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Top 10 Defensive Abilities in One Piece [UPDATED]

As much as offensive powers matter in a battle, defensive abilities are also very important. It helps you to tank attacks of your opponents and gives you an edge in battles. In One Piece there are Characters who have amazing defensive abilities. So, today I have made a list of the strongest defensive abilities in One Piece.

10. Nikyu Nikyu no Mi

Nikyu Nikyu no Mi

Nikyu Nikyu no Mi is a Paramecia type of Devil Fruit which allows its user to create paw like shockwaves from their hands. Its attacking powers are also amazing. Its defensive properties are good too. Kuma can deflect any type of attack using his hands like he showed at Thriller Bark and Sabaody Archipelago. He used this ability against Luffy and Zoro, where he deflected their attacks.

09. Pekoms


Pekoms is a member of the Big Mom Pirates and possesses a Zoan type of Devil Fruit called Kame Kame no Mi. This Devil Fruit allows him to turn into a turtle and with the help of this Devil Fruit Pekoms can save himself from gunshots and many other things. Pekoms Devil Fruit has high defensive capabilities which showed at Fishmen Island arc where he was shot countless times by Caribou but still survived.

08. Cracker’s Biscuit Clone

Charlotte Cracker

Cracker is a member of the Big Mom Pirates and also is one of the Sweet Commanders in the Big Mom Pirates. He possesses an Paramecia type of Devil Fruit called Bisu Bisu no Mi which allows him to create and control biscuit. He possesses an extremely powerful Armament Haki, which he uses on his biscuit clones. These clones can tank Luffy’s Gear 2, Gear 3 attacks with ease. Also, when Luffy was in G4 state this biscuit Knight could even tank Luffy’s Gomu Gomu no Kong Organ, with only their shields getting destroyed.

07. Raid Suits

Raid Suits

Raid Suits are the results of the advanced technology of Germa 66. These suits enhance a person’s strength and defense. These suits are worn by the Vinsmokes (Except for Sanji). With this Reiju was able to tank Big Mom’s heavenly Fire. Vinsmoke Judge survived because of the raid suit when Big Mom hit him with her strong attack.

06. Big Father

Big Father

Capone Bege is the captain of the Firetank Pirates is a Devil Fruit user. He possesses a Paramecia type of Devil Fruit called Shiro Shiro no Mi which turned his body into a castle. Bege has mastered his Devil Fruit ability during the timeskip. He can now transform into a fortress called Big Father. With this, his defensive properties are on another level. The Big Father was able to withstand Big Mom’s punches, which is quite amazing.

05. Gear Fourth: Tank Man Full Version

Gear Fourth

Gear Fourth: Tank Man is another version of Gear Fourth, which is stronger then Bounce man. This form grants Luffy tremendous amount of power and also more defensive ability. This form was first introduced at Whole Cake island in the Seducing Woods when Luffy was fighting against Cracker. In G4 Tankman, he uses his body fat and then coats his body in Armament Haki. This form was able to tank Cracker’s named attack called Honey Pretzel and also defeated him with a single hit.

04. Jozu’s Devil Fruit ability

Jozu’s Devil Fruit ability

Jozu is the Third Division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates and is a Devil Fruit user. He possesses an unnamed Paramecia type of Devil Fruit which allows him to turn his body into diamond. This provides him with great defense and also attacking properties. This Devil Fruit’s abilities were first shown at Marineford. With this he was able to tank Mihawk’s Strongest slash and easily deflect it.

03. Marco The Phoenix

Marco The Phoenix

Marco is the former first Division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates and later became the captain. He possesses a Mythical Zoan type of Devil Fruit, which allows him to turn into a Phoenix. In this form Marco can take damage but will recover from any type of damage dealt to him whether it be a normal attack or a Haki enhanced attack. This Devil Fruit’s recovery rate is unparalleled.

02. Kaido The Immortal

Kaido The Immortal

Kaido is one of the Yonkō and also is the captain of the Beasts Pirates. He is the world’s Strongest Creature and has the reputation of being Immortal. Kaido was sentenced to death countless times and was even brutally tortured by his enemies. He was hung to a chain but the chain broke and also when placed under a guillotine, the blade shattered without harming him. Kaidō still survived. He now has committing suicide as one of his hobbies.

01. Big Mom’s Impenetrable Defense

Big Mom’s Impenetrable Defense

Big Mom is a Yonkō just like Kaidō and is the captain of the Big Mom Pirates. She is obviously powerful and has a skin that can’t be penetrated by anything or anyone in the World. Because of this she wasn’t injured in a battle by her opponents and she still holds this reputation. When Big Mom was a child she stopped a sword of a giant with her barehands and didn’t get a scratch after doing so. This is the strongest Defensive Abilities in One Piece World right now.

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