The rare beauty of Albino discus

For enthusiasts of discus fish, albino discus fish are currently highly favored. So what is an albino discus fish? What are its characteristics and how many types of albino discus fish are there? Let’s explore together.

What is Albino discus?

Albino discus fish is a term used to describe the congenital disorder that affects the synthesis of melanin pigments. There is some debate surrounding the concept of albino in the context of ornamental fish. From a hematological perspective, albino discus fish should meet the criteria of having red eyes.

To select albino discus fish, the following factors should be considered:

  1. Observe how the fish swims in the tank: It should exhibit slow, gentle, and graceful movements.
  2. Size of the fish: This depends on personal preference, as some individuals prefer larger fish while others prefer smaller ones. Generally, the size of the fish should be suitable for the tank.
  3. The head of the fish should not be disproportionately large compared to its body, as this could indicate deformities or health issues.
  4. The head of the fish should not be too small in relation to its body, as discus fish require nutrient-rich food for growth. If the head is underdeveloped compared to the body, it may indicate a growth deficiency.
  5. The eyes should be large and symmetrical, with similar coloration. Overly large eyes may be a sign of deformity. If one eye is larger or smaller than the other, it is considered asymmetrical and not aesthetically pleasing. Red eyes are typically considered the most desirable in albino discus fish.
  6. Both sides of the fish should have equal and tight scales, without one side being larger or smaller than the other.
  7. The upper and lower fins should be rounded and symmetrical, without any deformities near the tail.
  8. The dorsal and anal fins should have straight spines from the head to the tail.
  9. The tail should spread out straight like a fan, with a translucent coloration. The tail base should be relatively close to the upper and lower fins.
  10. The curvature of the upper, lower, and tail fins should be harmonious and in line with the fish’s overall rounded shape. The upper, lower, and tail fins should fit together relatively closely.
  11. The color and patterns should be clear, natural, and vary depending on the specific breed.

It’s important to note that selecting healthy and well-cared-for albino discus fish is crucial for their overall well-being and longevity.

The common types of albino discus fish today

Currently, there are several selectively bred and hybridized varieties of albino discus fish to create special variations. Here are some common types of albino discus fish:

  1. Albino Red Discus: This is an albino discus fish with a bright red coloration on its body. With its striking color, they create a beautiful landscape in the fish tank.
  2. Albino Blue Discus: This type features a bright blue body and red eyes. The combination of blue color and red eyes creates a unique and attractive appeal.
  3. Albino Golden Discus: This albino discus has a vibrant golden coloration. Its standout hue adds sparkle and sophistication to the aquarium.
  4. Albino Checkerboard Discus: These discus have a white body with black or gray checkered patterns resembling a checkerboard. This pattern creates a distinctive and appealing visual display.
  5. Albino Pigeon Blood Discus: This type of albino discus has a white or pale body with red or pink spots on the body. The coloration presents a delicate and eye-catching beauty.
  6. Albino Snow White Discus: These discus feature a pure white coloration throughout their body, creating a clean and elegant appearance.

Each type of albino discus fish may have different color variations and patterns, depending on the breeding and selection process. They possess unique characteristics and beauty, adding diversity and allure to the world of albino discus fish.

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