircraft when it arrived there. The pilot contacted Seattle air traffic control and told them about Cooper and his demands.

When the plane landed, Cooper was given the money and the parachutes. He then let all of the passengers and two of the flight attendants get off of the plane.

The plane then took off again headed for Reno, Nevada and eventually Mexico according to Cooper’s wishes. Then it happened.

Twenty minutes after the plane took off at around 8:00 PM, the warning light flashed in the cockpit telling the crew that the rear stairs had been activated. That meant that the stairs at the rear of the plane were down while the plane was in flight.

At 8:13 the crew noticed that the plane’s tail section made a sudden upward movement. This was when D.B. Cooper jumped off the stairs and parachuted into the night with $200,000.

The plane landed in Reno two hours later and a search of the plane was done by the FBI. It was clear that Cooper was gone with the money.

It was believed that Cooper had jumped out of the plane somewhere over Southern Washington. However, it was very difficult to know exactly where he got out and where he would have landed.

The man called D.B. Cooper was never found. The FBI says that he probably died when he bailed out of the plane or when he hit the ground. Nobody has ever been found.

In 1978 a placard with instructions for lowering the rear stairs of a 727 aircraft was found by a deer hunter near a logging road near Castle Rock, Washington.

In 1980 an eight-year-old boy name Brian Ingram was vacationing with his family on the Columbia River. Brian found three packets of the ransom money still bundled in rubber bands. The FBI said this was definitely part of the money given to D.B. Cooper.

There have been many suspects over the years, but none were arrested for the hijacking. One man was convinced that his late brother, Kenneth Christiansen, was D.B. Cooper.

The TV series, Brad Meltzer’s Decoded, also talked about Kenneth Christiansen and evidence that linked him to being D.B. Cooper. The FBI doesn’t think that Christiansen is a serious suspect however.

There were over 10 hijackings in the year following D.B. Cooper’s takeover of the 727. None of these were successful, although a few people did succeed in parachuting with ransom money. They were arrested shortly after they reached the ground.

One of the results of the D.B. Cooper hijacking was more security at airports and for those flying as passengers. This has made plane hijackings very rare.

Whether D.B. Cooper was actually successful or not, the story is interesting and the fact a body has never been found makes this man without a doubt one of the most mysterious people.

05. Green Children of Woolpit

The Green Children of Woolpit is a mystery involving two children, brother and sister. They showed up in the village of Woolpit in England in the 12th century. The children were normal looking except their skin was green.

They spoke in an unknown language and they would only eat beans. The people in the village had no idea where the two children had come from and it was unusual at that time for children to just “show up”.

They both began used to the food in the village and eventually lost their green color. The boy died not too long after they arrived at the village.

The girl learned to speak English and told the villagers that her and her brother had come from a place called St. Martin’s Land. She said it was an underground world where all the people are green.

Modem explanations vary from those who believe they came from middle earth to those who say they were extraterrestrials. The most accepted theory is that the children’s parents died during one of the civil wars taking place at the time.

They may have lived in the Flemish village of Fornham St. Martin. After losing their parents, they may have wandered to the nearby village of Woolpit. The green color can be explained by “green sickness” which is the result of a poor diet. The green color goes away when the diet improves.

However, the children stayed with a nobleman, Richard de Caine, who was very educated. It seems strange that he wouldn’t recognize the language they were speaking, if they came from a village not that far away.

This event of the green children will never be explained completely and remains a mystery

06. Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce was born in Kentucky in 1877. He has been called the “sleeping prophet” and the most famous psychic of the 20th century.

Cayce gave psychic readings while in an unconscious state for more than 40 years of his adult life. He diagnosed illnesses and talked about lives that people lived in the past and of things yet to come in the future.

Cayce’s psychic abilities appeared at a very young age. He was able to see and talk to his late grandfather’s spirit and often played with imaginary friends who he said were spirits on the other side.

He also had the ability to memorize a book by sleeping on it. People said that young Edgar was strange.

Later in life, Cayce found that he had the ability to put himself into a sleep-like state by lying down on a couch, closing his eyes, and folding his hands over his stomach. While in this state of relaxation he answered people’s questions.

