Startled by a Fish with Human-like Teeth

The saltwater triggerfish, known for its human-like teeth, is famous for its “annoying behavior” of using its teeth to “nibble” on underwater creatures.

Saltwater Fish 1
Recently, a person fishing in Malaysia caught a peculiar fish and posted a picture of it on social media.
Saltwater Fish 2
The image of a fish with teeth resembling those of a human is attracting thousands of people’s attention, sparking debates about its unidentified species.
Saltwater Fish 3
According to Rakyat Post, this is a saltwater triggerfish species commonly known as a “Triggerfish,” scientifically referred to as Balistidae. It is widespread throughout Malaysia.
Saltwater Fish 4
These fish are also known as “Picasso Fish” due to their vibrant and eye-catching appearance. They feature broad, colorful diagonal stripes in black, blue, and orange, extending from their dorsal fin down to their anal fin. The unique pattern of yellow stripes running from the mouth to the end of the anal fin adds to their distinctiveness.
Saltwater Fish 5
They typically inhabit tropical and subtropical coastal waters worldwide and have a tendency to select territories. They then use rocks, coral, and other materials to construct their own kingdoms.
Saltwater Fish 6
Saltwater triggerfish typically feed on squid, clams, small fish, and crustaceans, which helps to develop their teeth. These fish also produce vocalizations and sometimes emit a series of unintelligible sounds.
Saltwater Fish 7
According to National Geographic, these peculiar toothy fish are notorious for their “annoying behaviors.”
Saltwater Fish 8
They utilize their long, flexible jaws and powerful teeth to “tease” sea urchins, crabs, and other marine creatures.
Saltwater Fish 9
In addition, they are known to attack divers with bites that can puncture diving suits.
Saltwater Fish 10
Triggerfish are not the only species of fish that have teeth resembling those of humans.
Saltwater Fish 11
Additionally, Pacu, a South American freshwater fish, is also famous for its block-shaped, straight teeth that bear a striking resemblance to human teeth.
Saltwater Fish 12
A vibrant saltwater triggerfish swimming gracefully underwater.