The Enchanting Aura of Blue Discus

There are two popular types of green discus fish: green jade and cobalt green.

Cobalt Green discus fish, also known as cobalt blue discus fish, have a beautiful natural emerald green color and are part of the “Five Celestial Colors.” They can be kept for both Feng Shui purposes and as ornamental fish.

The Cobalt Green discus fish was first bred by breeders from Hong Kong and Malaysia. They carry the genetic traits of the Blue Turquoise discus fish, which has a translucent cobalt blue color.

As the Cobalt Green discus fish matures, the translucent green color will be replaced by a deeper, purer emerald green. They are adorned with white and dark green patterns, as well as red eyes. Their fins are also more translucent and delicate compared to other the most beautiful discus fish in the world.

Blue Discus images

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