Top 10 Sunny And Warm Places In October (More Summer Please)

Do you want summer back now? See 10 sites offering warmth, sunshine and summer in the middle of autumn, from southern France to Bali.

Autumn: That’s it. The summer is over. You’ve had enough sun now, so now it’s back to school, finish, and finale – off. But hey, wait, do summer to finish quite as brutally?! No, it does not.

We have found 10 great places where the sun shines merrily and fine in October – that’s traveling in all price levels. Get ideas from southern France to Seychelles – or go all the way and slipped to Bali!

01. Nice, France

The average temperature in October: 21 °C

Sunny Warm Places

October is the perfect time to slip to southern France – the hordes of tourists go home on the last day of August, the beaches are back in the sun – waiting for you. Mediterranean waves are still warm in October (20 °C on average), and the sun is not as scorching as in July and August – but still warm. Enjoy the quieter beach, go for a dejiig stroll on the 4 km long promenade des Anglais – if you feel more energetic, rent a paddleboard (with eg Glisse Evasion) and rod you sliding way across the water. Although you probably start to be tumbling over the water, if we are honest but fun it is. And Nice has many more adventures.

02. Ibiza, Spain

The average temperature in October: 23 °C

Warm Places

Top-party-time in dansemekkaet the Mediterranean are maybe over for this year, but October has other benefits: End Celebrations! Throughout September and early October brought together the island’s clubs to sack the last huge party-crashing before they close for the winter. It’s time to party as if tomorrow does not exist, with your hands and surrender to Dj’ernes magic. Check Ibiza Calendar 2015 for details of the line ups at the end celebrations, but before going to party-turbo mood, find yourself a beautiful beach to recharge – or rest on while the hangover dunking loose. If you’ve already been to Ibiza this year, but has not finished partying, so we have some of the best European night clubs for you right here.

03. Santorini, Greece

The average temperature in October: 24 °C

October is the ideal time to visit the Greek island of Santorini on: the restaurants are still open and ferries still, but the piles of tourists are reduced – and it provides a quieter atmosphere to enjoy the beautiful sunsets in. Santorini offers some exceptional views when the sun goes to bed behind the volcanic horizon, and transforms the whitewashed houses to the enchanting works in red and gold. Take up to the ruins of the old castle at the village of Ola and see the amazing view beyond the round blue roofs on the city’s churches, or dive into your wallet and invest in a sunset cruise on a yacht. See Santorini Sailing for details: a semi­private cruise costs about 150 euros.

04. Palermo, Italy

The average temperature in October: 20 °C

Sunny Places

Sicily is still quite scorchio in October, so now is the perfect time to experience Palermo’s charming faded grandeur. The city’s cathedral is totally unique: it was built between the 12th and 18th centuries, and its construction time the city’ was invaded by several different rulers, who have all left their mark on the cathedral’s construction – so it’s actually a little exciting stew of style Species: Arabic, Byzantine, Gothic and Baroque style is all smoked pot to create this beautiful and unusual cathedral. There are even inscriptions from the Koran. Palermo offers incredible things, such catacombs filled with skeletons and mummies. Yes, it is true. Read more in our guide.

05. Malta

The average temperature in October: 21 °C

Sunny Warm Places

With no forests or mountains to give a little break from the unit, so keep Malta heat, everywhere. But since you are almost always near the water, then you are only a havdyp from being cooled slightly. And the coast is full of beautiful things to explore. The Blue Lagoon on Comino Island is a great place with brand turquoise water, and the Blue Grotto on the south coast of the Malta are almost even more amazing – the combination of sunshine and the flouruscerende flora in the cave create picturesque shades of blue. Hence the name Malta is also known for its “role” in many films, including in Game of Thrones successful series.

06. Seychelles

The average temperature in October: 26 °C

Sunny Warm Places

Bang: Right in the middle of the Indian Ocean, we find Seychelles island group counts all 115 stunning islands. Number one on the list of to-do’s on a trip to the Seychelles is of course to go to the beach – and there are endless possibilities for beach walks to choose from. Virtually every island is perfect surrounded by fine ribbon of white sand, but especially Anse Source d’Argent on La Digue, Anse Georgette on Praslin and Beau Vallon on Mahé is dazzling. With all this endless and generous perfect sand understand well that Seychelles is known as one of the world’s best destinations for honeymoons.

A direct flight from Denmark takes about 10 hours – but once you are promoting, then all you have to accustom yourself to the perfect island life at the perfect island with the perfect beach. Added perfect delights, perfect cocktails and the perfect brown summer glow, hard work!

07. Marrakech, Morocco

The average temperature in October: 26 °C

Sunny Warm Places

Marrakech is not close to the beach, but there are plenty of other ways to relax on – right in the middle of the friendly chaos that reigns in this North-African city. If you actually survive taxi ride from the airport, then take directly to the city’s luxury hammams and pamper yourself while you’re alive. Enjoy a wonderful steam bath, then lubricate you into ghassoul (a black soap, made from natural mineral clay) and then scrubbed every cm of your body with a kessa (a kind of rough glove). It is more relaxing than it sounds – and you will feel cleaner and smoother than ever in your entire life. Les Bains de Marrakech Hammam de La Rose is a few good suggestions for hammams to visit.

08. Austin, Texas, USA

The average temperature in October: 24 °C

Sunny Warm Places

Yeehaw! Yes, you may well find in Austin, but this is far more than oil barons and cowboy atmosphere here. In October is hurricane season past in the Caribbean Sea, so you can safely relax and enjoy the amazing weird and unique atmosphere of this extraordinary city. Austin is a city that offers an exceptionally rich culture, creativity and music. Visit 6th Street and see artists perform, or plan your visit so you hit one of the many legendary festivals – see here an overview of Austin’s teeming festival offer, all year round. You get dizzy: Austin Festivals Year Round.

09. Bali, Indonesia

The average temperature in October: 27 °C

Sunny Warm Places

Bali is not like the rest of Indonesia. First, the islanders Hindus instead of Muslims, and every morning you will see that doorstep, beaches and temples are festively decorated with intricate Canang sari – it’s daily offerings to the supreme god in Indonesian Hinduism, and is made by carefully folding two leaves around various natural gifts, it can be nuts, limes, flowers and tobacco.

It’s a big part of Bali’s culture to feel very close to nature and the spiritual world. This can be seen most clearly in Ubud, the spiritual heart of Bali. Here you can see traditional Balinese dance, you can go on herbal hiking or simply participate in a bike ride, where one explores “the true Bali” not only as a beach paradise.

10. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The average temperature in October: 32 °C

Sunny Warm Places

Yes. that’s right, 32 °C in October. Wow! Dubai is outside any competition the warmest place in the autumn sun-list, and it’s actually better to visit the place in October than in August – in August is Dubai as high as brain-consumable 36 °C. As you’ve probably figured out, then Dubai’s inhabitants good control of air conditioning, so you can get lovely cool breaks at restaurants and shopping centers. And since 2005, Dubai has seen a 22,500 m2 large ski area (yes, skiing!) Ski Dubai. The place is open most days yet. 10 to 01 at night – the hall is about 400 kr. The site has an even temperature of 4 °C. It’s not every day but can go skiing in the desert – although it flying to a warm place for skiing maybe a little destroys the purpose of our list. But then you take the beach. Dubai has plenty to offer besides sun and skiing, among others the world’s tallest building.

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