Top 10 Unwritten Rules All Hotel Guests Should Know

Like most of us have some rules for guests in our own home, there are some unwritten rules that should be followed during a hotel stay. By exercising a little style, you will get you a better stay, and might even gain some extra benefits.

01. Respect the check-in and check-out times

Unwritten Rules All Hotel Guests Should Know

It says that check-in is after hours. 14 and check-in before time. 10, then it is valid. It gives the hotel staff time to clean after a guest has checked out and before a new one arrives. You can always ask in advance whether it is possible to check in earlier, and possibly leave your hotel a little later, and if the hotel is not too crowded, it’s usually not a problem. You can also often drop off luggage in the reception while your room is prepared, if you arrive before check-in, and want to stroll a little walk while the room prepared – WITHOUT large suitcase.

02. Use good cleaning style

Unwritten Rules All Hotel Guests Should Know

In better hotels changed towels and bedding usually a few times a week, and cleaning staff usually visit the room daily to clean up after you. But do not be with the pig as if you are Viking. Obviously you do not clean, but do not be overly messy. Keep your room reasonably clean and fresh – even for your own sake. Although it is not obligatory to tip the cleaning lady, it is always appreciated.

03. Remember to think about the sound level

Unwritten Rules All Hotel Guests Should Know

Show respect for the other hotel guests by adjusting the volume. It basically means just that you speak in a normal tone, do not play mound and loud music, and not scream and make noise in the hotel hallways, especially if you come home late. If guest in the room next to yours is noisy, contact the reception. Do not confront the person on your own!

04. Do Swim at 06:00

Unwritten Rules All Hotel Guests Should Know

Going on vacation in the sun and stay in a hotel with pool facilities do not be the type that sets the clock pm. 06, sprints down and throw a towel on the deckchair to reserve it – and then goes back in the room and only appear again at. 12. It is totally unacceptable, and at most hotels is the staff even started to remove towels and other things lying on chairs that have been empty for more than 30 minutes.

05. Avoid crushing mills

Unwritten Rules All Hotel Guests Should Know

Whether you are standing in line to check in or to the breakfast buffet, you should avoid the crush. Breathe deeply – you’re on vacation to unwind AF, and your room is not going away – and there is breakfast enough for everyone.

06. Kindness is the best style

Unwritten Rules All Hotel Guests Should Know

Be kind to both the hotel staff and other guests. A smile does not cost you anything, and sometimes kindness really pay off – if you’re lucky, you may even upgrade your room, one extra chocolate croissant served, or maybe even a new friend! And you’re not on vacation to go and be mad?

07. Think of the environment!

Unwritten Rules All Hotel Guests Should Know

Most hotels are trying these days to encourage guests to just throw towels on the floor if they need to be washed. So always think for a second time, do you really need for your towel replaced, or do you simply dried fringe at once? Also you should turn off the lights and turn off the air conditioner before you leave your hotel room. Preserve our beautiful planet, which is so nice to travel around.

08. Take care of your room and interior

Unwritten Rules All Hotel Guests Should Know

Take care of your hotel and its interior during your stay. The hotel expects that the space is in the same condition as when you checked in, except cleaning of course, but you will have to pay for any damages. If something in the room against all odds is broken or does not work when you arrive, please contact the front desk immediately.

09. Take only disposable products with you when you leave the hotel

Unwritten Rules All Hotel Guests Should Know

When checking out of the hotel, it’s fine product like shampoo and conditioner bottles, skits and small soaps. But bathrobes, towels and other things that actually recycled by the hotel, thus not yours. If you have been in love with the hotel towels or bathrobes, ask the front desk if they have the stuff for sale.

10. Do not forget the tip

Unwritten Rules All Hotel Guests Should Know

Several of the Danish favorite destinations is the staff actually completely dependent on the tip to reach even a reasonably fair wage. And there is good service, and then you can always do without a few cents. It is a tiny difference to you, a huge difference to them. Get tips on how to give tips in the world, right here.

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