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Top 10 Weakest Devil Fruits In One Piece

Devil Fruits are mystical fruits that exist in the One Piece world. They grant a user special powers, but instead take away their ability to swim. Although it’s true that the power of a Devil Fruit depends on the imagination and capability of the user, it can’t be denied that some Devil Fruits are inherently weaker than the others. Here is my list of Top 10 weakest devil fruits in One Piece!

10. Inu Inu no Mi Model Daschund

Inu Inu no Mi Model Daschund

Yep, turn into one of the weakest dogs out there. I mean if you like dogs I guess this fruit doesn’t suck infinitely, on yes it does but you aint gonna do much with it.

09. Jake Jake no Mi or Jacket-Jacket Fruit

Jake Jake no Mi or Jacket-Jacket Fruit

Jacket-Jacket fruit allows the user to become a jacket and be worn by others. The user can then take control of the wearer’s body. But you need to find another person with a body stronger then you who is willing to let you take over his body. That body should also suit your fighting style for any real benefit.

08. Spin Spin Fruit

Spin Spin Fruit

You can make yourself spin around, maybe its just me but wouldn’t you get really really dizzy, or you could look like a complete idiot, maybe both.

07. Ori Ori no Mi

Ori Ori no Mi

Hina’s power allows her to bind anyone who passes through her body with iron rings. But this power is only useful against weak fighters. Any good fighter who can use haki would never pass through her as he would be able to touch her or someone could simply keep dodging her attacks. Also a capable swordsman like Zoro could easily cut er rings as they are made of iron. So Bind-Bind fruit is certainly one of the weakest devil fruits.

06. Beri Beri no Mi or Berry-Berry Fruit

Beri Beri no Mi or Berry-Berry Fruit

Berry-Berry Fruit allows the user to transform his body into several small spheres. But this fruit has several inherent weaknesses. It make user immune to blunt attacks but is still vulnerable to cutting. Also it seems that the user is completely defenseless if the head part is caught, that’s how Frankly was able to easily defeat very good. Overall, it’s pretty much a useless devil fruit.

05. Door Door Fruit

Door Door Fruit

You can make a door anywhere, its good if you need to get places fast but doors aren’t powerful. It’s great for spying and assassination purposes though. In terms of power, it is pretty lame, and definitely one of the weakest devil fruits.

04. Wash Wash Fruit

Wash Wash Fruit

I too enjoy cleaning my opponents. But on the upside you can hang them up and make them incapacitated which aint that bad so may be lame but it has a little use, Tsuru does a good job with it.

03. Sube Sube no Mi or Slip-Slip Fruit

Sube Sube no Mi or Slip-Slip Fruit

Slip-Slip fruit makes the user lean and their skin smooth which leads to any attack slipping of their body. But that’s all that it does. This fruit might be very valuable in our world due to its cosmetic properties but it doesn’t provide much benefit in a battle environment. Any capable fighter who can use haki would easily be able to touch the user and in that situation this power will be completely worthless.

02. Hito Hito no Mi or Human-Human fruit

Hito Hito no Mi or Human-Human fruit

Chopper eats Human-Human Fruit as an animal but what if a human eat it? That’s right, nothing would happen. Oda revealed in SBS that if a human eat hito hito no mi nothing would happen and they would just become more human like (spiritually). I don’t know how that’s going to help anyone in the One Piece world. You would just end up losing your ability to swim without gaining anything.

01. Kilo Kilo Fruit

Kilo Kilo Fruit

Pretty much the weaker version of Machvise’s devil fruit instead of increasing your weight by tons you increase it to a max of 10,000 kilos this fruit would be great in smash bros so you could never get launched but in a fight the weaker of the weight changing fruits is useless

Are you agree with this ranking? Did you know others weakest? Let us know what do you think in the comments!!

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