Gloriosa superba ‘Greenii’ (Gloriosa Lily)

Gloriosa superba ‘Greenii,’ commonly known as Gloriosa Lily, is a stunning climber with unique and captivating features.

Gloriosa Superba 'greenii' (gloriosa Lily)

Here’s a closer look at this extraordinary plant:


  • Gloriosa Lily is a deciduous, tuberous climber known for its striking pale creamy-green flowers. These flowers have dramatically forward-reaching stamens and swept-back, ruffled petals, creating a distinctive and elegant appearance.
  • The flowers are borne in the upper leaf axils of long, slender stems. They typically bloom from late spring through fall and eventually transform into ribbed seed pods.
  • One of the most intriguing aspects of Gloriosa Lilies is their leaves. Each glossy green leaf produces a long green tendril that twirls outward to grasp nearby objects. These tendrils help the plant climb and anchor itself to various supports.

Growing Conditions:

  • Gloriosa Lilies thrive in full sun or partial shade.
  • They prefer rich, well-drained soil that retains moisture.
  • When planting Gloriosa tubers, they should be placed 3 inches (7 cm) deep and spaced 12 inches apart (30 cm). Providing an upright structure for the stems to climb is essential.
  • After flowering, cut down the top growth as it dies back.


  • In cooler regions (hardiness zones 3-7), you can lift and clean the tubers planted in the garden for winter storage at a cool room temperature (60° F to 70° F). Bulbs in pots can be stored indoors right in their pots for use the following summer.


  • It’s crucial to note that Gloriosa Lily is highly toxic if ingested, and handling the tubers may cause skin irritation. Protective equipment like gloves should be worn when working with this plant.

Animal Resistance:

  • Despite their toxicity to humans and animals, Gloriosa Lilies are generally impervious to garden pests such as deer and squirrels. However, in some areas, squirrels may attempt to dig up the tubers. To deter them, you can replant the tubers or place rocks over the planting site until the plants establish themselves.

In summary, Gloriosa superba ‘Greenii’, or Gloriosa Lily, is a visually captivating and unique climber. Its exquisite flowers, fascinating tendrils, and climbing habit make it a remarkable addition to gardens or as a container plant. However, gardeners should exercise caution due to its toxicity, especially if pets or children are present.