13 Most Popular Terrier Breeds in the World

The Terrier Breeds

Terrier breeds were originally bred as a small working dog. They went down a hole in the ground to chase the pests – foxes, rabbits, rats – up for the working dog to deal with. Generally, if a dog has the word terrier in its breed name, then it falls into the terrier category. However, there are dogs that don’t have terrier in the breed name that are also classified as terriers.

01. The Cesky Terrier

This is an intelligent, obedient and combative dog, making him attached to the owner (country of origin Czech Republic).

Physical traits – This terrier dog’s body is long with short limbs, fairly similar to the Sealyham terrier. The head is elongated, with a straight profile, the dark- brown colored eyes, the ears are hanging alongside the head. The straight back, muscular, narrow loins, deep chest, slightly sucked abdomen. The limbs are short, with a solid skeleton, straight and parallel. The body weight ranges from 6-9 kilo- grams.

Effectiveness – Used for harassing the small chase at the same time a good guardian and a pleasant companion.

02. The Miniature Schnauzer

These terrier breeds aggressive toward strangers or other animals but attached and playful with the master and their family (country of origin Germany).

Physical traits – Small-sized dog with an elongated head, strong jaws, dark colored eyes, and ears cut pointy and worn elevated. The back is short, wide and muscular loins. The limbs are straight, muscular with an aspect of “columns”. The tail is cut at one-two vertebras. The hair is harsh and thick, longer on the ocular arcades and the cheeks, shortened by trimming on the body. The color can be black, gray or bicolor with silver extremities. The body weight ranges from 5-6 kilograms.

Effectiveness – In the past these terrier dogs was used for exterminating the small rodents, but presently they became an attractive companion.

03. The German Hunt Terrier

Explosive temper, aggressive, always in the humor for fighting, hardened, but at the same time balanced, resistant and easy to train (country of origin Germany).

Physical traits – The head is fairly large, flat, lean, with round dark colored eyes, the “V” shaped ears are worn fallen toward the front. The muscular back, wide and elongated toward the tight loins, form along with these and the croup a straight line, slightly descendant. The chest is deep and wide, and the abdomen sucked. The relatively short limbs, with a strong skeleton, are muscular. The tail, well attached, is worn more vertically. The thick hair is harsh, even wiry. The body weight ranges from 7-12 kilograms.

Effectiveness – These terrier dogs are good at tracking the chase.

04. The West Highland White Terrier

These terrier breeds are Courageous, intelligent, bold and attached to the owner (country of origin Scotland).

Physical traits – a small dog with short legs, long and muscular body. The head is big with angular jaws and straight profile. The stop is deep. The snout is black, and the eyes are dark brown. The ears are small, pointy and erect. The muscular neck, straight back and not too wide, well dressed in muscles loins. The short limbs with small and round paws, straight and parallel. The short tail is worn vertically. Has thick medium sized, harsh trimmed hair. The color is white. The body weight ranges from 7-10 kilograms.

Effectiveness – Good at hunting rabbits and foxes, equally passionate in tracing and exterminating the rodents. A pleasant companion too.

05. The Wirehaired Fox Terrier

A good companion dog with good personalities towards other dogs. He is submissive to his master and much attached to his owner (country of origin –United Kingdom).

Physical traits – His head is elongated in the shape of a peg. The length of his hair is long and the texture is wirier. In movement, he has to launch himself firmly forward, the anterior limbs to move in the vertical and parallel position. The propulsion is given by the posterior limbs. This type of movement have only those specimens gifted with long haunches, well angulated and muscular legs, knees un-diverted from the movement plan of the limbs. The body weight ranges from 8-10 kilograms.

Effectiveness – This kind of dog breed nowadays is considered as a good protector and a pet dog.

06. The Smooth Fox Terrier

These terrier dogs are resistant and temperamental dogs. they attacks a stranger without any doubt no matter the size. Attached to the owner and their family (country of origin United Kingdom).

Physical traits – A small dog with an elongated head, in the shape of a peg. Has small ears, fallen toward the front and the fawn colored eves. The back is short and straight, the loins slightly arched, muscular croup and a deep chest. The limbs have a solid skeleton, being straight and parallel. The tail is attached up, cut at two-thirds from his length, and worn vertically. The harsh hair, thick and smooth, is stuck to the body. The robe is white with black or brown spots. The body weight ranges from 7-9 kilograms.

Effectiveness – A typical dog for burrow hunting, he acts well as a surface harasser as well. He is overcalled “the Attila of mice” for the passion of which he hunts small rodents. Nowadays he becomes more and more appreciated as a guardian of the house and a pet dog.

07. The Skye Terrier

Always ready for action, active, balanced, a little stubborn and unfriendly with strangers (country of origin Scotland).

