Top 10 Weapons From Boruto & Naruto

Weapons play a pivotal role in Ninja combats in Naruto Shippuden. Recently in Boruto: Next Generations the importance of the Seven Swords of Hidden Mist was reestablished. These dreaded warriors capable of wielding such swords were said to be strong enough to take down ninja villages alone. It’s not a surprise that strong ninjas are the ones with the best weapons. Today we are gonna talk about the Top 10 Best Weapons in the Naruto-verse.(Do note the list has been listed in accordance to their absolute power and utility).

10. Samehada


Samehada is the Strongest and the most terrible of the Seven Swordsmen’s blades. It is also seemingly alive unlike the other swords in the group. This sword is capable of absorbing chakra through contact (like during taijutsu fight) or by actually absorbing ninjutsu. Though this trait of Samehada has limit. It was observed in the cannon episodes that it can absorb 7 tails of Gyuki’s first form in one go as well as it dislikes Fiery nature chakra. This coupled with the fact that it chooses its owner on their chakra taste strongly suggests that some kind of creature might have been sealed inside the sword.

The owner and the sword live in a symbiotic relationship with the owner allowing the sword to feed on his chakra while the sword assists the swordsman during the battle by absorbing chakra from the opponent and if need be share the absorbed chakra with the owner. This is how the Great Sword satiate its need for “food” and increase its size on absorbing large amounts of chakra.

In the databook it was noted that this symbiotic relation might shorten the life of owner. Regardless the sword was fundamental to Kisame’s rise to fame and the two shared a close bond. Samehada actually cried after his death and the two often fused to fight with other strong ninjas like the perfect jinchuriki Killer Bee.
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09. Bashōsen


This Ninja tool is actually shaped like a fan and is revered as one of the treasured Sage of Six Paths tools. These tools were noted to have been created by the Sage if Six-Paths Hagoromo Otsutsuki and their powers are known to exceed even the power of the five Kages (Go-Kage)The specialty of this fan is that one could generate all the five elemental chakra natures.Related image

This is done by giving a mental command and the fan produces the release. The release is supposedly strong enough to even overpower Kekkei Genkai.(like how Darui’s Laser Style= Water+ Lightning was overpowered by Kinkaku).Though the weapon is powerful its not without weaknesses. The main weakness of the Bashōsen is that it requires a person with large chakra reserve to use it. Or else the ordinary ninja would faint due to over usage of chakra or even Die.

08. Kote


This Ninja tool was first introduced in Boruto: Next Generations and was developed by Katasuke of Konohagakure’s Scientific Ninja Weapons Team. This weapon reflects the changes through generation and the increasing importance of Science and Analysis as a result of Peace in the ninja world.

Image result for Kote BorutoIt seems like Konoha has been studying the Rinnegan present in Nagato’s six paths of Pain body and were able to develop Tool that allows one not only to use Kekkei Genkai (like Wood release, Ice release etc) or Hiden Technique(like Nara clan’s Shadow stitching etc). It also has an advantage that even non-ninja could release the jutsu as well as it doesn’t required user’s chakra. This means Ninjas won’t lose stamina during the combat. Kote can affect unsealed techniques allowing it to launch handheld techniques as a projectile. Katasuke in recent Boruto manga was further able to develop the tool by using Momoshiki’s data to improve the tool to allow it to absorb ninjutsu as well. This fast developing tool might soon outclass other weapons on this list as the Boruto Manga progresses.

07. Gunbai Uchiwa

Gunbai Uchiwa

Gunbai Uchiwa or Gunbai is a Uchiha clan heirloom passed down from one generation to next. Again as before like Bashōsen this ninja tool is also a fan though it’s a non-folding one. This weapon is often associated with the legend of Madara Uchiha. It is Madara’s prime weapon along with his Kama and it acted both as a shield and as a mace. Obito also wielded this weapon when he masqueraded as Madara and this was also contributing factor to the lie that Tobi was Madara.

The weapon has three tomoe on it and has been noted to be carved from a unique spirit tree with bandages wrapped around the handle and long chain attached to its end.

This gunbai had the ability to convert incoming chakra into wind nature transformation reflecting an opponent’s attack back towards them. It is also capable of utilizing Wind release like the Gunbai Fanned Wind. The Gunbai is an extremely powerful weapon as Obito used it to block Naruto’s Super Mini-Tailed Beast Ball without receiving any noticeable damage.

