Campanula x pulloides ‘Jelly Bells’

Boasting an arresting charm, Campanula x pulloides ‘Jelly Bells’—commonly referred to as Bellflower—presents itself as a sprawling perennial that forms a lush carpet. The standout feature of this plant lies in its sizeable, pendulous bell-shaped blossoms, which exhibit a captivating rich blue-violet hue. Bursting forth in the transition from late spring to early summer, these flowers graciously rise above a bed of vibrant green leaves. Should you meticulously deadhead them, they’ll reward you with intermittent reblooms. This slowly expanding Bellflower variety is a versatile addition that thrives in rock gardens, edges, containers, or even as a groundcover.

  • Reaching a height of 8 to 10 inches (20-25 cm) and spanning a width of 14 inches (35 cm), ‘Jelly Bells’ showcases its splendor in full sunlight. Its growth is most robust when rooted in well-drained, medium-textured soils that fall within the range of average moisture.
  • Excelling in various roles, this Bellflower finds its place in beds, borders, garden edges, rock gardens, and decorative containers. Its resilience in the face of pests and diseases makes it a low-maintenance perennial, and its aversion to deer adds to its appeal.
  • Propagation is achieved through division during the spring or autumn seasons. Alternatively, you can opt for basal cuttings in the spring—a straightforward method to multiply the beauty of ‘Jelly Bells’ in your garden.