Differentiating male and female mosquitoes

Mosquitoes also have distinct male and female genders, which may sound unbelievable, but it is true. Although it is impossible to distinguish between male and female mosquitoes with the naked eye, under a microscope and magnifying glass, you can easily differentiate them by their unique characteristics. What are these characteristics? Let’s find out!

Female mosquitoes have smooth and shiny proboscis while male mosquitoes have a lot of hair on their proboscis

About the shape

Regarding their shape, are male and female mosquitoes similar or different?

Based on the structure of their proboscis, you can easily distinguish between male and female mosquitoes. Male mosquitoes have a fairly hairy proboscis while that of females is smooth

The hair on the male mosquito’s proboscis is called the antennae, which serves as a hearing device. The male mosquito locates the sound of the female using this part.

Structure of the proboscis of female mosquitoes is used to suck human blood, while the proboscis of male mosquitoes is used to suck plant sap

About the lifespan

Regarding lifespan, which gender of mosquitoes live longer, male or female?

Normally, female mosquitoes always live longer than male mosquitoes. In a safe natural environment, female mosquitoes can survive for 1-2 weeks. However, if they are kept captive, they can even live for more than 1 month, whether or not they are nourished by blood, as long as the humidity is ideal for their survival. Meanwhile, even under ideal conditions, male mosquitoes can only live for a maximum of 1 week.

In favorable conditions, male mosquitoes can live up to 2 months, while on average they live 1-2 weeks.

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About the food

Regarding food, do both male and female mosquitoes feed on human blood?

Male mosquitoes live off of plant nectar and do not feed on human blood. Only female mosquitoes are the “bloodthirsty” species.

However, they do not survive on blood, and the act of bloodsucking is only to nourish their eggs. If they do not collect enough blood, the reproductive ability of female mosquitoes will quickly decline.

Only female mosquitoes feed on human blood.

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The interesting information about male and female mosquitoes above hopefully helped you understand more about this insect species. Don’t forget that they are capable of causing dangerous diseases like dengue fever. Always prepare the best mosquito control measures for your family!