Abutilon: Lucky Lantern Red – A Closer Look at a Striking Botanical Beauty

Renowned for its extended blooming period and compact form, Abutilon ‘Lucky Lantern Red’ (also known as Flowering Maple) is a petite, densely foliaged, and spherical semi-evergreen shrub that showcases sizable, pendant bell-shaped flowers in a vivid red hue. These blossoms dangle gracefully and remain in bloom for several weeks, gracing the plant from the onset of summer through to the arrival of frost. In regions with warm climates, they even unfurl their splendor almost all year long. The distinctive lantern-shaped flowers, which have an enchanting allure, have the added benefit of luring butterflies and hummingbirds. Their striking appearance contrasts beautifully against the verdant, freshly grown leaves that mimic the look of maple leaves. The branches, which bend with grace, bear this lovely foliage.

This variety adds a touch of elegance whether placed in ornamental pots or suspended baskets. Once it has taken root, it exhibits a commendable resilience to heat and drought conditions.

Its ultimate height and width peak at a modest 12 inches (30 cm). Displaying a preference for full sun to partial shade, this plant thrives when cultivated in soil that is consistently moist, enriched, and well-drained. Should you choose to cultivate it outdoors, selecting a sheltered spot is advisable, especially in locales with scorching temperatures. It demonstrates a fondness for afternoon shade in areas with particularly high temperatures.

Abutilon Lucky Lantern Red-hma
Lucky-lantern-abutilon-red 1

It is an ideal candidate for enhancing flower beds and borders, as well as adorning containers. When it is young and subsequent to its flowering phase, a light pruning will stimulate robust growth in the lower branches and promote a subsequent round of blooming.

Originating from Australia, this Abutilon variant encapsulates both the delicate beauty of its flowers and the resilience of its nature in various environments.