The Peony – The King of Flowers

The peony is known as the king of flowers. It possesses a beauty that is unmatched by any other flower, along with special meanings it carries. Therefore, it is a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and abundance. Let’s explore this incredibly special flower through the following article.

The origin of the peony flower

The peony, also known as the king flower, flower of wealth, or Chinese peony, has a scientific name Paeonia lactiflora and belongs to the Paeoniaceae family. The peony originates from China and Tibet and is found in southern Europe and western North America. It is one of the flowers known to humans for a very long time, about 4000 years ago. Currently, peonies are mainly distributed in China, South Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

Characteristics of the peony flower

The peony flower has two types: woody stem and herbaceous stem. The woody stem variety is the national flower of China, with a sturdy and erect stem ranging from 0.5 to 3 meters in height. The woody peony produces large flowers and typically sheds its leaves in winter. On the other hand, the herbaceous peony is usually evergreen, reaching a height of approximately 0.5 to 1.5 meters, and its flowers are smaller compared to the woody peony. The plant has many branching points, wide symmetrical leaves that are oval in shape, with pointed tips and long stalks.

The peony flower consists of 5 to 6 petals, and the stamens transform into petals. These petals then form multiple layers, usually ranging from 3 to 4 layers. The peony flower has a beautiful appearance with thin, smooth, and velvety petals. The diameter of a peony can reach 20 to 30 cm. Peonies are also long-lasting, with blooms lasting for 7 to 10 days if the weather conditions are suitable. Additionally, they have a strong and fragrant scent, which is why peonies are highly admired by many people.

The meaning of the peony flower

Each color of the peony flower carries different meanings in our culture and spiritual life. Let’s explore the meanings below.

The meaning of the peony flower according to different countries

In Japan, the peony flower is highly cherished for its unique beauty and sublime elegance. Besides symbolizing nobility, the peony in Japan is also considered the flower of family happiness. It is common to come across images of peony pots or peony paintings in the living rooms of Japanese households.

Meanwhile, in China – the birthplace of the peony flower – it is hailed as the “national beauty and heavenly fragrance.” Peonies are regarded as symbols of elegance, nobility, and the highest level of beauty.

There is a legend that tells of a time when only the royal court was allowed to cultivate this flower, and the common people were strictly forbidden from doing so. The image of the peony flower was also known through the headdresses worn by princesses and concubines in ancient times.

Therefore, even to this day, when mentioning the peony flower, people often associate it with wealth and prosperity.

The peony flower has become a special symbol for occasions such as grand openings, celebrations, and well-wishes, representing wishes for the recipient to have a fulfilled, prosperous, and secure life.

In the Western culture, the peony carries the connotation of “bashfulness.” This may be inspired by the delicate and charming petals of the flower.

The meaning of the peony flower in life.

The peony flower embodies wealth, power, strength, and prosperity in life. For this reason, it is widely used in festive occasions or as gifts during grand openings, conveying the desire to send the best wishes to the recipient.

The meaning of the peony flower in love

This flower is also considered to bring luck and represent faithful love, symbolizing the desire for a complete and harmonious life of love between couples. Additionally, the peony flower carries the message of apology and remorse in love and life.

The meaning of the peony flower according to its colors

Red peonies – love and happiness

Regarded as a flower symbolizing love, luck, and faithful passion, the red peony is often displayed in the living room with the desire to help the women in the family attract suitors and marriage proposals.

There are numerous legends about love related to this vibrant red flower, such as the belief that if a man presents a red peony to his lover every day for 999 consecutive days, they will be happy together for a lifetime.

The red peony carries an immensely strong allure, representing elegance and allure. It symbolizes the enchanting, glamorous, and radiant beauty of a woman.

Red Peonies (1)
Red Peonies (3)
Red Peonies (2)

White peonies– pure beauty

This flower represents the symbol of pure and abundant beauty, akin to morning dewdrops. In addition, white peonies carry the meanings of delicacy, sophistication, elegance, sincerity, happiness, and refined manners.

Decorating the living room with a few white peony plants will enhance the elegance, happiness, sincerity, and gracefulness of the house, ready to captivate anyone stepping inside.

White Peonies (1)
White Peonies (3)
White Peonies (2)

Purple peonies – symbol of wealth

This color of flower not only mesmerizes people with its external beauty but also holds deep significance within. The purple hue of the peony resembles a powerful woman with melancholic yet captivating eyes. Therefore, purple peonies have always been favored by kings, queens, and court beauties, earning fame across the four corners of the world, especially in Europe.

Purple peonies are often cultivated throughout palaces, radiating a shining aura that brings joy, luck, and success. Especially in feng shui, purple peonies bring happiness, success, and good fortune to the homeowners.

Purple Peonies (3)
Purple Peonies (2)
Purple Peonies (1)

Pink peonies – a symbol of complete love and affection.

Pink peonies convey a sense of gentleness and warmth, resembling a blossoming young girl. They are simple yet alluring and elegant. Choosing pink peonies as a gift signifies the heartfelt recognition of the recipient’s beauty and the qualities they are cherished for. The color pink also represents youthfulness, sincerity, and a deeply romantic nature.

Furthermore, pink peonies have a profound and lasting impression, making them even more popular. It is most noticeable that people often use pink peonies to express and convey their emotions and love to others, especially during special occasions and large festivities throughout the year.

Pink Peonies (1)
Pink Peonies (3)
Pink Peonies (2)

Yellow peonies – passion and ambition

If white peonies are gentle, then yellow peonies shine brightly with vibrant colors. The yellow petals represent the passion and ambition of youth, the burning desire to give it their all. Yellow peonies also symbolize enthusiasm and never giving up on their journey, no matter how challenging it may be.

Yellow Peonies (3)
Yellow Peonies (2)
Yellow Peonies (1)

I hope the above article has helped readers learn more about the various meanings of peonies in love and life. Each peony flower symbolizes different meanings. Their allure is not only shown in the refined aesthetics of the East but also combined with the modern touch of Western culture. Above all, all types of peonies are special gifts that nature has bestowed to beautify our lives.