Peggy – The Holocaust Doll

Growing up, Jayne Harris heard much about the paranormal. Both of her parents were interested in the subject matter, and often discussed it with her as she aged from a child to a teenager. Thus, it comes as little surprise that Jayne decided that after earning her psychology degree, she devoted her life to the supernatural.

She began a company called HD Paranormal – an organization that caters exclusively to helping individuals who believe they possess a haunted doll.

Typically, an individual would contact Jayne or one of her employees and discuss the problem. Jayne would then come to their house, gather evidence and try her best to help understand where each doll came from, and the type of energy – or entity – it contained.

Everything changed, however, when Jayne received a large package in the mail…

Inside the package was a doll, and a letter for Jayne.

The Arrival of Peggy

The letter was from the doll’s former owner. The woman said that the doll’s name was Peggy, and that she believed Peggy was causing horrible things to happen to her. At night, the woman would suffer from frightening nightmares. She would wake up, shaking and terrified. Deep in her gut she knew that the doll was somehow related.

She tried to move the doll farther away from her bedroom, but it never helped. She contacted a local priest, and despite the fact that the doll had been cleansed and blessed twice, the problem persisted.

Not long after, she became quite ill and even started to suffer from hallucinations. She felt she had no other choice but to get rid of the doll. Rather than give the doll to some poor unsuspecting victim, she found Jayne’s organization and hoped she would be able to provide answers.

Jayne and her team began a formal investigation into the doll. Peggy looked innocent enough, with bright blue eyes and short blonde hair…and yes she had wreaked havoc on many individuals over the years.

As Jayne and her team began studying the doll, they would post pictures and videos of her online. It wasn’t long before Jayne began receiving messages from people all over the world stating that after viewing a video or photo of Peggy, they began to experience chest pains, nausea and migraines.

Jayne was stunned, especially since she too felt drained and ill after working with the doll.

The letters and emails continued to roll in. A few people reported that while looking at the doll, they experienced brief visions of mental institutions and unethical medical treatments.

Some people’s experiences were negative, but simple. They would experience sharp headaches, or a vague sense of dread that they couldn’t connect with anything in particular going on in their lives.

But some had experiences that were downright chilling…

One woman stated that after opening a photograph of Peggy, her computer froze and the room quickly began to drop in temperature. She started to sense someone else in the room with her, despite being alone in the house. She immediately reached out to Jayne while it was happening and explained what was going on.

Jayne promptly grabbed Peggy, and took her into an empty room. She asked the doll to stop scaring the woman. The woman immediately felt the strange presence leave her home immediately afterwards.

The following day, Jayne received a message from another woman who stated that not long after speaking about Peggy, several lightbulbs burst and she felt something or someone foreign moving about in her house.

Peggy blew up in the media after causing a woman to have a heart attack…

The English woman, who wished to remain anonymous, watched a video of Jayne and Peggy one morning, and promptly went into cardiac arrest. Jayne estimates that she received around eighty messages from people describing negative effects after seeing or speaking about the doll.

Just recently a woman came forward and said that Peggy appeared in her dream. The doll warned her that something was wrong with one of the woman’s cats. The following morning the woman discovered that one of her cats, indeed, was severely ill. Unfortunately, the cat passed away that very day.

More determined than ever to get to the bottom of the issue, Jayne began to enlist the help of mediums. Piecing together the information they provided, it is believed that the spirit of an English woman was trapped within the doll. Born in London in 1946, some of the mediums believed the woman had died of a condition that dealt with chest complications. Oddly enough, they also sensed that the woman had an intense aversion to clowns.

Two other psychics had readings with Peggy and felt she was somehow connected to the Holocaust, and was likely Jewish. This information was further solidified when Jayne and her team conducted a session of automatic writing with the doll, and the words “David” and “star” were brought up. Jayne also felt that Peggy had demonstrated a dislike of a cross necklace her former owner had placed around her neck.

A Most Peculiar Series of Events…

Jayne and her team, along with a series of mediums, conducted several other automatic writing sessions.

In case you are unfamiliar, automatic writing is a term used when a sensitive person attempts to channel messages from a spirit by allowing themselves to write without consciously thinking about what is being written.

During one session, a woman named Lindy felt she was specifically targeted by Peggy. Only a few days prior, Lindy was discussing Peggy on her Facebook page. She noticed that any comment she made that pertained to the doll was duplicated on the page.

At first she thought it was just a glitch…until she noticed that her comments on other pages that dealt with other topics posted normally. But the moment she returned to her own page and mentioned Peggy, the comments would duplicate again. Immediately after, Lindy’s dog began to bark and act agitated beside her. Lindy got an eerie feeling that she wasn’t alone all of the sudden.

She took a deep breath and apologized to Peggy out loud. Her Facebook page immediately began to function normally, and her dog seemed to calm down at once…

Three days after the incident, Lindy watched a video of the doll and suddenly felt the urge to have a conversation she had been putting off for months. Her daughter had been struggling with a bout of mental illness, which had caused much strain within the home. While Lindy normally struggled to discuss the issue with her daughter, she suddenly felt it easy to have a candid conversation with her daughter concerning the issue.

Lindy was unaware that at that very moment an automatic writing session was being conducted with Peggy. Hours after her frank conversation with her daughter had taken place, Lindy went onto Facebook and saw photos that had been taken during the session.

She was shocked to see that in one photograph, Peggy was placed in a chair with a piece of paper, on which the words that had come up in the session were written. They were as follows:





The last two lines were things Lindy herself had said that very day when talking to her daughter.

Peggy, along with many other supposed dolls, all live in Jayne’s house, locked away in her basement. One day, Jayne decided to conduct a writing session by herself with Peggy.

Jayne had jot down several notes then placed the notebook down and left the room for a few minutes. When she returned, Peggy was sitting in the exact place she had left her, however her notebook was perched between two joists in the basement ceiling. Jayne had to have her husband bring the ladder down just so she could retrieve it.

Jayne had taken a picture of her misplaced notebook before Mr. Harris took it down. When she posted the photograph online, many people felt certain that it was Peggy’s way of communicating that she did not wish for Jayne to share information from the session with other people.

While psychics have varying opinions about the spirit within Peggy, all of them have agreed that, whoever she is or was, the spirit is restless, frustrated and she had been severely persecuted while she had been alive.

Today, Jayne continues to work with Peggy and keeps her in the basement of her house. She has been asked numerous times to bring Peggy along to various events and investigations that pertain to the paranormal, however Jayne believes her sessions should remain private for the time being.

She has been sent numerous dolls that are reportedly haunted, but none have ever demonstrated the same level of activity and intensity as Peggy has…

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