These questions might be “What is my purpose in life?” or “What can I do to help my arthritis?” His answers were called “readings”.

At a young age, Cayce made a vow to read the Bible at least once for every year that he lived. At the time of his death in 1945, he had done just that. When people asked Edgar how they could become more psychic, he told them to become more spiritual.

Hundreds of books have been written about his readings and his life. In 1945 who could have known that terms that Cayce used such as “meditation”, “spiritual growth”, “auras”, “soul mates”, and “holistic health” would become commonly used in our own times.

Most of Edgar Cayce’s readings have to do with holistic health and the treatment of illness. Many people through the years say they have found relief thanks to his readings.

Cayce’s readings weren’t only about health issues however. 10,000 different topics were actually discussed over the years.

He talked about health related information, philosophy and reincarnation, dreams and what dreams mean, ESP and psychic information and spiritual growth, meditation and prayer.

Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment is very active today and located in Virginia Beach. Virginia.

07. The Man in the Iron Mask

You may have seen or heard of the recent movie, “The Man in the Iron Mask”. There really was a man in the iron mask.

A prisoner by the name of Eustache Dauger was arrested in France in 1670 and was a prisoner in a number of jails until he died in 1703. Many books have been written about this man and who he might really have been. No one actually saw his face because it was hidden by a mask of black velvet cloth.

The mystery is still being argued today as to who this man really was. Why was he forced to wear the mask? It was said that he was told if he removed the mask he would be killed.

There are many theories about who the prisoner was. The famous French writer, Voltaire, claimed that the prisoner was the son of royalty. He said that he was the brother of the King of France at that time, Louis the 14th.

The writer Alexandre Dumas said that the prisoner was the identical twin of King Louis the 14th. Another theory is that the prisoner was the father of King Louis.

Some people say that he wasn’t anyone special at all but just a soldier who had at one time embarrassed the king. There are many opinions about this man’s identity.

The fact is that in 1670, one of the top advisors to King Louis appointed a man named Benigne Saint-Mars to be the prisoner’s jailer. Saint-Mars remained his jailer until his death 33 years later. Saint-Mars traveled with the prisoner to 5 or 6 different prisons as the government kept sending him to different prisons.

This seems like a strange thing to do for a common prisoner. However, the real question is why the mask? The mask makes the idea that he was the King’s identical twin seem quite possible.

Many books and films based on the story have been written and produced. The mystery remains unsolved to this day. No matter who the man really was, this strange tale makes for a great story.

08. Grigori Rasputin the Mad Monk

Grigori Rasputin was a mysterious man who claimed to have holy powers. He was born in 1869 in Russia.

At the age of 23, Rasputin left his wife and children and lived in a religious monastery for around a year. This is how he later got the nickname, the mad monk.

For years Rasputin wandered around Russia and was thought to be a religious holy man and a pilgrim. He was also believed to be psychic and a faith healer. A faith healer is someone believed to have the power of healing and the healing relies on faith.

He was introduced to Tsar Nicholas the 2nd and his wife Alexandra in 1905. The Tsar in Russia is like a king. He becomes Tsar based on his family. Nicholas family had been in power for 300 years in Russia.

In 1907 the Tsar and his wife invited Rasputin to come and try to help their Son, Alexei. Alexei had been injured and this had caused painful bleeding.

What was kept a secret was the fact that Alexei had the disease, hemophilia. Hemophilia is a disease that is also known as the bleeding disease. People that suffer from this disease can die from a nosebleed or a tiny cut. They don’t have the blood cells that are necessary to stop the body from bleeding.

The doctors said that there was nothing that they could do and the boy would probably die. The Tsar and his wife decided to call Rasputin to the palace to see if he could help the boy. They had heard that he had successfully performed healings.

In spite of the doctor’s prediction that the boy would die, on the next day he showed signs of recovery and the pain was almost gone. The Tsar’s wife was convinced that Rasputin had holy healing powers.

In 1912, the boy Alexei was having another bleeding spell and not expected to live through the next day. The boy’s desperate mother sent a telegram to Rasputin who was in Siberia almost 2500 miles away.

