Close-up of a man feeding a black cobra with viral water on social media

The video first surfaced on social media back in 2021, but it has once again gone viral. This time, the chilling visual clip was dropped on Instagram on May 16. The terrifying video opens with a black cobra sipping on water from a glass, held by a man. The man let the snake drink from the glass without any protection. He seemed to be unfazed, and not even once did his hands shake in fright.

The owner of the video captioned that: “Thirsty 🐍 Would you feel comfortable with this? The black-necked spitting cobra (Naja nigricollis) is a species of spitting cobra found mostly in sub-Saharan Africa. They are moderately sized snakes that can grow to a length of 1.2 to 2.2 m (3.9 to 7.2 ft) in length. Their coloration and markings can vary considerably. They prey primarily on small rodents. They possess medically significant venom, although the mortality rate for untreated bites on humans is relatively low (~ 5–10%, in endemic regions under 1%). Like other spitting cobras, they can eject venom from their fangs when threatened (one drop over 7 metres (23 ft) and more in perfect accuracy). The neurotoxic venom irritates the skin, causing blisters and inflammation, and can cause permanent blindness if the venom makes contact with the eyes and is not washed off.”

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In this particular video, a man can be seen interacting with a black cobra while holding a glass in his hand. The black cobra, known for its distinctive appearance and venomous nature, is a highly venomous snake species found in various parts of the world.

The man appears calm and confident as he approaches the black cobra. He carefully extends a piece of toast towards the snake, demonstrating a remarkable level of trust and familiarity with the reptile. The black cobra, known for its keen sense of smell and predatory instincts, cautiously approaches the offered food.

As the man holds the glass in his hand, it adds an element of intrigue and suspense to the scene. The glass may contain a liquid or serve a specific purpose in this interaction, although the details cannot be determined without further context.

It is important to note that handling venomous snakes, such as the black cobra, requires expertise and knowledge of proper handling techniques. It is not recommended for untrained individuals to attempt such interactions, as it poses a significant risk to both the person and the snake.

Interactions with venomous snakes should be left to trained professionals in controlled environments where safety protocols can be followed. It is essential to respect the natural behaviors and habitats of these creatures and to prioritize their well-being and conservation.

We advise you don’t dare to imitate this risky venture.