Top 5 Naruto Characters Who Were Abandoned By Their Villages

Not everyone is lucky and is acknowledged by their villages. We have seen some very unlucky shinobi who were abandoned by their own villages. They were hated and treated very coldy. Furthermore, there were some cases where the villages even tried to kill them. So, today I have made a list of characters who were abandoned by their villages.

05. Fū

We start off with the jinchūriki of the seven tails, Fū. If you have just watched the anime, then you might not know about the true story of Fū. Like almost every other jinchūriki, Fū’s life was very hard. She was loathed by every person of her village. In the anime, it was shown that she received a lot of care from Shibuki, who was the village leader. However, it was actually quite the opposite, Fū was completely abandoned by her village. She developed hate for the human race because of this very reason. Probably, Fū was caught in Part I as no one came to rescue her from the Akatsuki.

04. Pakura


She was a shinobi of Sunagakure. She was known for her scorch releases kekkei genkai. Pakura is also the only known person who possessed this kekkei genkai.

Pakura was also known as the “Hero of Sunagakure” after her valiant efforts in Kirigakure. Soon tragedy struck and she was betrayed by her own village. On her mission to Iwagakure, she was killed by a squad of shinobi. Rasa and higher shinobi of the Sand blamed the Hidden Rock village for her death.

03. Utakata


Utakata was a shinobi of Kirigakure. He was the jinchūriki of the six tails. Utakata used to be a loyal shinobi of Kirigakure. However, he was forced to leave the village because of the villagers. He was detested by every village. This in particular increased during period of the Bloody Mist.

Utakata went away from the village. He tried to control the power of Saiken. Utakata did gain some control over Saiken’s powers. However, he was soon captured by the Akatsuki. Due to being forced out of the village, Utakata was killed before part II.

02. Kimimaro


Kimimaro was the only survivor of the Kaguya Clan. He was born with unique ability called the Shikotsumyaku. The members of his feared him because of his abilities. They only saw him as a weapon of destruction and nothing else.

The villagers locked him up in a cage and only opened him when they needed him for a fight. His village was soon wiped by Kirigakure. The villagers tried to attack Kirigakure but succumbed to their superior power. Kimimaro was the sole survivor of this tragedy. Later, he was taken in by Orochimaru.

01. Sakumo Hatake

Sakumo Hatake

The final character on the list is Sakumo Hatake. He was the father of Kakashi Hatake. Sakumo was actually a highly respected ninja at first. However, things changed for him as he chose to save his comrades over finishing a mission. This caused the village a lot of loss.

Naturally, the villagers began hating Sakumo. Even the people that he saved turned against him. It was very painful for him. Also, he was on the same level as the legendary Sannin. After too much hate, Sakumo finally gave in. He committed suicide as he couldn’t just take the hate anymore.

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