The six smallest bird species in the world

Birds come in all shapes and sizes. While the ostrich is known as the largest bird in the world, there are also many tiny bird species that exist. In this article, we will explore the world’s smallest bird species.

List of the smallest bird species in the world

Please refer to the following list of the smallest bird species in the world.

1. Bee Hummingbird

Bee Hummingbird average weight: 0.08 ounce, equivalent to 0.002 kg, less than the size of a coin. The Bee Hummingbird is considered the smallest bird in the world, even beating other famous small hummingbird species.

This bird has an average length of 2.3 inches and a height of 2 inches.

The heart rate of these small birds is surprisingly high, averaging 80 beats per second, but they can double that rate during the peak of the mating season. This tiny bird is not easy to spot due to its small size. Cuba is the only known habitat for this species, despite being isolated.

2. Cape Penduline Tit

The Cape Penduline Tit also known as the Southern Grey Penduline Tit, is a small bird with yellowish-grey plumage that can be found in the southern parts of Africa, ranging from the Cape of South Africa to Angola in the east and Zimbabwe in the west. They inhabit shrubland and desert regions, and build their nests on tall and spiky plants.

The nests of this bird species are particularly elaborate, resembling a basket with a hinged door that can be easily closed with their feet.

These birds are about three inches long. Their lifestyle is quite unique in that they mate monogamously but form family units of three to four offspring to help with nesting and raising their young.

They weigh about 700-800 grams.

The main food of this species of bird is fruits, larvae, and insects. They are even known to search for meals from spider webs – a dangerous proposal.

3. Selasphorus calliope

This is the smallest native bird species in the United States and Canada, with a length of 7cm from beak to tail tip, about the size of a lighter, and weighing only 2g. It is named after the Greek muse Calliope, known for her beautiful singing voice. The call of the Calliope hummingbird may not quite live up to this, sounding more like a high-pitched “zing” or “thee.”

Like most hummingbird species, its diet consists of a mixture of nectar and small insects.

4. Goldcrest and Firecrest

Goldcrest and Firecrest are the two smallest bird species in Europe, weighing only about 5g. These two bird species have a lot in common. Both make their homes in coniferous forests but venture out of their isolated habitat in winter to search for food. They are widespread throughout the continent, although the Firecrest tends to be more dominant in Southern Europe and even has habitats throughout North Africa.

In fact, the size of these birds can contribute to their survival when living in a wide space. With a size of about 3 and a half inches, these birds can fit into spaces that predators will overlook or cannot access. And when they maneuver to get into the sight of a prey, their agility and small size often make them not worth the effort to pursue. Their eggs are even smaller, averaging half an inch in length.

The average length is 3.5 inches, average weight is 0.21 ounce.

5. Esmeraldas Woodstar

Esmeraldas Woodstar is most commonly found in South America. Despite only measuring 2.5 inches in length, males of this species stand out with their vibrant purple throat and small green vest-like patches on their bodies. These birds can be found in forested areas throughout Ecuador and prefer to live in areas with high foliage at higher elevations.

The problem is that they can be very difficult to find in the wild. This species was thought to be extinct from 1912 until another individual was discovered in 1990 – but even now they are rarely seen outside of breeding season.

Where these birds go during the rest of the year remains a mystery to this day. Unfortunately, it is also an endangered species threatened by habitat destruction due to logging.

Located on the list of smallest bird species, the Esmeraldas Woodstar is a hummingbird species with a weight of only about 2g and an average length of 2.5 inches.

6. Weebill

As you may know, Australia may be famous for ecosystems dominated by large animals such as kangaroos, emus, but the small Weebill species is evidence that the continent is much more diverse than that.

The name of the Weebill bird comes from its small size, but it also has a call that sounds like it’s saying “I am a Weebill.” These calls are loud and can be heard year-round in environments where this species is found.

While these birds may be limited to the continent, they are widely dispersed across the mainland and can be found almost everywhere except for the most extreme areas of Australia.

This bird species is native to Australia and has an average length of 3.3 inches and an average weight of 0.3g.

These birds have a unique plumage that combines creamy and bright yellow colors, and they tend to build and live in their nests for life. They are highly sociable birds and hunt in flocks – often including other bird species – and breeding pairs will raise their young together.

Hopefully, this article has helped readers discover the top smallest bird species in the world.