The nine most colorful and beautiful red fish species

Currently, one of the most popular ornamental fish is the red-colored fish. They are often kept in aquariums or in tanks with other fish of different colors. The following article will provide the necessary information about these red-colored fish that you should know.

Fish species with red color are popularly raised as ornamental fish

Overview of red fish species

The beautiful and vibrant red-colored fish swimming gracefully in an aquarium create a picturesque view that cannot be more beautiful for your home space. Not only that, they are also an important part of the ornamental fish industry and are popular for their diverse species and ease of care.

Red-colored fish species are often considered a symbol of luck and prosperity in East Asian culture. They are believed to bring wealth and good fortune to their owners. Therefore, they are often chosen to be raised in ornamental fish tanks to enhance the luck and prosperity of households.

However, raising red-colored fish also comes with its own challenges. They need to be kept in a clean environment with water quality ensured, as these fish can be affected by water pollution. In addition, red-colored fish species also need to be fed and cared for properly to ensure their health and development.

Red-colored fish species require a good environment for full development.

So which red fish species are currently most commonly raised as ornamental fish?

Let’s explore together the nine most commonly raised red fish species in households:

1.  Red Arowana

The Red Arowana also known as the dragon red fish, this fish species is mainly found in the upper reaches of the Kapuas River and Sentarum Lake region in West Kalimantan province on the island of Borneo in Indonesia. Sentarum Lake is a gathering place of countless small lakes intersecting with each other through a system of narrow canals that flow into the Kapuas River. This area is favored by nature and is covered with soil generated from leaves and wood, creating a wild living environment. The diversity of living environments may be the cause of differentiation in many red Arowana fish species.

This is a rare fish that many people hunt for as a pet because they demonstrate class.

 2. Red Seven-Color (Red Guppies)

The Red Seven-Color Fish is also known as Red Guppies and is one of the most beautiful ornamental fish and is loved by many people for keeping as a pet. They have a bright red fur with white or black spots on their body, creating a very unique beauty that few other ornamental fish have.

In addition, red seven-color fish are known for their friendly and easy-to-raise temperament. They have a long lifespan and are relatively healthy in aquarium environments, even when living with other species of ornamental fish, as they are quite docile.

To keep your red seven-color fish healthy and beautiful, you should provide them with a comfortable living environment, with lots of aquatic plants and rocks for them to hide in at any time. You should also care for and change the water in the tank regularly to keep the aquarium environment clean and fresh, to avoid negatively impacting the skin of this species of fish. With their beautiful appearance and friendly nature, red seven-color fish are an excellent choice for anyone who loves raising ornamental fish.

Red seven-color fish is a type of red ornamental fish that is quite popularly bred in aquariums.

3. Red Dragon Betta fish

The Red Dragon Betta fish has a deep red color reminiscent of a dragon, mixed with silver-white color like crystal on the body creating an extremely new and beautiful color that we can only see in this rare fish species. This is a sophisticated and extremely eye-catching beauty. In addition, this fish species also carries a very good spiritual meaning for the owner, helping to dispel bad things for your family.

The red and white skin of the Red Dragon Betta looks very striking.

>> Betta fish images

4. Red Gourami Fish

The Red Gourami fish is a freshwater fish that lives in ponds, lakes and swamps. They can survive in dirty, low oxygen water thanks to their first gill arches which serve as a respiratory organ. They are also able to live in brackish water, with a temperature range of 16-42 °C, and thrive in temperatures between 25-30 °C. They are more susceptible to disease at lower temperatures, and while they are not as tolerant of cold as some other fish with similar characteristics, they can withstand high temperatures better.

Red Gourami fish live in water environments with a suitable pH 5.

5. Sakura fish (Cherry Barb)

The Cherry Barb fish, with its elegant wine color, is also known as Koi fish, a popular ornamental fish species worldwide. The Cherry Barb fish has a variety of colors, from white, black to red, yellow, and blue. This fish species can live long time and is relatively easy to raise, with a slim body and neat tail fins, and it is especially known for its friendly and sociable temperament.

