Arctotis x hybrida ‘Wine’ (African Daisy)

Originating from South Africa, Arctotis x hybrida ‘Wine’ stands as a breathtaking representation of the African Daisy family, showcasing magnificent daisy-like flowers in a captivating deep rose-pink hue. These flowers elegantly encircle a central golden disk, creating a stunning focal point that harmonizes with the finely cut, silvery-green foliage.

Arctotis X Hybrida 'wine' (african Daisy)

The splendor of ‘Wine’ African Daisy unfolds as it bursts into bloom from late spring, gracing the garden with its captivating presence until the onset of frost. In regions with high temperatures, the blooming may subside during the heat of summer, only to resume as the temperatures cool off in the fall. The flowers maintain a unique behavior, closing during the night and partially opening on overcast days.

  • With a typical growth pattern that forms compact mounds reaching around 16 inches in height (40 cm) and 12 inches in width (30 cm), ‘Wine’ African Daisy thrives under full sun exposure and flourishes in sandy, consistently moist, and well-drained soils. Once established, this plant displays remarkable drought tolerance.
  • Resistant to various pests and diseases, Arctotis species like ‘Wine’ make excellent candidates for inclusion in borders, rock gardens, and containers.
  • In terms of hardiness, ‘Wine’ African Daisy is best suited for USDA zones 9-11, where it can thrive year-round. In cooler regions, it is typically grown as an annual, adding vibrant beauty to seasonal displays.
  • To encourage a continued burst of blooms, it’s advisable to remove spent flowers through deadheading.
  • For those interested in propagating this exquisite species, softwood cuttings during the summer months serve as an effective method.
  • The ‘Wine’ variety of Arctotis x hybrida showcases the captivating allure of African Daisies, offering a harmonious blend of mesmerizing color and finely crafted foliage to enhance gardens and outdoor spaces.