Exploring the Charm of Zinnia elegans ‘Zinderella Peach’

Distinguished by its one-of-a-kind characteristics, Zinnia elegans ‘Zinderella Peach’ stands out with its captivating, intricately ruffled semi-double and fully double flowers, each measuring 2.5 inches in diameter (6 cm). These blooms are a harmonious blend of peach and cream hues, complemented by captivatingly dark centers. A true marvel in the realm of zinnias, this particular variant showcases pom-pom-like blossoms reminiscent of the Scabiosa flower type. As a proud winner of the Fleuroselect novelty award, ‘Zinderella Peach’ graces the landscape with its lavish flowering display, which spans from mid-summer to early fall, making it a mesmerizing sight within borders. Its charm doesn’t end there; this zinnia also earns its place as a splendid addition to bouquets, thanks to its robust, lengthy stems.

Zinnia Elegans 'zinderella Peach' 3
Zinnia Elegans 'zinderella Peach' 4
Zinnia Elegans 'zinderella Peach'

Notably, it has earned the esteemed Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society, solidifying its status as a remarkable choice for any garden enthusiast.

This zinnia variety takes shape as a compact, densely-clustered mound, reaching heights of 25-30 inches (62-75 cm) and widths of 18-20 inches (45-50 cm). The cultivation of Zinnia elegans ‘Zinderella Peach’ is notably undemanding, given its preference for full sun exposure and a well-draining, evenly moist soil enriched with humus.

Striking the perfect balance between beauty and utility, it serves as an excellent option for the rear sections of sunlit beds and borders, as well as in sizable containers. Its allure doesn’t go unnoticed by winged visitors, as butterflies, hummingbirds, and birds are drawn to its presence.

To maintain their health and steer clear of powdery mildew, it’s advisable not to overcrowd these zinnias, thereby ensuring adequate air circulation. This consideration aligns with their relatively trouble-free nature.

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Zinnia Elegans 'zinderella Peach' 2

When it comes to propagation, Zinnia elegans ‘Zinderella Peach’ is among the simplest candidates to cultivate from seed. For those yearning for an early burst of springtime blooms, starting seeds indoors 4-6 weeks ahead of the last frost date is a wise approach.

These qualities, combined with its origin as a unique and delightful zinnia, make ‘Zinderella Peach’ a true gem in the world of gardening.