Searching for evidence of the legendary Bigfoot monster

In recent years, experts have discovered some traces such as footprints, hair samples, bones, etc. suspected to belong to the legendary Bigfoot monster. However, they have still not found the whereabouts of this mysterious creature.

The Legendary Bigfoot Monster 1
The legendary Bigfoot monster is also known as Sasquatch, one of the most mysterious creatures in the world. It was first reported by people in the 19th century.
The Legendary Bigfoot Monster 2
According to eyewitness descriptions, the Bigfoot monster occasionally appears in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States, the cold and desolate forests of Alaska (USA), and the western part of Canada.
The Legendary Bigfoot Monster 3
Bigfoot is described as having a massive stature, standing approximately 2-2.5 meters tall and weighing around 200 kilograms. Its entire body is covered in thick, dark fur.
The Legendary Bigfoot Monster 4
This mysterious creature often leaves behind large footprints measuring approximately 60 cm in length and 20 cm in width.
The Legendary Bigfoot Monster 5
From there, scientists have conducted various investigations and surveys in an attempt to find clues to prove the existence of Bigfoot and discover the creature’s habitat.
The Legendary Bigfoot Monster 6
As a result, they have found some evidence believed to be hair, feces, hair samples, bones, and more, which are thought to belong to the Bigfoot monster.
The Legendary Bigfoot Monster 7
The experts have conducted tests and examinations on these collected specimens. However, many samples have been unable to determine DNA due to contamination caused by environmental conditions.
The Legendary Bigfoot Monster 8
Furthermore, some of these specimens have been found to match known species such as wolves, brown bears, and others. Therefore, they have been determined not to belong to Bigfoot.
The Legendary Bigfoot Monster 9
Despite the lack of specific evidence to conclusively prove the existence of the Bigfoot monster, many explorers and hunters continue to search for this elusive creature.