Lifecycle of mosquitoes in nature

How many days can mosquitoes survive? Understanding this rule will help you easily prevent diseases caused by mosquitoes. This article will share with you the necessary information that you may not know.

How many days can mosquitoes live?

Depending on the living environment, the lifespan of mosquitoes can vary.

  • For male mosquitoes: After completing their sacred mating mission, male mosquitoes can only live from 10 to 15 days. Compared to female mosquitoes, their lifespan is much shorter.
  • For female mosquitoes: Under normal conditions, female mosquitoes can live for about two months. During their survival time, they can get pregnant many times. On average, a female mosquito can reproduce 6-8 times. After completing their reproductive mission, 50% of female mosquitoes will die.
Male mosquitoes do not feed on human blood.

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The life cycle of a mosquito

Striped mosquito, Asian tiger mosquito, Culex pipiens mosquito, Aedes mosquito… the life cycle of all mosquitoes is the same. They all go through four stages from egg to larva, pupa and become adult mosquitoes.

  1.  Mosquito eggs are laid on the surface of water in quantities of 100-400. After 2-3 days, the eggs will hatch into larvae.
  2. Mosquito larvae are 2-5mm in size. They will completely sink under the surface of the water and begin to learn how to curve their bodies and create movement. After 8-12 days, the larvae will molt into pupae.
  3. Mosquito pupae, also known as tumblers, only need to exchange air and do not need to eat. They continuously move and wait for the day when they will evolve into adult mosquitoes.
  4. Adult mosquitoes are the final stage of evolution. Initially, they will rest on the surface of the water for a while, about 15 minutes, and then start to take off. Male mosquitoes search for nectar while females search for blood to feed their eggs (humans are their preferred host). The female mosquito lays eggs and begins the cycle of stages 1, 2, and 3 again.

The lifespan of a mosquito can range from 2 weeks to 1 month. This not only depends on their survival ability but also on the surrounding environmental conditions. The developmental life cycle from egg to adult mosquito can last from 1 to 3 weeks.

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Interesting facts about mosquitoes

Mosquitoes have a “preference” for flying around human heads.

The mosquito insect can sense CO2 at a distance of 30 meters. Since we breathe in and exhale CO2 through our nose or mouth, mosquitoes often fly around our heads. The buzzing sound of mosquitoes that makes us extremely uncomfortable is also caused by this reason.

Male mosquitoes do not suck blood

Did you think all mosquitoes suck blood? The truth is, male mosquitoes do not suck human blood. Only female mosquitoes feed on blood.

Mosquitoes fly slowly

Mosquitoes do not fly as fast as you may think. If they did, they would be easier to swat. In reality, mosquitoes fly very slowly, with a speed of only 1.6-2.4 km/h. They are even ranked as one of the slowest flying insects in the world.

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Lifecycle of mosquitoes in nature
The life cycle of a mosquito goes through four stages.

With the information above, I hope you understand more about the life cycle of mosquitoes. Always apply effective mosquito repellent methods such as planting mosquito-repelling plants, using essential oil diffusers, and using mosquito sprays to eliminate this dangerous insect.