Top 10 Cutest Ornamental Fish in the World

Nature is full of countless interesting things and is likened to a talented art creator, including strange, lovely, and beautiful aquatic creatures. There are many species of marine life that have not yet been discovered and recognized. Every now and then, we see the discovery of a new sea creature with different and unique abilities that amazes us with the creation of nature.

According to statistics, there are currently up to 32,000 different species of fish living in the ocean. There are some lovely and cute fish that we love as pets. Every little fish is a miracle of nature.

Currently, many species of marine fish are often loved and placed in aquariums to help decorate and highlight the interior of a house. The lovely and cute fish will add luxurious beauty to the house’s aquarium. The following article will introduce you to the 10 cutest and most adorable aquatic fish from around the world. Let’s check out the details!

The top 10 loveliest and cutest fish in the world

Based on physical and mental characteristics, experts classify fish. Below are the 10 most adorable fish species in the world today, with extremely unique looks:

1. Clownfish

Clown fish is also known as anemone fish, stands out first with its extremely eye-catching colors with two main tones of white and orange. Clownfish really became famous in 2003 after the movie “Finding Nemo”. The main character in the film is a cute, small clownfish named Nemo.

top 10 cutest fish in the world 2
The maximum size a clown fish can reach is 9 cm

2. Seahorse

The list of the cutest fish in the world would not be complete without seahorse. Many people do not think that seahorse is also fish. Seahorse is likened to creations, breaking the miniature and magnificent way that nature gives us.

Seahorse often has many beautiful colors such as: orange, pink, yellow, gray, and etc.

top 10 cutest fish in the world 3
Seahorses can grow from 2 cm to 35 cm.

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3. Bluefin snakehead Notho

Notho bluefin snakehead fish is also known as Nothobranchius Rachovii, originates from Mozambique. This fish is considered to have a unique and spectacular appearance.

The lower half of the Notho bluefin snakehead’s body is red, mixed with brilliant rays of turquoise and electric blue. This is also a fish that we cannot ignore on the list.

top 10 cutest fish in the world 4
Notho bluefin snakehead mixed with brilliant rays of blue.

4. Mandarin fish

The mandarin fish belongs to the Dragonet family, recognized as one of nature’s most delicate creations. They often have vibrant colors and patterns, highlighting the difference from other marine fish.

The mandarin fish usually has a blue body, with orange and bright green patterns on the body. This eye-catching color blend creates the fascination, eye-catching of mandarin fish.

top 10 cutest fish in the world 5
The maximum length of a mandarin fish can be up to 8cm.

5. Blue sugar fish

It is also known as Blue tang, as the name suggests, this fish stands out for its bright blue appearance with black and gold patterns. Blue tang is the character ‘Dory’ in the movie Finding Nemo, which made many famous impressions in 2003.

top 10 cutest fish in the world 6
The blue sugar fish stands out with its bright blue appearance.

6. Regal Angelfish

The name of this fish just sounds beautiful. They stand out with vibrant colors, combining colorful patterns such as: blue, yellow, orange, and white. It is the harmonious combination of colors that makes the regal angelfish stand out as splendid and distinctly different from other fish.

top 10 cutest fish in the world 7
The regal angelfish is outstanding, splendid, and distinctly different from other fish.

7. Betta fish

Betta fish is also known as Siamese fish with strong fighting characteristics for life. These fish are usually very sensitive and stand out with their vibrant colors making them one of the world’s top cutest fish. They come in a variety of colors: red, blue, orange, white, and turquoise.

top 10 cutest fish in the world 8
Betta fish is also known as Siamese fish with strong fighting properties.

8. Rainbow fish Kribensis

Rainbow fish Kribensis is known as one of the most attractive fish in the world, with a combination of colors including blue, yellow, green, and red. Females that are in the breeding season will have a vibrant and bright red color.

top 10 cutest fish in the world 9
Kribensis rainbow fish can reach a maximum length of up to 10 cm.

9. Guppy (rainbow fish)

Guppy is also known as rainbow fish. This fish has eye-catching, vibrant colors. They have about 300 different species.

top 10 cutest fish in the world 10
Guppies have about 300 different species

10. Butterfly fish

Butterfly fish is a brightly colored species, with the main colors being: black, white, yellow, red, orange and blue. Butterfly fish often has a prominent, noticeable shape.

top 10 cutest fish in the world 11
This fish can live up to 7 years.

Note when choosing your favorite fish to keep in the tank

If you want to own and raise these lovely fish, you should note a few things, as follows:

  • You need to maintain the right temperature for each fish species to help them survive in the tank for a long time.
  • These beautiful fish are often suitable for spacious living spaces, helping them to move freely. So you should give preference to large fish tanks!
  • Some fish are shy by nature; they need to dislike having hiding space in the aquarium. Keep their characteristics in mind to create the space that best suits each species.
  • Finally, you need to keep in mind the diet of the fish you want to keep in order to best meet their nutritional needs.
top 10 cutest fish in the world 12
You need to maintain the right temperature for each fish species.

In summary, the above article has compiled for readers the 10 cutest and most adorable fish in the aquatic world. Although they are not large in size, their appearance is beautiful and extremely attractive. These fish are the beautiful creation that Mother Nature gives us.