In addition to being a popular ornamental fish, Cherry Barb fish also has a special significance in Japanese culture. In Japanese culture, Cherry Barb fish is considered a valuable fish and is seen as a symbol of luck and success. Many Japanese people will raise Cherry Barb fish in ornamental ponds in their gardens to bring luck and wealth to their families. If you are new to keeping ornamental fish, you can also consider Cherry Barb fish as they do not require any complex techniques to care for and are easy to maintain.

Cherry Barb fish can bring luck to a family.

6. Swordtail fish

Swordtail fish is a species of fish with a gentle blend of bright red and yellow color patterns. It is called a swordtail fish because it has one or both of its tail fins longer than the body, straight and sharp like a sword.

The swordtail fish is known for its stunning beauty with bright colors ranging from orange, red, yellow to green and blue. It is also an easy-to-keep fish and can live in most types of aquariums. This fish prefers cool water and likes to live in environments with lots of plants and bushes.

They are also a resilient fish species and can reproduce easily in any living environment. Swordtail fish are one of the popular aquarium fish used in designing aquariums and decorating living spaces. This will be one of the fish contributing to the serene beauty of your home aquarium that you should not overlook.

Swordtail fish have a long and sharp tail like a sword.

7. Blood Parrot Cichlid Fish

This fish species is a type of ornamental fish with a red coloration, and a chubby and adorable round body. It has a cute mouth that points downward like a chisel, hence the name blood parrot cichlid fish. This fish species can change its body color from light yellow to deep red when fully matured.

With their attractive appearance and large, wide and long fins, they are confident swimmers on the surface of the water. In addition to their outstanding beauty, blood parrot cichlid fish are also very easy to care for. They can live in most types of water, from clean water to saltwater, and are quite robust. This species of fish also belongs to the group of simple ornamental fish to take care of, only needing to be fed with fish food and have regular water changes.

One interesting thing about blood parrot cichlid fish is their unique personality. They are solitary fish and often do not like to live with other fish species. In fact, they can even fight each other if they are kept together in the same tank. However, if kept as a single pet, they can become very friendly and easy to interact with humans.

The blood parrot cichlid fish fish are also known to bring luck and peace to a family, which is perhaps why they are often kept in households or offices. Landscape designers also use blood parrot cichlid fish as decorative accessories for aquariums and gardens because they are relatively inexpensive. However, you should consider their behavior before adding them to a tank with other fish.

From this, we can see that each red ornamental fish species has its own unique beauty and color, which will add more vividness and attractiveness to the picture of your home aquarium. Although they are all easy to care for and not picky eaters, we should also provide them with a suitable living environment to increase the lifespan of these fish species.

Blood parrot cichlid fish are ready to fight with their own kind if raised together

8. Red Flowerhorn fish

Red Flowerhorn fish belongs to the order Perciformes (perch-like fish) and the family Cichlidae (cichlid fish). In the mid-1990s to 2000s, Red Flowerhorn fish was first introduced to the market in Malaysia. They were created with the desire to discover the secret of breeding Blood Parrot Cichlid fish by breeders in Taiwan, so they crossed purebred American cichlid fish with Blood Parrot Cichlid and other types of fish.

: This species is also known as the Red Monkey Flowerhorn fish.

The Red Monkey Flowerhorn fish, also known as Super Red Synspilus (SRS), is a hybrid bred in Thailand. Its body is long and narrow with a deep red color, reaching a large size of around 25-30 cm and can live up to 8 years. The two factors that determine the quality of this fish are its color and head hump. The Red Red Monkey Flowerhorn fish has a pinkish-red body, but the complete shedding of its black scales is not very high, and the bright red color is only visible when it is stimulated. Similar to its color, the natural occurrence of a prominent head in the Red Monkey Flowerhorn fish is very low.

9. Red Jewel Cichlid

The Red Jewel Cichlid (Hemichromis bimaculatus) with its neon-colored fins on a bright red body creates a striking overall appearance and is a perfect addition for adding color to your aquarium scene.

This is also one of the popular ornamental fish species.

These are the information we have gathered about the world of beautiful red-colored fish in the ocean as well as some beautiful and widely bred red-colored ornamental fish in many households. We hope that this article is useful and provides appropriate values for readers. See you in the next topics.