The next day, Rasputin sent a telegram to the Tsar’s wife telling her that the boy will not die. Alexei then stopped bleeding and seemed to heal.

Rasputin then was called to live near the royal family so that he would be available to help their young son. Rasputin then took advantage of his relationship with the Tsar’s wife to increase his own power.

Many of the ruling class in Russia were very jealous of Rasputin and his influence over the Tsar and his wife. There were assassination attempts made to kill Rasputin.

In 1916 Czar Nicholas was deciding rather or not Russia would involve itself in World War I. Rasputin warned the Czar that if Russia entered the war, it would result in revolution and the end of the Czars and their dynasty.

Czar Nicholas decided that Russia would enter the war and the result was disaster. Russia lost millions of men and gained nothing.

Meanwhile Rasputin had complete control over the Tsar’s wife and became her main advisor. He was hated by most people outside of the royal family. The Tsar was suspicious of Rasputin and didn’t trust him.

However, he allowed Rasputin to remain a powerful man in government. The reason was that he felt that his wife’s faith in Rasputin kept her hopeful and alive. He felt if he sent Rasputin away and his son died, his wife would blame him for the son’s death. The Tsar was in a tough spot.

In December 1916, Rasputin was invited to a dinner party by 4 young military officers. One of these men was related to the Tsar.

They planned to poison him at the dinner. He ate poisoned breads. It seemed that the poison didn’t bother him. He continued to drink and party with the other men after dinner.

The men then decided to beat him with heavy pieces of iron. That didn’t seem to do it. They then took him outside and shot him. Incredibly, he still lived. Finally, they shoved him into the ice cold river and he drowned. The killers were shaken and wondering if Rasputin was truly a holy man.

No one really knows how Grigori Rasputin was able to ease the young Alexei’s pain and to stop his bleeding. There are many theories, but one thing is for sure: Rasputin was a strange and mysterious man.

09. They Escaped from Alcatraz

Three men escaped from the Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary in June of 1962. These men are part of a mystery since they or their bodies has never been found. The FBI says the case is still open over 50 years later.

Alcatraz Prison is located on Alcatraz Island. The island is located about 1.5 miles from the city of San Francisco, California. The prison opened in 1933 and closed in 1963.

The prison was considered inescapable. During its 30 years as a federal prison there were 14 escape attempts. Most of the escapees were either shot or recaptured.

However, in June of 1962, brothers John and Clarence Anglin and another inmate, Frank Morris escaped. Whether they lived is in doubt.

The three men crawled through holes in their cell walls, they had dug with spoons over a year’s time. They had made dummy heads to fool prison guards when they made their night inspections. The heads worked as the guards didn’t know the three were missing until the following morning.

The ocean currents around the prison are very strong and the water is cold. It was believed that no one could survive the water long enough to make it to the shore.

The escapees made a raft out of rain coats. They made it out of the prison and started paddling the raft towards shore at around 10 PM on June 11, 1962.

Police and the FBI started investigating the following day. The FBI said that the prisoners drowned in the cold waters of the bay while trying to reach the mainland. However, bodies were never found so there is no proof of them drowning.

The FBI said that the plan was for the three men to steal a car and get away once they reached land. They said no stolen cars were reported.

However, in 2011 the National Geographic Channel reported that investigators found footprints on Angel Island leading away from a raft that was found. They also said that a blue Chevrolet had been stolen that night.

In 2011,Bud Morris of Rome, Georgia claimed that he had delivered money to guards before the escape. He also said that he had met up with his cousin. Frank Morris, shortly after the escape. Morris’s daughter also recalls the meeting with Frank Morris at a park in San Diego, California.

Six months later, another Alcatraz inmate, John Paul Scott escaped from the prison and swam to shore where he was captured. The belief that an individual couldn’t survive the waters to make it to the shore was proven not to be true.

Whether these 3 men truly survived is in doubt, but there is no doubt that they are “men of mystery”.


All of these mysterious people have one thing in common. They lived interesting lives and cannot be accused of being boring. Whatever the truth may be about any of them, it is fun knowing that there are still mysteries that science hasn’t solved yet. I hope you enjoyed reading about the strange and mysterious men and women in this post.

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