Images of mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are insects that almost everyone hates because they suck blood causing itching and discomfort, and more dangerously. They transmit infectious diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, and especially Zika virus-induced microcephaly in newborns when the mother is bitten by Andes mosquitoes during the first three months of pregnancy.

Below are pictures of mosquitoes.

The image of mosquitoes biting human.

The mosquito’s proboscis is penetrating the human skin to suck blood.
The image of mosquitoes biting a human.
Experiment with mosquitoes biting on a human’s foot.
Writing “mosquito bite” on a person’s arm.
A mosquito bite mark on the hand of an infant.
A mosquito bite mark on the neck of an adult.

The image of male mosquitoes

Male mosquitoes do not have a suitable proboscis to suck blood, instead, its proboscis is covered in hair.
Male mosquitoes do not feed on blood and are beneficial to the environmental ecosystem
Male mosquitoes feed on plant sap, nectar, and other sugar sources for growth.

The image of Anophen mosquitoes

Anopheles mosquitoes typically breed in freshwater areas, and they are the cause of malaria.
Anopheles mosquitoes are harmful insects to humans, they are usually active at night, after the sun sets.
The characteristic of Anopheles mosquitoes is having a small abdomen, and the wings of the mosquito have black and white scales.

The images of mosquitoes causing dengue fever.

The striped mosquito often appears during the rainy season and reproduces at a rapid rate. They tend to bite at dawn and dusk.
The Aedes aegyptii mosquito only breeds in stagnant water, such as bamboo tubes, broken containers, flower pots, discarded objects or puddles.
The distinctive feature of the Dengue mosquito is its black color and small horizontal stripes on the abdomen.
The Aedes mosquito carries the dangerous Zika virus, which causes microcephaly in infants.
The Aedes Aegypti mosquito is the main cause of Dengue fever.

The Image of blood-sucking mosquitoes.

Female mosquitoes feed on the blood of mammals to nourish their eggs.
Mosquitoes prefer human blood, especially from males, overweight individuals, and those with blood type O.
Mosquitoes that feed on blood can also transmit infectious diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, and Japanese encephalitis.

The Image of mosquitoes being smashed to death.

the image-of-mosquitoes-being-smashed to death-21
A Tiger mosquito is beaten to death.
the image-of-mosquitoes-being-smashed to death-22
: A mosquito is beaten to death after it has finished sucking blood.
the image-of-mosquitoes-being-smashed to death-23
Three mosquitoes are beaten to death at the same time.

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