The harm of mosquitoes to children

Mosquitoes are a nightmare for everyone, especially for children. Every year, mosquitoes are estimated to be the intermediate host transmitting diseases to over 70 million people. They are also the main cause of malaria. The risk of harm from mosquitoes is already significant for adults, but for children, the harm caused by them is even worse.

The unpredictable harms of mosquitoes on children

Children are the “juicy prey” of mosquitoes. Children are playful, active, and do not know how to protect themselves. They often like to play in dark places without paying attention to the fact that these are the “territories” of mosquitoes.

The harm of mosquitoes to children 1
Children are a target that mosquitoes particularly “love.”

Compared to adults, children sweat more. And for mosquitoes, sweat is like an attractive perfume that lures them to land. The more a child is bitten by mosquitoes, the higher the risk of contracting dengue fever.At the initial stage, this disease has almost no specific symptoms. About 2-7 days later, some children will have symptoms such as red face, skin hemorrhage, muscle pain, nausea, headache, sore throat, fatigue… In the next stage, the disease will cause nosebleeds, bleeding gums, bloody diarrhea… extremely dangerous. This makes children always fall into a prolonged state of confusion, if not quickly transferred to the hospital for treatment, the consequences will be very serious.

Not only that, mosquitoes are also a cause of Japanese encephalitis. This is because they carry the Arbo virus, which is often found in Africa. In addition, these blood-sucking creatures also transmit parasites and worms that can lead to swelling, pain, and discomfort in the body. All of these demonstrate that mosquito bites can lead to a serious risk of infectious diseases. Parents need to take special care to protect their children from this harmful creature.

Simple yet effective ways to repel mosquitoes

Using essential oils

Using lemongrass or orange essential oil to purify the air can not only make your home smell pleasant and refreshing but also help repel mosquitoes effectively. This is exactly the scent we love but mosquitoes need to stay away from.

The harm of mosquitoes to children 2
Camphor and lemongrass essential oil help repel mosquitoes effectively.

Destroy breeding sites

Mosquito eggs develop into larvae, which then evolve into adult mosquitoes. Therefore, to eliminate mosquitoes, you need to eliminate the “source” by getting rid of mosquito eggs and larvae. This can be done by regularly changing stagnant water, properly disposing of waste, clearing out dense foliage, and treating stagnant water pools around the house. By doing so, the number of mosquitoes in your home will significantly decrease.

Using mosquito nets

If the number of mosquitoes is beyond your control, use mosquito nets. Applying this improved technology method, not only mosquitoes but also other insects cannot invade your house. The effectiveness that mosquito nets bring is absolutely great, not to mention it is convenient, easy to use, and time-saving.

The consequences of mosquitoes are particularly dangerous, and “children are like buds on branches” have not known how to prevent it yet. Parents should be very careful in protecting their children from this issue.