The most eye-catching red-colored birds

In the wild animal world, there are many species with bright red feathers, but the most outstanding ones are birds. The birds with red feathers always impress humans with their attractive appearance. If you are a bird lover and interested in red birds, please refer to the list below through this article. Let’s follow along!

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10 Most Beautiful Red Birds in the World – @4 Ever Green

1. Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis)

The Northern Cardinal is native to North America and has been adopted as the emblem of this region. This bird species is adorned with half red and white feathers. Its red head makes it stand out from the crowd. A special feature of this bird species is that its feathers can change from a lighter shade to pink during the molting season. During winter, the red feathers of the Northern Cardinal become darker and more prominent.


2. Scarlet Minivet

The Scarlet Minivet is a species of bird that cannot be ignored in the list of beautiful red birds. This bird belongs to the cuckoo family and is found in tropical forests in Vietnam, Laos, China, Thailand, Cambodia, and other areas. In terms of appearance, the Scarlet Minivet has a red crest that extends from its head to the upper back, while the rest of its feathers are green. The red crest only appears in males and not in females. The female’s feathers have more green and less vibrant red than the male’s. You can easily distinguish between male and female birds through these color characteristics. The clear chirping of this bird creates a relaxing atmosphere, harmonizing nature and humans.

Scarlet Minivet is a popular ornamental bird species in Vietnam.

3. North American Red-headed Finch

Lovers are certainly familiar with the North American Red-headed Finch. In terms of appearance, this bird is similar in size to the Vietnamese sparrow. Its large, thick beak is a powerful tool for foraging and eating seeds. The bird is impressive with its colorful red feathers covering its head, neck, chest, part of its back, and tail feathers. In addition, its cheerful chirping immediately makes you feel happy. The North American Red-headed Finch is mainly found in the United States, Mexico, and southern parts of Canada.

North American Red-headed Finch has a strong flocking behavior.

4. Crimson Sunbird

The Crimson Sunbird is a bird species with habits similar to those of flycatchers, such as feeding on insects and nectar from flowers. In terms of appearance, this bird is small, only 10cm in size, which allows them to fly at high speeds in the sky. They have a bright red plumage on their head, neck, and chest, while the tail is a deeper shade of red, and the belly is either white or light brown. Overall, the red color on the head, neck, and chest makes them attractive and distinctly different from other bird species. The Crimson Sunbird is often found in forests in Southeast Asia.

Nectar is the favorite food of the Crimson Sunbird.

5. Scarlet Macaw

The Scarlet Macaw is a parrot species that lives in tropical regions, preferring warm climates. You can easily find them in dense forests in Central and South America. Both male and female birds of this species have red feathers, including the head. In addition, the blue color on the wings is speckled with yellow, making them stand out in a crowd. Nowadays, the Scarlet Macaw has become a pet in many countries around the world because of their attractive appearance and intelligence.

Scarlet Macaw is highly sought after by bird enthusiasts in Vietnam.

6. Scarlet Ibis

This red stork is a species of large wading bird with the brightest red plumage of any bird in the world. Both male and female birds have red plumage from head to toe, even their bills are slightly reddish. During breeding season, the female’s red coloration becomes slightly darker. Scarlet Ibis is commonly found in coastal wetlands, marshes, and estuaries from northern South America (Venezuela) to the end of Brazil. Due to their friendly nature towards humans, this bird species has become popular worldwide. The Scarlet Ibis is also the national bird of Trinidad and Tobago.

he Scarlet Ibis possesses a highly vibrant plumage that appears to be dyed red all over its body.

In summary, we hope that this article has provided you with interesting and useful information about the top red-colored bird species in the world.