06. Benihisago


Benihisago is again one of the Sage Of Six-Paths tool appearing on this list. It is an extremely powerful sealing gourd which is capable of sealing a person when they utter their “most-said word”. If the victim is careful enough not to speak anything for certain period of time or use homophone of the said word than also the suction will be triggered.

Its function is very similar to Kohaku No Johei but it requires much more preparation and assistance from other Sage of Six Paths tools like Kōkinjō and Shichiseiken. Kurama claims that whatever was sucked into the gourd was sealed away and would not come out, no matter what. Though their seems to be a release mechanism as Darui and Samui were released form the gourd at the end of the Fourth Great Ninja war.

05. Sword Of Nunoboko

Sword Of Nunoboko

The Sword of Nunoboko is a large, double-helix shaped sword, formed from the Truth-Seeking Ball. Only Ten-Tails Jinchuriki Obito Uchiha and Hagoromo Otsustuki have wielded this sword. The Sword is a holy relic with which Hagoromo of Sage Of Six-Paths fame reshaped the whole world. Obito even claimed that he could do the very opposite that is Destroy this world with it. This sword destroyed by the efforts of Sasuke Uchiha’s Susanoo Sword while enhanced by senjutsu and Kurama’s chakra.

The Double helix is likely reference to the DNA structure of living organisms. Obito lost conviction as his true dream of becoming Hokage reemerged on seeing Naruto Uzumaki. This resulted in the destruction of the sword. The true capability of this sword is yet to be seen.

04. Totsuka Blade

Totsuka Blade

Totsuka blade comprises of two parts one is the Blade itself and the other is the gourd which acts as the sheath of the liquid sword. Databook states that the sword itself is variant of Kusanagi blade and is capable of plunging those it pierces into the ‘Genjutsu world of Drunken Stupor’ and seal them for all of time into the gourd. The Ten-Handed Sword is held in the right hand is also stated to be a spiritual weapon capable of cutting down ‘any enemy’. Such was the power of this relic that Orochimaru devoted his life in search of this weapon though not succeeding as Itachi found it first.Related image

The sword allowed Itachi to make a quick work of Orochimaru in his arguably strongest reincarnation the Eight headed Serpent Jutsu which was stated to be snake having descended to state of Dragon God. Nagato who is Kabuto’s second most powerful edo tensei and the one who subjugated both Naruto and Killer B was also sealed by this sword.


  • There is a common misconception that Totsuka Blade and Yata Mirror are some kind of jutsu. On the contrary they are Weapons and not jutsu and are acquired by searching just like how Orochimaru acquired Kusanagi Blade .

03. Kohaku no johei

Kohaku no johei

This large pot is one of the Sages tools having sealing function similar to that of Benihisago. The pot requires much lesser preparation as the working of its mechanics is much more advanced than that of Benihisago.(This is the main reason why Benihisago is below Kohaku no johei in this list).Weapons

The person that is sealed into the pot seemingly merges with the liquid present within the pot. The Pot kept those brought back with Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation technique sealed even after summoner releases the technique. Like other Sages tools it requires enormous amounts of chakra for its use. It is one of the greatest weapons.

02. Chakra Canon

Chakra Cannon

Kumogakure creates this weapon secretly which was last seen in the movie “Naruto the Last”. The weapon was than hidden away by the Fourth Raikage in aftermath of the fourth great ninja war. It was nuclear equivalent in the Shinobi world.

The weapon has two operating modes Chakra Diffusion Canon and Chakra Transportation Canon. The Diffusion cannon was used to destroy the falling meteorites from the moon. The other mode Transportation Cannon though never fired was said to be capable of destroying the moon. This cannon was powered by 100 shinobis (as seen in the movie).

01. Yata Mirror

Yata Mirror

This Weapon is now a part of Itachi’s susanoo and is another spiritual weapon just like the Totsuka Blade. According to databook this ethereal shield doesn’t possess any physical form. But it can change everyone of its property to negate an incoming attack. The mirror also possesses God like powers capable of repelling all physical or ninjutsu attacks from Astral or Material Body. The mirror can repel ninjutsu attack as it possesses all nature transformations.

*According to Black Zetsu possession of both the relic Yata Mirror and Totsuka Blade is what made Itachi truly invincible.

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