The three easiest freshwater shark species to keep in captivity

Keeping ornamental fish is a refined hobby for many people, and one of the most popular fish to keep is the freshwater shark, also known as the aquarium shark. The following article will provide readers with information on the characteristics, care, and the top three easiest freshwater shark species to keep in captivity.            

Freshwater sharks are currently widely kept in captivity.

Unique characteristics of freshwater sharks.

Let’s explore together the unique characteristics of freshwater sharks as follows:


Freshwater sharks have a smooth skin and are also known as aquarium sharks. They do not have sharp teeth or long, wide mouths like ocean sharks, and their teeth are very small.

Their meat is firm and used to be commercially traded by humans, but nowadays, people have started to keep them as pets because of their beauty. Additionally, they are very gentle and if kept properly, we can be kept together with other types of ornamental fish.

The mouth of the freshwater shark is inward and quite large with long characteristic whiskers found only in freshwater sharks, all facing forward. Their head is large and flat and their skin is completely smooth without any scales. When swimming, they look very harmonious and beautiful. Their back is raised high, and their gills and mouth are used for respiration.

The length of freshwater sharks is usually around 0.7 meters and can reach up to 1 meter if properly raised in a suitable environment. With their ability to swim quickly on the water surface, you should make a large enough tank to accommodate their swimming needs as a pet.

Freshwater sharks have a smooth and shiny skin that looks quite attractive.

Breeding behavior

Freshwater sharks reproduce by laying eggs and primarily operate in the middle layer of water. However, for the purpose of ornamental fish farming, they are usually not raised for breeding because it is not convenient for the living environment of other fish species in the same tank, and even the young may be harmed by other ornamental fish.

Favorite food of freshwater sharks.

They are one of the easiest fish to raise because they can eat all kinds of fish food, unlike ocean sharks that prefer live meat. However, freshwater sharks should only be fed just enough food, as they become harder to control as they grow larger.

You can feed them cold rice or regular fish food, as they can search for food when hungry without human intervention. You can also keep freshwater sharks with any other fish species, and if there is any conflict, they can easily flee on their own.

Freshwater sharks are easy to feed and can be given cold rice to eat.

Experience when raising freshwater sharks

The environment for raising this type of ornamental fish is similar to other ornamental fish with a pH level of 6 to 7.2 and a temperature range of 22 to 28 degrees Celsius being the most suitable, and it is not necessary to provide too much oxygen for them. It is recommended to design a strong filtration system to provide a better living environment for them.

However, this aquarium shark species is only docile and gentle until they reach maturity. At that point, freshwater sharks become extremely sensitive to noise and may react by ramming their heads into the aquarium, leading to injury or even the tank breaking. This is something to consider when deciding to keep this species. It is not recommended to decorate the aquarium with too many lighting devices, as this can make them more easily agitated.

It’s best to keep them in neutral water, and if using tap water, it should be filtered before adding it to the tank and treated with dechlorinator. Sudden loud noises should be avoided as it can startle them and cause them to thrash around, and it’s recommended to invest in a sturdy tank with few aquatic plants to prevent them from damaging the tank.

When raising freshwater sharks, it’s important to consider their maturity stage.

So, what are the easiest freshwater shark species to raise?

Review of three easiest freshwater shark species to raise

Below are the 3 easiest freshwater shark species to raise, please refer to them:

1. Thai Shark

The Thai Shark, also known as the Silver Shark, gets its name from its pure white and pinkish body, which can make for a stunning contrast when paired with brightly colored fish like goldfish or green fish. Its belly is a milky white and its eyes are a distinct red.

Thai shark has a beautiful and shiny white color.

2. Black ear catfish

Black ear catfish have a unique coloration, with long fins and a slender body that always faces forward, giving them a powerful appearance. Not only are they beautiful in their own way, but they also have value in production and their cartilage is one of the necessary medicinal materials for the medical industry.

Black ear catfish has a unique dark color.

3. Pangasius

Pangasius is a commonly raised fish, with black or brown coloring on the dorsal fin and a white color on the belly similar to Thai shark. However, this fish species is quite similar in appearance to sand tiger sharks, and if you are not a specialist in aquarium sharks, it is easy to mistake the two while their values are not the same.

Pangasius is the most commonly farmed freshwater shark species

Through that, we can see that freshwater sharks not only have high aesthetic value as ornamental fish, but they also have value in producing food and as a rare medicinal material for the medical industry with their cartilage containing many essential compounds.

The above is the top three freshwater shark species you can consider keeping. However, when they mature, you need to consider whether to continue raising them or switch to a larger and more stable tank as they become more sensitive. I hope this article is useful to you all, see you in the next posts.