Physical traits – This is a small sized dog. The head makes a splash by the abundant hair and the big ears. The brown eyes are regularly not visible because of the long hair that falls from the forehead until the tip of the muzzle. The body is very long and apparently lied down, because of the reduced length of the limbs and of the hair, 11-14 centimeters long. The worn hanging tail is also dressed in abundant hair. The color of the robe can be gray or blue with black spikes. The body weight ranges from 10-12 kilograms.

Effectiveness – This terrier dog has nowadays become an appreciated pet dog.

08. The Scottish Terrier

These terrier dogs are aggressive and full of temper. Despite all that, they is active and passionate. they are good play friends (country of origin Scotland).

Physical traits – Dog with rectangular body profile, small sized, with short legs. The head is fairly large, has a characteristic rich hair, forming bushy beard and eyebrows. The eves are brown colored. The ears are triangular and worn elevated. The robe is one color; black, grey-iron, with rusty iridescence. The body weight ranges from 8.5-10.5 kilograms.

Effectiveness – These terrier dogs is good dogs for hunting small mammals and foxes.

09. The Irish Terrier

These terrier dogs are aggressive and courageous dogs. Well attached to the owner, resistant and tenacious (country of origin Ireland).

Physical traits – This is a medium sized dog. His head is elongated with an erased stop. Have dark colored eves, the ears orientated forward with a fallen tip. The body profile is quadratic. The limbs are straight and strong. The tail is cut at two-thirds of its length and worn vertically. The hair is wiry. The robe is one color reddish of all shades. The body weight ranges from 11-12 kilograms.

Effectiveness – His first designation was to exterminate the rodents especially the rats, but also to harass and hunt foxes and badgers or other chases. Nowadays, this terrier dog has become more solicited for guarding the houses for recreation.

10. The Airedale Terrier

These terrier breeds are mild-balanced dogs. Easy to train, active and courageous without being waspish (country of origin United Kingdom).

Physical traits – The head is long, with a straight profile or easily rammer like, with small ears, in a “V” shape. The brown eyes are round and small, full of expressivity. Has a long, peg-toped, and muscular neck. The straight and muscular back is appropriately long, giving its body profile a quadratic aspect, the superior line is parallel with the ground, and the inferior one starting from the deep chest, but not too wide, is slightly ascendant in the abdomens region. The limbs have the aspect of a column, having a strong skeleton, and the paws are round, with arched and drawn fingers. The hair, of medium length, is thick, harsh, shorter and smoother on the back head. The color is black; on the neck, back, flanks and the superior face of the tail, brown-yellowish in rest. The body weight ranges from 22-23 kilograms.

Effectiveness – This terrier dog has become a very good watchdog. He is a multilateral dog, the lovers of this breed affirming that there is nothing another dog can do and the Airedale cannot.

11. The Kerry Blue Terrier

These terrier breeds are friendly, active and playful dogs. They are very easy to train, maintain and handle (country of origin Ireland).

Physical traits – The head is elongated in the shape of a peg. The dark-brown colored eyes, deep chest and the abdomen lightly sucked. The straight limbs have the aspect of a column. The long, silky hair is usually cut. The color is blue or dark smoky. The body weight ranges from 17-19 kilograms.

Effectiveness – Watchdog and companion of the herds at the origin, used equally for hunting, he has proved to be a good pet and watchdog.

12. The Bull Terrier

These terrier dogs are courageous with one great character, they are faithful to the master until self-sacrifice (country of origin United Kingdom).

Physical traits – This is a medium sized dog. The elongated head has the shape of an egg, very strong jaws, and massive teeth closed in scissors. The eyes are almond-shaped, oblique and close to each other, being dark colored. The heads profile is straight, slightly ram-like with an inexistent stop. The ears are pointy and worn erect. The neck, as the entire body, is well dressed in muscles. The chest is wide and deep, making the opening between the anterior limbs to be bigger than the one between the posterior limbs. The body weight ranges from 24-30 kilograms.

Effectiveness – these terrier dogs are good watchdogs and can as well be used for bears and boars hunting.

13. The Bedlington Terrier

An intelligent dog, with a pleasant exterior, despite his aspect he is a courageous dog, resistant and even aggressive (country of origin United Kingdom).

Physical traits – A medium sized dog with a proportional head, in pear shape, narrowed toward the top. He has small dark colored eyes, erased stop, medium sized ears, hanging alongside his head, with hair whisks at the tip. Slender neck, with an elegant line, without a collar, a slightly convex back, splayed loins, deep chest and sucked abdomen. The limbs are straight and parallel, with small and arched paws. The long tail is thinner towards the tip and hangs close to the knuckles. Silky, velvety hair, with rich undercoat. The one color robe can be white-bluish, grey, brown-red or titian. The body weight ranges from 7-10.5 kilograms.

Effectiveness – Good in exterminating the rodents but these terrier dogs can be pleasant pets as well.

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