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Top 7 Strongest Swordsmen In The World Of One Piece

Today we will talk about Top 7 Strongest Swordsmen in the world of One Piece. One Piece is one of the biggest (still expanding) anime in today thanks to Eiichiro Oda great wide mind. They have already 800+ chapters in manga and 750+ episodes.

P.S: This list is based on swordplay only.

07. Shiryu/Shiliew of the Rain


A Swordsman who is believed to hail from Wano. Shiryu was actually given the task to deal with Blackbeard by Magellan and also bested Vista during the battle against the Whitebeard Pirates after Marineford. Shiliew assisted Teach and ultimately decided to join his crew. He is currently the Captain of the Second Ship of the Blackbeard Pirates.

06. Issho Fujitora

Issho Fujitora

Fujitora is a Marine Admiral , He was conscripted into the Marines through a World Military Draft during the two-year timeskip. The blind Swordsman has dueled with Sabo and casually beat 2nd Gear Luffy. He also has shown great skill and mastery with his sword and has also clashed with Jack and won offscreen. There’s more to come for the Blind Swordsman.

05. Shogun of Wano

Shogun of Wano

This man will probably clash with Zoro and is one of the strongest Swordsman in Wano. Because Wano is literally a Country of Swordsman, that really should speak to his skill. The Shogun will probably be incredibly powerful because Oda doesn’t just make Kings and leading figures weak , For the most part I believe he will be Zoro’s next challenge and will push Zoro to his limit. Currently he’s above Zoro as a swordsman.

04. Gorosei Elder

Gorosei Elder

This elder fought in the great war and Probably during the Void Century, and sits atop the World currently. His old age is probably what restricts him, but I believe at One Point in time(maybe before Rayleigh and after Ryuuma) he may have been the World’s Greatest Swordsman. There is very little known about him, but he does carry a Cursed Kitetsu sword just like Zoro.

03. Silvers Rayleigh

Silvers Rayleigh

The former World’s Greatest Swordsman before Mihawk. Rayleigh is Roger’s right-hand Vice Captain and has also clashed with the likes of Kizaru at an old age to a standstill. Rayleigh is also a Haki Master and has incredible feats such as swimming across the Grand Line without a ship.

02. Shanks


Before losing his arm, SHANKS dueled daily with Dracule Mihawk (World’s Greatest Swordsman, and their duels shook the Grand Line. Shanks doesn’t seem to have dropped off in strength all too much, but Mihawk refuses to duel him now that he has lost an arm. Nonetheless, SHANKS doesn’t fear a duel with Mihawk.

01. Dracule Mihawk

Dracule Mihawk

Besides having the title of the current World’s Greatest Swordsman, beating Dracule is coveted as a goal by all swordsman seeking to be the greatest. He hasn’t really had a challenge since SHANKS lost his arm and promises Zoro he’ll sit at the top until Zoro becomes strong enough to challenge him.

Do you agree to my list? I you think there is missing on the list please leave a comment. Thank you for reading…

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